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  • Solar panel scam?
  • Have you made a financial commitment to this company? if not, then what’s there to be nervous about?


    I get these phone calls all the time. I tell them I can’t afford it, and to go away.
    I recently had someone cold-call me on my mobile trying to sell me one of those PPE things; I was so angry I told him to **** off!

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    if you are interested in a third party putting panels on your house then look for a company that will do that

    That would seem safer than using one that found you

    As understand it the deal is less attractive as the government dropped the tariff. The only actual scar story I’ve heard are of people having problems selling the house when a third party has a contract guaranting roof access

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    If somebody has a great, not-to-be-missed deal why do they hard sell it. All cold callers get told no thanks. If you want a good deal go and look for one, I’ll bet you can find a better one. IMHO 🙂


    I thought there was a national shortage of panels anyway, thanks to the Chinese playing hardball with exports?


    Anyone heard of energy savings review? I’ve had several phone calls stating its a government backed grant thing which installs solar panels on the house, the money is funded from the banking sector and then is paid back through the feed back tariff. Once the loan is repaid they belong to the house. The house owner uses any over and above the feedback and therefore gets cheaper electricity.
    Sounds good, too good? They say they’ve emailed me and I’ve received nothing on two different addresses. They gave me a website which doesn’t work and have given me a phone number (not tried it yet). It just sounds too good to be true and then with the email and website not working it makes me nervous.
    Anyone else?

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