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  • Sold house, new owners boiler issues, any comeback?
  • crankboy

    “Dear buyer i am sorry to hear about your problem , i never had any issue like that with the system . i have tried to locate the original installers details but no longer have them. i did pass all the current documents on to you but given the age of the system i doubt there are any in that bundle. What did your surveor say when he advised you about this prior to purchase? i do trust your problem is not too hard for you to fix. “

    My suggestion but in reality all as above.


    Pretty much the reply I would give too.

    Polite but firm, and make sure they aren’t left with the illusion that it’s somehow your problem.

    “Sorry to hear of the problem with your boiler
    I have had a look for any relevant paperwork but couldn’t find anything helpful to you I’m afraid.

    Hope you manage to get things sorted out”

    Premier Icon nuke

    Why do they have your email anyway? Is that normal now days…moved a few times and I’ve never had contact details of buyers or sellers 😕


    bin leters, they chose the depth of survey when they bought it.
    not your problem.


    No survey would check a boiler…

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    Just to clear a few things up, Iwasnt worried about it, Iwas pretty sure it’s their issue now and was happy to ignore them, as It was I replied this morning along the lines of the reply above, have not heard back


    The boiler might have gassed them, best pop round check they are still alive!!!!


    The people we sold our house too have had to get all sorts of shit done including a new roof. I sort of feel bad but they had a survey and we didn’t hide anything from them.

    Worst thing is they are a lovely couple and were friends of ours (though not exactly close).

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    John doh – our survey checked the boiler and recommended a replacement.

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)

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