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  • Solar PV, Tesla PowerWall and data logging smart meters
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    Bit of a niche request, but does anyone have any experience with downloading data from a smart meter hooked up to PV? Looking at a PV + Tesla PowerWall 2 setup on a new business and hoping to log all of my leccy generation and use. Bit of a data geek!

    I know the Tesla app lets you see realtime what the share of PV and the PowerWall is, and some leccy providers let you download your smart meter data. Otherwise, looks like there are data loggers that you can fit external to your meter, but they seem pretty expensive (£600).

    Any ideas? Cheers!

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I have the Neurio leccy monitor which has a public API which I assume lets you access your data. Cost about £50 IIRC (sponsored it on Kickstarter).

    EDIT: Various GitHub projects exist to access data.

    Works very well, logs data at 1 minute intervals.


    What price is the power wall?

    Premier Icon Kit

    About £6k + installation: https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/powerwall

    Thanks footflaps.

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