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  • Solid wood wardrobe for small staircase
  • Premier Icon andrewreay
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    Anyone know of a company / product that would supply a nice solid wood wardrobe into pieces small enough to get up a tiny staircase.

    Flat pack is ideal but will not entertain anything that isn’t solid wood.

    Found a company that made nice stuff but they have sadly hit the buffers.

    Any experience or ideas welcome.

    Premier Icon eyestwice
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    Can you get one made by a local cabinet maker?

    Premier Icon vala
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    Where abouts are you based?

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl
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    kayak of this parish? Always impressed by his creations.

    Premier Icon goldfish24
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    Solid wood and flat-pack don’t mix – solid wood necessitates strong glued joinery because it is not as dimensionally stable as modern sheet materials.
    So start by looking for a cabinet maker/joiner that builds furniture of the type you want, then talk to them about doing the final assembly/glue-up on site. It will cost you because they’ll need to pre-prepare and bring equipment that usually stays in the workshop.
    You might however find that there are lots of cabinet makers making very high quality bespoke furniture from modern laminate materials like ply, mfc, mdf, and they will be accustomed to assembling on site.

    Premier Icon andrewreay
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    Thanks all.

    Cost is an issue. Looking at a budget of about £500 to cover a two door design.

    Do you reckon I might as well be shooting for the moon on a stick if I were to ask a cabinet maker for this?

    Think my mate’s built in TV unit (MDF) was £700.

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    I had the same problem and a passing stranger, built like Atlas, picked up my oak chest-of-drawers, on his shoulder and up a ladder and through the window.

    Premier Icon BigJohn
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    You will need to get an old one from a charity shop as a starting point.

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    kayak of this parish? Always impressed by his creations.

    Awww shucks 😊

    will not entertain anything that isn’t solid wood.

    Solid wood is lovely, but it’s not always the best material and there is a misconception that modern isn’t as good as old. Truth is, lots of old furniture is veneered onto lower grade timber and as such often cracks and splits. Modern substrates such as mdf and plywood are very stable and I’m sure would have been used if available back in the day.

    Cost is an issue. Looking at a budget of about £500 to cover a two door design.

    That’s going to be difficult to achieve I’m afraid.

    Let’s put aside the materials for a second and imagine making and installing that.

    Maybe 2-4 days to make a solid wood wardrobe and two doors if you make it well. A day to 2 days to fit, having read that it’s at the top of a house up a narrow stairwell and will need to be assembled in situ.

    Then materials. Softwood maybe £100-200 though that’s probably conservative. Hardwood possibly £200-350. Hinges, catches, knobs, hanging rails etc, etc.

    Let’s say 5 days total and very conservatively £250 materials and hardware. That’s only about £6 per hour.

    Budget is starting to look a bit tight.

    You may get a handyperson type willing to knock something up but you’ll Defo struggle for a bespoke item from a furniture maker for that I’m afraid.

    Flatpack, compromise and making it fit is probably your best bet 👍

    Premier Icon andrewreay
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    Cheers all.

    I did think that a joiner would be out of budget.

    Donor wardrobe from the charity shop is an idea, but logistically troublesome with transport, storage and finding a joiner to dismantle and re-assemble at an appropriate time.

    In light of all this, any recommendations for flatpack that feels solid and doesn’t flex and flap around? Needs to survive a move or two.

    Ikea (PAX) is a non-starter, for purely irrational hatred of it.

    Next stuff is dear, but still looks and feels pretty rubbish in the flesh, at least the ones I’ve seen in store. Likewise Dunelm.

    Any other options?

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