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  • Premier Icon Speshpaul

    “the bike will take 120mm but was designed more around 100mm.”
    Really i would have said more 120mm myself. I think most people run 120mm (q a flood 100mm riders)
    Unless you happen to have a pair of 100mm forks already i would have thought 120mm would be the way to go.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    I’m running at 120. Mainly because my Revs wouldn’t go any shorter, but I’m happy with the way it rides and wouldn’t want it to be any steeper to be honest.

    Real world experience is required from the STW Hive Mind please.

    I’m in the process of building a Solaris and I’m undecided on whether to go for 100mm or 120mm travel forks.
    From what I can gleam from the Cotic website, the bike will take 120mm but was designed more around 100mm.

    So I’m after opinions from people who have ridden the bike in either setup and the pros and cons. Obviously anyone that has ridden the bike in both set ups I would definitely like to hear your thoughts.
    I’m swaying towards 100mm but don’t want to finish the bike and then wish I had more travel.

    Any input to help me decide is greatly appreciated!

    I have had 120mm x-fusions on mine since it was first built up earlier this year

    It is great with 120mm forks – and suits the build I was going for as I wanted an all rounder bike I could race xc on, take to trail centres/ rockier places than my local riding on the south downs etc. The bike is perfect for its intended job

    The only note of caution – 120mm forks meant a relatively high front end compared to my old Soul (which also had 120 mm forks) – I am running flat bars and a 0 degree, slammed stem to achieve a bar height that suits me

    If I had a full suss as well as the cotic I would probably be trying 100mm forks on the Solaris and using it as more of a pure xc bike

    Thanks for the feedback so far chaps.
    I’m currently running a Soul with 120mm forks and I’m fairly keen to keep a similar position as possible.
    I like to climb as much as descend so my main concern with 120mm is the height of the bars pushing my weight too far back.
    I recently got a lap of Swinley on a friends 100mm travel Epic, and I didn’t ever feel like I needed more travel, but then Swinley isn’t the steepest or most technical trail in the world…

    Premier Icon Alex

    120mm revs on mine. Swapped from some 100mm Reba’s mainly because a) I had them spare and b) the Reba’s needed a service. Plan was to put them back on but I never did. No downsides to the longer fork I could feel. Same as ^^^, I run it with a 0 degree stem and flat bars.


    I have 100mm on mine, works very well on Malverns/FOD type terrain. Never felt lack of travel. I use longer travel FS on trail centres/alps etc.
    If your only bike perhaps 120 gives more options

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I had 100 mm Reba’s on mine when I had it because that’s what i already had but I always fancied trying 120’s.


    120mm Floats with Talas down to 90mm if I want it but have never used.
    0 degree stem but Easton Havoc bars with a little rise ( not sure exactly how much).
    No problems with travel or front end height.
    Wouldn’t want to drop to 100mm but never tried it


    I have tried 100mm, great for steering,120mm steering not so great but comfier on the wrists so eventually set at 110mm where it has stayed, feels great and turns great.Fork is a Rev RCT3.


    I’ve got 100/ 120 TALAS. They stay in 120 for everything except steep twisty technical climbing.

    120 strikes me as about right.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    I went for 100mm X Fusions* on mine.

    I wanted it to replace a Spesh Carve that had a 100mm forks so knew I didn’t really need more travel for the riding/terrain I do. Plus I have a fs too but if I didnt then I’d have more than likely gone 120mm.

    *I’m not totally won over by the forks yet (compared to the Reba solo air before) but maybe they take a while to bed in. But that’s a different issue I guess.


    100mm Fox Float CTD’s on mine, they were sensibly priced on Ebay when I was building the bike. Can’t complain but then I haven’t ridden to many 29er’s.


    I think that 100mm will feel closer to 120 on a Soul. I ran both on mine, and 120 feels a lot better steering and climbing wise than 140 on a Soul. Didn’t really notice any downsides of increasing to 120.

    Premier Icon dazh

    +1 for 100/120 Talas forks. They stay in 120 most of the time unless it’s a very steep climb or I’m in a race. The downhills are noticeably smoother and more flowing on 120mm. Even on the climbs though the front stays on the ground with the longer setting.

    Revs lowered to 120 on mine, feels perfect to me although I’ve not tried 100.

    I ran 120mm revs with a 50mm 0deg stem slammed with flat bars. Was really good. Direct steering but not twitchy. Liked it. Great bike.

    Premier Icon Green

    100mm X-Fusions on mine, coming from a soul with 115mm. Feels pretty good but I might adjust them up to 120mm following this thread.

    Normal Man – I still not 100% convinced by the x-fusions (they’ve been back twice to lock-out and rebound not working), but they feel better running at 30% sag.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    @ Green – thanks. I’ve dropped another 5psi out of mine (as per X Fusion online FAQs) to see if that makes them a little more willing to travel / feel a bit smoother but I also find they get ‘stuck’ if they stand over night for example so you really have to lean on them to get them moving.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    100mm for me up and down the mountains of Lakeland. I thought the Revs were set at 120 to be honest as it felt plenty travel, but they measure up at 100. May try 120, but great as is – certainly not steep.


    I’m happy with 100mm, but at the same time I would be very tempted by some 120mm. In the brief time I’ve ridden 120 I think it was largely what you’d expect.

    To be honest, I think the biggest difference with revs might be the fact they’re a bit stiffer and handle a bit better in the rough as a result.

    Premier Icon Chipbutty

    100mm Reba’s on mine at mo, but looking to fit x-fusion slides at 120mm for more techy riding


    i have a set of 120mm Reba’s on mine & think I will be trying 100mm when possible, feels a bit lethargic for want of a better term up front, a bit tall, i think 100mm should sharpen it up nicely & still offer more than enough travel

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