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  • soft roader/possible pickup ideas for 12k and under.
  • Right, its time to upgrade to a larger sensible car and get rid of the C2 GT ;/

    The gaffer is after a “big” car i suggested a audi a4 estate tdi, “no theyre ugly” !!!
    Anyway went to a showroom today and saw a 09 Rav 4, low miles warranty all extras blah blah, looked nice but i dont fit in it 6’4 and built like a ox, and she didnt like the low steering wheel height, so next was an antara 13k one year old top spec but looked fugly and has horrid reviews so no joy,id love a warrior/path finder, just wanted some heads up on running costs of a pickup (real world) shed use during week shops and work etc and id use at weekend when im home.

    Must be diesel and “look nice” going to look at a tiguan next week anyone own one?? Help much appriciated.


    Probably not much room in a truck.

    I wouldnt discount a car that gets bad reviews unless I tried it first. Unless you are a paid off motoring journalist to tell the difference on most cars you have to really look for it.
    For example, I have never looked but I am sure the roading, ride, interior quality and ‘prestige’ get slated on the antara but I am sure they are 10x better than you will find in a truck.

    Reliability and actually depreciation from purchase price depending on how long you are keeping it should bw the main factors for something like this. Also dealer location if you are buying newish.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    well the pathfinder claims 33mpg and the L200’s are about 36mpg (combined) according to the manufacturers spec which is at the pricy end of going to the shops…

    What sort of “big” car is she after? Is she a farmer?

    Premier Icon Bregante

    L200 is tiny inside. I’m 6’1″ and felt cramped in one

    Premier Icon JAG

    Land Rover Freelander II for that kind of use/money.

    I’ve got a Freelander I and that’s a good option for only 6-7k.

    You’ll get a nice Freelander II for 12k if you shop around. Plenty of room inside, 2.2 diesel is powerful and reasonably economic for a 4×4. You can get 35+mpg.

    Great looking and holding their value really well.


    Skoda Yeti. Not sure it will pass the ‘looks’ test though.

    Mate had one for a while though and it’s a great car. There’s a long waiting list for new ones.

    How about a Ford Kuga?
    BMW X5?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Another vote for the freelander.

    Im 6’4″ and comfortable inside. I have a late series 1, and took the prop shaft off last week as the VCU bearings need some TLC. TBH it drives better in “mono” mode anyway and we get an extra 4 mpg out of it now too.

    Mrs S loves it and it’s her main car including the commute. Good handling, fine in the snow, boot is a good size for shopping, but not throwing bikes in, but seats fold a number of ways so fairly versatile for carrying.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Anyway went to a showroom today and saw a 09 Rav 4, low miles warranty all extras blah blah, looked nice but i dont fit in it 6’4 and built like a ox

    really? drove a rented Rav 4 from Glasgow to Kent and back and was dead comfy. I’m 6’6″. Had my dad along for the ride and at 6’4″ and 20 stone he was perfectly comfortable too

    You’ll generally find most 4x4s are disappointing inside for tall drivers though.

    The faux-by-4s like the Kuga and Qashquai are good for space though, with either of them I can drive and have an adult passenger fit comfortably in the seat behind me

    With the big crew cab pick ups you’re missing the point of them if you don’t have an accountant filing your tax returns. They are designed as a tool for tax avoidance first, as a practical vehicle second. The tax considerations require designing impracticality in.

    b r

    My wife’s the Freelander 1 and the only issue if you are tall is that the seat doesn’t height adjust, but I wouldn’t call it a ‘big’ car – nor the newer 2 version.

    I’d also avoid double-cabs are they’re just not spacious inside (usually due to the high chassis and prop tunnel.

    Can you afford a decent Disco or that size of 4×4? Otherwise what about a Forester?

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Qashqai? Colleague at work has one – loves it…


    Danny B


    the old l200 was tiny inside

    new l200 walkinshaw we had at work …. Id have one in a heart beat if they werent 33k.

