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  • Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    That’s quite a variety of bikes! But you haven’t mentioned Buzzard, Canfield, Bigwig, Honzo…


    My issue was finding a local cotic dealer who took cycle scheme. Had to look at mainstream brands when in conjunction with cycle scheme. Ended up ordering an orange clockwork earlier in the week.


    Thinking about this years Cyclescheme and now there’s the opportunity to have equipment £1K and a bit more would cover a new 29er with a macho headtube and seapost…

    Initially whatever I have will probably be run SS and almost certainly will be run with rigid forks.

    Kona Big Unit would be nice but they don’t seem to be available anywhere

    Anyone got back to back experience of two or more of these?

    Premier Icon mattjg

    A riding buddy has an FF29, he likes it, it’s as advertised: stiff, light and fast. Speed over comfort perhaps.

    I had a Soul, it didn’t ring my bell in the way Cotics seem to for everyone else around here so I’m done with Cotic. But I never rode a Solaris.

    It depends what’s important to you? What are you doing with this bike?

    Singular Swift is a good value all-rounder, SSable and steel forks included out of the box. It’s quite versatile, that’s another way of saying I found it a little dull … that’s because I didn’t know what I was looking for, I thought it was the end of a process but it turned out to be a stepping stone. If you want an adaptable, competent bike it’s a good choice.

    Premier Icon TomHill

    Raoul, you are welcome to take my FF29 out for a spin next time I see you. I’ve got it set up as SS, but it’s worth noting the frame doesn’t have any way of tensioning the chain. I’m not too bothered, but it would look more aesthetically pleasing without the tensioner on.

    Other than that, it’s a lovely light, responsive frame. It matches the IX carbon forks nicely. Keeping to try it with some suspension but never get round to it.

    Tom H

    Premier Icon andycs

    Don’t forget the Scandal.


    Tom White Industries Eno would be my thoughts for that…

    I seem to also have a spare brand new Paul’s Melvin just kicking round the flat some Middleburn cranks a pile of wheels and bars and stems so it’s well almost a new bike…

    If you run a rigid fork stick a wider tire on the front and let if down a bit (it will save your wrists) I have a 2.35 on the front and a 2.25 on the back.

    You’ll be peddling like buggery on the flats but you’ll fly up the hills

    Its the most fun i’ve had on a bike for years. No more of the old “sh1t I’m in the wrong gear!” just stand up and grind just make sure you have a good chain (like a KMC 510) a few spare links and a chain tool. In all honesty your legs will probably give up before the chain 😀

    As you have a few bits hanging around a Singular Swift or something which will fit a pair of Krampus wheels?


    Evans have the Kona Unit in stock in all sizes according to the interweb – they don’t make the 26″ Unit anymore more so they dropped the “big” from the name, otherwise it’s exactly what you’re after?


    Big Unit is their scandium, fancy pants frame – not the gas pipe standard frame. Doesn’t seem to be anyone selling it outside of the US though.

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