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  • sofa help
  • bamboo
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    Can anybody advise where to buy decent quality sofas that don’t cost the earth? I’m keen to avoid the likes of dfs etc, but it’s hard to judge what is decent quality and will last well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    M&S or JL, job done.

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    We took a bit of a gamble on Made. They seem to cycle which sofa is on discount. Mrserino stalked then until the one we wanted was on sale then bought it. We then had à slightly nervous couple of weeks wait until it was delivered. Quality is good and the leather goes down the back of the sofa too.

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    Multiyork or Delcor have been good when bought in sales

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    Sofasofa on line sat on the one I bought 10 years ago right now .

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    2nd for sofasofa. quality is excellent, they often have sales, and delv is pretty fast.

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    I’m badly in need of a sofa too, was contemplating buy this

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    Multiyork in the sales.

    We bought ours about 20 years ago. Have had fresh covers twice but only because the wife got bored of the colour and fresh feather seat cushions at the same times.

    Wife wasn’t very happy replacing the covers the second time as she wanted something different but could find anything as comfortable or seemingly as well built.

    Two sofas and an arm chair have survived 20 years of me plus three God children jumping on them. Also the feather cushions rock for pillow fights. I managed to hit the 7 year old so hard he was lifted bodily off the ground and about six feet across the room with a single swing!

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    I have had 2 from Both holding up fine after a few years.

    I was most impressed by the speed and ease of getting them delivered.


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    is it for a rental …. if not youll just throw 400 quid away when you find out its as comfy as nothing.

    i bought something similar for 100 quid used to tide me over till my sofa i ordered from DFS arrived – its as comfy as it was in the shop and still looks good after 3 years – although i stop payments on it this year so it will probably fall apart !

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    Find a local auction room that handles typical house clearance stuff. You might pay 25 quid for something in perfect condition.

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    If you’re anywhere near Manchester and are after a leather sofa, Halo have an outlet warehouse in Altrincham and sell off their sofa’s cheap from cancelled orders etc.

    They trade under their own name but also allow John Lewis to sell their product under JL name.

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. Seems like spending more for decent quality may be the way to go, I’ll look through the suggestions and also look to play the long game and wait for the sales.

    Thanks all.

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    Multiyork have regular sales but for different things. Sometimes the sofas, sometimes the materials, sometimes just certain ranges. I seem to remember we got 40% off when we bought ours originally and 25% off the first last set of replacement covers so you have to pick which sale too.

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    whats wrong with DFS ?

    We bought one fairly recently from them, seems decent quality, good guarantee, good choice and no problems with delivery etc.

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    Just ordered one from

    John Lewis was pretty close to getting our money, though.

    6-8 weeks. Can’t wait. We’ve got 2 arm chairs, a deck chair and 2 camping chairs in the living room at the moment.

    bigdummy – did yours come quicker than the quoted 6-8 weeks?

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    bamboo – Member

    Can anybody advise where to buy decent quality sofas that don’t cost the earth?

    What is ‘don’t cost the earth?’ £500? £1k? £2k?

    When we were looking for sofa’s we wandered around DFS and they had some decent looking sofas but we couldn’t find any that were actually comfortable to sit on.
    JL & M&S had some really nice sofas, but for the style we wanted they were a bit too expensive.

    We ended up finding one in Furniture Village that fitted all our needs. I can’t remember exactly, but think it was getting on for £2k for a 2 seater & a 3 seater leather sofa.
    5 years on and it is almost as good as new. It would be as good as new, but one of our cats pokes her claws into it with annoying regularity.

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    keep an eye out for the Debenhams blue cross (or whichever) sales, I bought a three seater and single seater sofa for £500, with an original RRP of £2,500

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    Westbridge furniture factory shop in Stoke. They make for Mand S and Next. Slight seconds, well made.

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    Highly recommend Artifort very well made ours are 10 yrs old surviving the daily abuse of 4 kids without marking or sagging

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    ebay! Go find a sofa you like from one of these suggestions ^^^^ then search ebay for them for auction (not buy it now or some dealer), you’ll need access to a van but you’ll pay pittance compared to new.
    People cannot get rid of large piece of furniture easily.. so it’s a buyers market

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