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  • bristolbiker

    So, following last weeks helpful and informative thread (http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/high-capacity-rechargable-aa-batteries) I am now sorted for batteries!

    I currently have a pretty basic charger, but it would nice if I could replace this with something a bit more high tech that:

    – Charges up to 4 AA/AAA’s at a time, but manages each one individually/can charge a single battery
    – Can cope with up to 3000 mAh capacity batteries
    – (Moon on a stick time….) Ideally solar powered, but I’ll take 240v recommendations
    – (Second moon on the same stick) Ideally, not be too pricey.

    What do you recommend? Ta 🙂


    It does not suit your requirements but for a low cost bit of fun you could use a garden solar powered light and charge 2 low mah Ni/mh batteries. The big single lanterns are about £5.00 for 2 in morrisons if memory serves me correctly. Perhaps if you are technically minded you could adapt them for your needs. At that price it’s worth a go just for a bit of fun and as a learning exercise.


    I’ve done a bit of prior research, and what you suggest is possible, but:

    – my 2900 mAh AA’s are going to take a looooonnnnng time to charge from the garden solar light panels (unless I buy loads and then it becomes uneconomic)
    – The circuit needs modifying with a diode to stop the batteries discharging as soon as the sun goes down
    – Something of comparable cost can be had ready to go http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ECO-FRIENDLY-SOLAR-BATTERY-CHARGER-8-AA-AAA-NIMH-RECHARGEABLE-BATTERIES-/360499230300?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_Battery_Chargers&hash=item53ef6db65c

    The problem with the above is, by their calcs, my 2900 mAh AA’s are going to take more than 50 hours to charge from that 0.75W panel. I guess I’m therefore looking for something with a 1.5W panel (at least)…. which probably puts me into the the range of a separate panel and charger arrangement, which isn’t as neat as an integrated unit, but I could live with if it was better and (again) didn’t cost the earth.


    Bump for the afternoon crowd….

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