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  • fatgit

    I’ve got a Bontrager FR3 2.35 on the front and Specialised Purgatory 2.3 on the back.
    Very happy with them

    Sorry for another what tyres thread but…

    I’ve been running my Solaris for the last 18 months with 2.25 LUST Ardents. They’ve been really good but I can’t help thinking that some slightly beefier tyres would compliment the bike further.

    I know tyre clearance can be an issue on the rear but what are others running?

    Anyone tried High Roller IIs? The 2.4 Ardents? WTB Vigilantes?

    Hmmm good to know the Spesh 2.3s have clearance. Is that without the FD mod?

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    2.35 Racing Ralphs.

    Premier Icon Alex

    I run Mountain Kings (new ones) 2.2 on mine. Did have a HD 2.35 in the back but it’s tight even with the mech mod. My FAV tyre was the 2.25 Ignitor but they don’t do 2.25s for 29ers 🙁


    Spesh purgatory front and ground control rear ace and with trade in…cheap


    No memtion of terrain not riding style etc?

    Can these now be ignored? 😛

    Premier Icon Chipbutty

    Hans Damph front, Ardent rear here. Good for most stuff all year round.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Hans D front and Purg rear for rocky Lakeland here.

    As above Ground Control 2.1 rear and Purgatory 2.3 front. So far seem great. 40 quid for 2 folders after old tyre trade in.

    I never had a 2.4 Ardent on the rear but currently got one up front and it’s a nice tyre. Rode it on a rigid fork through winter and it’s surprisingly capable in gloop, very different to the 2.25.

    Not slow in the dry either at took the KOM on two climbs with it on yesterday.

    Kingofbiscuits, just remembered you live down the road from me, I’ll like be riding on the MVT on Tuesday evening if you want to try the 2.4 Ardent


    In summer nic 2.35 front, Ralph 2.25 rear. Winter Damph 2.35 front nic 2.35 rear. Have tried purge on the back and just can’t get on with it. Nic will buzz stays under heavy cornering btw but not badly.

    Premier Icon sandal100

    2.35 dampf on the front and 2.25 Ralph on the rear all year round. I have a nobby as well for the front but prefer the dampf.

    Thanks for the offer ben. I’m off this week so (trying) to ride in the day further afield. If plans change tomorrow I’ll PM you.

    Wondering whether 2.4 Ardents F & R is the way forward. More volume whilst retaining fast rolling.

    Hans D / NN or RR combo could be worth a look. Also Butcher / Purg.

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