softshell waterproof/windproof/breathable bike jacket. but which one for £100?

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  • softshell waterproof/windproof/breathable bike jacket. but which one for £100?
  • Kevevs

    …and the moon on a stick. Having read surf-mats thread where he got a dayglo endura stealth, not got that sort of cash. It’s for road riding and mtb. Now! I’d just like some proper experiences rather than bike mag/internet reviews. looking at..

    Gore bike wear contest 2
    DHB windslam (wiggle)

    what do you guys use at the mo? any experiences? £100 or so is a big splash of cash for me so I wanna spend it right!


    edit: I’ve just realised I’ve posted a really practical and boring thread! oops.


    I bought a dhb windslam softshell last week and wore it on a night ride (London to Brighton) last Friday. It’s an excellent jacket, very warm and a great fit (for me) but it’s not waterproof. Light rain/drizzle is OK though – that just rolls off it.


    Shutt velo rapide are about to realease their soft-shell


    Endura wind chill jacket is good vfm for £70.


    cheers!. any more info?

    PACE 3×3, eVent jacket so very breathable, I’ll wear it on those dull claggy days when it might/not rain as a windproof, bargain if it does rain, no shame if it doesn’t as it works so well you don’t drown in sweat either. I’ve used goretex in the past, and eVent works much better. I’ve not had any problems keeping it clean by following the washing intructions, seems to work as well now as when I bought it.

    PACE 3×3 here

    Comes in at your budget, give or take £5 for P&P. Was tested in Singletrack at the back end of last year.


    thanks for the info MFJ. Think I’ll go for that one. how does it size up?, I’m usually a medium in stuff, 38 chest 32 waist 5’10. cheers

    don’t know if you’ve got a ‘go outdoors’ near you, but it’s definitely worth a visit before splashing out a load of money.
    they have different deals on every week (and i mean proper deals) you’re sure to find something suitable for ‘on-bike’ activities from brands inc paramo, montane, north face, berghaus etc.
    it’s where i get my base layers and riding jackets from.

    …and no, i don’t work for them 🙄

    I haven’t found the cash for one yet (I’m too well kitted out with other Buffalo and Paramo shells and numerous base and mid-layers to actually NEED anything else) but based on years of using a Buffalo Special Six shirt I’m pretty convinced that the Buffalo lightweight shirts would be brilliant for biking – they handle sweat, wind and rain so well and are so bombproof and zero effort to look after – no faffing around with membranes, coatings, water repellent sprays and wash-ins or fancy washing powder. I used the S6 shirt for winter bike commuting (particularly great at handling cycling to stations in all weathers and then sitting on an old train for an hour) but it’s too warm for anything but the absolute depth of winter this far south when MTBing.
    This one or this one or this one


    cheers guys, damn, more stuff to think about, ta! Don’t have a “go otdoors” around I’m aware of, and I want a bike specific jacket, long in the back. I’ve got a good quality Mammut for when it’s proper cold/windy, just looking for an inbetweener to get through general winter days.

    hopefully this is useful for others thinking of kitting up for the winter, so keep it coming. I’m going for the Pace at the mo’ I think…

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