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    After making do with a diminutive IKEA sofa for many years we recently took delivery of a Loaf sofa (after a 20wk wait). And we don’t like it.

    Fortunately they’re happy to pick up FOC and refund us in full, so temporarily we’re back to sitting on the best that Sweden has to offer.

    We spent quite a bit of time looking for a sofa before settling on the Loaf one, and we’re really pleased with the quality, but the slouchy style just wasn’t for us. We’re looking again for a quality sofa but are drawing blanks all over. M&S are just tat now. JL and don’t offer anything we like. West Elm is just cheap millennial tat, and although they’ve apparently got a sale on, DFS just doesn’t quite cut it.

    We’re looking for a corner sofa/ chaise lounge or sectional that’s a good size, and quite low profile (as the lounge part will go under a window).

    Does anyone else have recommendations for well constructed, comfy sofas?

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    Check out Sofology. Friends have some of their sofas and chairs in a property they let out all year round. We stayed there 2 years ago and were very impressed with the styling and quality. Always said we’d buy similar and last month we finally did. Staff (Croydon store) were excellent – totally chilled, very knowledgeable and no sales pitch/pressure at all.

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    Based as usual on what we have had for many years, Ercol.
    Not the most cutting edge in styling but suits our house and backsides.

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    From our experience earlier this year, I’d avoid sofology like the plague.
    Had our delivery dates pushed back and back and no response from them through any of their customer service channels. Had to peruse a refund through the finance company and our card providers in the end. Going by some of the other horror stories I’ve heard recently, it doesn’t sound like much has changed.
    Can’t fault the store staff though, they’re great until they’ve got your money.
    I hope Spacemonkey has better luck than us.

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    From our experience earlier this year, I’d avoid sofology like the plague…

    Oh, darn. I just spent 20mins on their website looking at their range too.

    Shame, as they seem to have some nice stuff. I’d always avoided them in the past, assuming they were some sort of DFS slash Furniture Village like outfit, as they’re often found rubbing shoulders in the same sorts of faceless industrial estate (along with a Carpetright, and dirty burger van).

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    Are you me OP? Just returned 2 sofas to Parker knoll because they were sooo squashy. Great deals at sofa library in Brissle at the moment, which eases the shock of UK made bespoke but my goodness they’re comfy.

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    the slouchy style just wasn’t for us

    chaise lounge or sectional that’s a good size, and quite low profile

    So I’d expect most chaise based low profile sofas to be slouchy, moon on a stick sofa? If I could buy the same sofa as a replacment I probably would too, it was from John Lewis about 14 years ago and it’s still doing well considering its age too, but it has a chaise and is slouchy!

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    Corner sofas

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    We’re looking for a corner sofa/ chaise lounge

    There’s not actually one in this video, but it’s still relevant IMO…

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    We’re considering Sofas and Stuff
    Bit pricey but British made and 15% off at the moment. Can’t comment if they’re good as we haven’t ordered yet but they’re British made which I like and there’s a showroom near us so we plan to go and have a look.

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    We have a Rolf Benz, had it for years, I’ve told wife that when I die I want to buried with it.

    Had a chaise longue, found it to be a bit uncomfortable unless you’re actually stretched out, nice to look at but no real use.

    Also maybe a custom build? Our one in Ireland was custom built to order and about the same price as a factory one. Fits perfectly and in a style and colour we wanted

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    @nparker we did a trawl of the ‘high end’ high-street sofa shops this weekend and concluded that Sofas and Stuff were nice enough but more expensive than the others for same thing. Getting a price out of them for what we wanted was like pulling teeth – they really went for the emotional investment technique. Really do recommend visiting Sofa Library if you can.

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    To counter the negative about Sofology, we bought one a couple of years ago and it was zero issues whatsoever.
    Arrived when promised, was exactly as we ordered and it’s holding up fine.

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    Sofology and Sofa Workshop are part of the same group as DFS.
    no complaints about DFS, they are sending out someone to repair our 6 year old sofa that is still in guaranty. That might change if they can’t fix it.

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    Don’t know if it’s near enough for you, but have an outlet store in the House of Frazer in Doncaster. Under half retail. Of course you have all the rest of the delights of Donny if you want to make a day of it.

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    Our tactic was to ignore who was selling it, but but trawl as many site and shops as we could. In the end chose one from DFS. I’m not particularly a fan, but they had what we wanted in the price range we wanted and could deliver (and they stuck to that) I looked at way too many sofas though from all sorts: Bespoke stuff, Liberty, M&S John Lewis, all the way to Bob’s Cheap Knock-offs…

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    We have 3 from SofaSofa. Great exchange policy and close to Cwmcarn for a combined shopping and biking trip

    Made in wales

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    Used Barker & Stonehouse many times over the last 25 years. Usually good selection and quality has always been top notch.

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    Happy with our leather corner from habitat
    It’s quite firm and upright. Think the sort of thing in a posh waiting room.

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    Not sure about Sofa Workshop being part of DFS (Sofology definitely are though). What I would say is Sofa Workshop used to be amazing. We bought two sofas off them 25 years ago and they are both still going strong after a recushion. We bought a big u shaped thing from them about 2.5 years ago after much furniture shop visiting. It isn’t quite the same build quality as our original sofas but is pretty good. Being able to customise pretty much everything on the sofa is the key. Cover material, cushion material, size, shape, legs … everything. Means you definitely get what you ask for.

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    slightly scuffed seconds are the way to go. Bought a three seater and a nice armchair from a place in Oldham last year. Loads cheaper than buying direct and both have some minor scuffs. There was loads of choices. Delivered a couple of days after I’d sat on them

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    Swyft, modular stuff, really well made and very comfy,really happy with ours, and of course very stylish😉

    Free Member weve bought a few from them and can highly recommend.

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    We have 2x Swyft 4-seaters in our lounge – long enough to work as an extra bed. Very low back as we didn’t want to obscure the cupboard-mounted TV. Prompt delivery and good service after they messed up the first delivery.

    We’ve also had good service from SofaSofa/Thomas Lloyd over the years – we have a leather sofa in our kitchen diner.

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    slightly scuffed seconds are the way to go.

    Got ours from a pop up shop in Galashiels while on the way to Glentress. £650 delivered. You’d never, ever know it was a second. Found it full price in Harvey’s a few months later £4500!

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    Just wanted to mention that we received our Sofology sofas 3 weeks ago. Very happy TBH.

    The initial delivery was scheduled for a Friday but we never received email confirmation or the text updates so that particular delivery never happened. I was annoyed but mistakes happen and I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Phoned them Sat 9am, a chirpy chap apologised and promised they’d arrived on the Monday. Cue Sun afternoon I received email confirmation, then Mon morning I got the text updates and then a call when the driver was 30 mins away. 3 very nice chaps did the unloading and put them in situ.

    Excellent quality and service o far.

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    Our main sofa is an Ikea one and though we’ve had it a few years now it’s still holding up very well and suits us. We have also just bought another one from John Lewis. Long delivery time but was the size, shape and comfort that we wanted that we couldn’t really seem to find elsewhere. We found the Next range not too bad either – but in the end, couldn’t find one that we could agree on style wise. We try to avoid squishy and Chaise Longue style is really not us – never seen one that we feel is both practical or comfortable. but that’s why there are so many shops out there – because we all have different tastes, budgets and requirements. My daughter has a sofa (no idea where from) but it’s shit. Wasn’t desperately cheap but fabric stains easily, it’s now gone quite squishy and is just not very comfortable. And that’s only 3 years old or so. Our Ikea one, on the other hand, we must have had for over 10 years now.

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