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  • aP

    Nanoguard legwarmers.
    Drying stuff on top of your monitor.


    MTFU and just get on with it, it only feels bad when your putting it on.

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    Perhaps some spare dry kit for the way home or speak to management about somewhere to dry stuff.

    My commute is becoming a bit of a faff with all this wet weather. When I arrive at work, I can shower so I’m clean/dry but all my stuff is soaking wet. I generally leave it in a locker all day and then have to get into horrible damp clothes to go home. Any suggestions? I was thinking of trying waterproof baggy shorts over my bibs? Or waterproof bibs themselves? Anyone got any tips on staying dry all winter?

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    rinse them in warm water before putting on ?

    spare set in the bag for the ride home ?


    Is there a tumble dryer you can borrow? A boiler room you can hang stuff in? A server room?

    Failing that have a spares bag under your desk with shoes and socks in it. Wet clothes dry pretty quick once you are riding.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Understanding boss?

    …or, is your locker anywhere near a plug? You could put a very small tube-type heater in your locker maybe?

    I used to hang my bib shorts over the hand dryer that was in the one cubicle where it was reachable from the throne (each cubicle was a self contained unit). A few cycles of the dryer warmed the shorts up nicely, so although they were still wet, at least they were warm and wet.

    There were so many people riding in all weathers, that even after converting one toilet to a drying room, with a big extractor fan and heaters, on a wet day, kit still didn’t dry.

    A dry set of waterproof socks for the way home helps too!


    There must be a warm boiler room somewhere. Last place I worked had a clothes dryer, 7′ tall like a fridge freezer, heat settings, timer etc, fantastic piece of kit.

    Mudguards – check

    It’s a hospital, I’m one of the fortunate to get a locker let alone a boiler room / clothes dryer. I.e. drying things during the day isn’t going to happen. I was thinking more along the lines of whether waterproof shorts would help and any other tips?


    take a spare pair of shorts, at least they are dry for the return ride.

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