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  • RudeBoy

    Right. About time we had another one. There have been a couple of attempts to organise one recently, but have failed due to people failing to agree on a location, and type of drinking establishment.

    So. Using the River as a rough guide, then perhaps considering the main stations for convenience of transport links, what do people reckon?

    I nominate London Bridge. Very central, convenient for most, and there are quite a few nice places round about. Personally, I like Brew Wharf, as it does very good beer, has an outside seating area off the street, which makes locking bikes up a bit safer/easy to keep an eye out, and is quite relaxed and chilled out. They even do wine, for ponces.

    S’just an idea. I expect there may be a heated debate around this issue, but let’s just go for a beer, eh?

    Any other suggestions? Bearing in mind, no one place will ever be perfect for everyone! I’m just trying to suggest something where most will be happy with.

    Dates? When’s good for people?

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    Around London Bridge area good for me

    We could give people a bit of notice and do early April? Clocks will have changed then, so a bit more daylight.

    Thursdays generally bad for me


    This Saturday afternoon/evening?

    FWIW- I visit Ingerlund in, um second and third weeks in April. Heading for Southampton, and planning to come down east coast and return possibly via Wales and Ireland. So, if it’s around then, I could make it. Likely to be staying in Greenwich, so london bridge suits me
    dates? mmm, prefer bananas meself


    Brew Wharf is pretty good – and lots of space, but last time I went there (on a Friday, about 6.30) it was closed. Went to the Rake instead, round the corner, and it was cramped, full of old men and smelt of flatulence.

    On second thoughts, it could have been the last SSSD meetup…

    Reading is the center of the known universe, FACT

    Reading is the center of the known universe, FACT

    Think you’ll find that’s

    Reading is the center of a known universe, FACT

    – just not this one.

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    I’ve been to Reading

    Was not impressed

    Still, I come from Essex, so what do I know?


    I have always like the ideas of these events, especially as the weather gets better with the longer days, i.e get on the train at p’boro with the bike and have a pootle through lahndan and have a few drinks.

    …but then i remember what a arse ache bikes+trains is so give up and put the xbox on instead.



    Poddy; this Saturday is fine with me, mate! You thinking of heading over this way?

    Brew Wharf closed on a Friday? That’s weird. One of the busiest nights of the week.

    Thursdays are normally out for me, as are Wednesdays until Easter. And every other Monday, from next week. So next week is ok, but the next one, and every other one not. Footie night.

    Tuesday’s are ok! As are Fridays.


    Reading – is that the posh girls schools outside Brighton?
    I suppose that’s ok if you like vodka, but I’d prefer a pint of Twickenham Grandstand actually.

    Weekends are bad for me, as am rarely (if ever!) in That London at the weekend.
    Location sounds OK though! (Even if London Bridge is just the wrong side of the Moat)


    Went to the Union in Greenwich tonight, with me mum. Had a nice steak. Not a gastro pub, just a pub what sells grub.

    And bloody fantastic beer…

    Flashy; had a pint of the Meantime IPA, nice. Not my taste, but a very flavoursome beer. They do some proper bloody good beers, it has to be said.


    I could so sumit in April – in the US till then..Location wise: anywhere except Reading 😉


    I’m up for this. Work in London Bridge, so that’s good for me. Will probably be able to make a weeknight pint.

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