    260bhp and konis coilovers on all corners – luxury interior comfy ride that wasnt choppy like the old ones AND a dirty area for the bikes – whats not to like – except the price 😀

    was the rav a 3 or 5 door ? the 3 door is microscopic inside – im 6 ft 3 and have the seat right back on its rails in one but the 5 door is a different ballgame

    Premier Icon fadda

    Mrs fadda has a Kia Sportage – great car and not very old for your kind of money.

    Depends if the “shame” of driving a Kia is too much for you/the gaffer…

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    Hyundai Santa Fe? Pretty big inside, 7 seat version, and from 2010 it had a more powerful (and more economical 2.2l diesel engine). Looks like they’re still a little above 12k at the moment though.

    Post 2010 sorted out the niggles (stupid roof bars, daft radio, not enough gears) and added an iPod socket.

    Premier Icon bruk

    We used to use Mitsubishi Shogun Warriors at work for farm cars but are swapping them for Kia Sorrento or Hyundai Santa Fe which then get gas converted and run until they die. Doing well so far and a vast improvement to drive.

    Well worth a look if the badge doesn’t matter to you.


    Could get a Discovery 3 for that money.
    Subaru? Would stick to a petrol one though.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Can you afford a decent Disco or that size of 4×4? Otherwise what about a Forester?

    Forester is pokey as on the inside, octavia was as good for load space.
    Anything that is jacked up to look like a 4×4 and still trying to be car like will be smaller on the inside. Mostly the good 4×4’s are for a purpose which is either getting round off road or getting very rich people around on and off road.
    If you say what you want to use it for then we might have an idea from what you described a fiesta would be good for day to day 🙂


    I want one of these
    i’m not allowed one of these. grumble, grumble.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Anything that is jacked up to look like a 4×4 and still trying to be car like will be smaller on the inside.

    not always – as I said above – Kuga is ace for space, much better than any real 4×4 I’ve driven (not large sample mind) and comfier than a regular estate.

    Have a look at this…

    I have one and they are pretty damn good – look at the spec. Plenty of room inside too and 10x better than a Worrier


    ah excellent a halfshaft and diff eater.

    Nope – that was on the older models trail rat


    it was on the 3.0 v6 diesels current model but i just noticed thats the baby engine – didnt realise they did teknas in that.

    i wont lie – the walkinshaw is notoriously bad for that too …. .just too much power for hte stock kit.

    The 3l V6 is the Outlaw 😉

    Some decent ideas there, im a tradesman so thats where the pickup has come from used a warrior in the past the newer shape and i fit alright, the rav 4 felt like the steering wheel was at my stomach, and yes it was fully extended and full height,will look at a quashqai and a freelander now ; ), the sportage was waaaayyy to much to buy found one we liked but it was 17k, think the x5 would be too pricy to run and insure for her.

    Whats the real time running costs of the tekna TAFKASTR?? Her insurance would be 650py fully comp on a 2.2 top spec antara. And the antara is quite a high insurance group.

    Dunno about insurance, as I get raped using it for business.

    Fuel wise – average 30mpg, thrash it and get 27, take it easy and get 33

    Our GT only sees 40mph when shes driving, and we probably get 38-45 mpg for a 1.6 petrol, so 30mpg would be acceptable, the insurance quotes we got for a 2.2 antara were 200 cheaper than the GT ; )


    im a tradesman so thats where the pickup has come from, used a warrior in the past

    Did you not find the back too small and poor for sercurity? Anyone I know who bought one for work seemed to get one because of the looks foremost, then promptly got rid when they realised the impracticalities.

    Premier Icon unknown

    Brand new Dacia Duster. My Mrs has one and for the money it’s brilliant. Think you’d get a mid range one for £12k.

    The pick up is the higher driving position fo the mrs and the fact the people are seperate from my tools etc, and id end up buying a back for it anyway, looked at a duster and needed a sick bag im afraid ; / just not a looker.

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