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  • Solaris MAX
  • Premier Icon fluffymafia
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    Just ordered a new Cotic Solaris MAX which will hopefully be arriving in a day or 2.

    Anyone running theirs with rigid forks? Which ones are you using?

    Price is more important than weight so probably not carbon!

    Premier Icon kelvin
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    Not many forks long enough. Surly Krampus fork seems an obvious possible option, and comes in bolt through.

    Premier Icon sheck
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    On my Sherpa (not quite the same I know) I run a salsa cro-moto grande, with a 29+ front end, to both make up for the slightly shorter a-c and to give a bit of cush to the front end

    I had forgotten how much I like to climb stood up, hauling on the bars and have been impressed by what I can ride it down, albeit a little more delicately than with a suss fork

    Premier Icon timc
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    Reckon you will enjoy it with a suspension fork more myself.

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    There’s a Cotic Owners group on Facebook, all sorts of set-ups pop up on there.

    Good place to ask, probably.

    Premier Icon benp1
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    I’m on a rigid original Solaris. I’ve seen a pic of a Solaris Max rigid, i think that hada a krampus fork. The original one was billed as being rigid capable, haven’t seen much about the latest one

    Premier Icon fluffymafia
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    Krampus looks like it may be a winner. Cheers.

    Premier Icon BearBack
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    I picked up a carbon genesis tarn fork off a forumite specifically for a rigid race event. I had no concerns riding tech blues…mistake I made was riding the trails the same as with a 140mm sus fork though so that was quite the battering.
    Was recovering from a broken wrist and UCL tear though so not as physically strong as I perhaps needed to be.
    Wouldn’t choose to run it rigid again for normal trail riding aside from specific events or as a gravel bike tbh.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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