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  • Premier Icon BigJohn

    Rapha do good cheap merino socks. Blasphemous comment I know.

    1 shed
    Premier Icon boxelder

    I need some decent socks. Usually wear sealskins, but looks like the sun is coming. I’ve had joy with Ground Effect merino.
    What thicker, above the ankle socks please?


    Plus one for Aldi, their ‘pro’ range of socks is teh awsum

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Got some Aldi ones. Looking for thicker.




    I love Planet-X Thicky merino. £10 for 3 pairs


    I’ve got some endura coolmax ones that I really like and are wearing well.

    EDIT: actually read the OP and they’re only ankle length, and thin.

    For thicker above the ankle, my best pair are some north face ones I won at a race once, at the time thought “what a naff prize” – jokes on me, they’re amazing socks.


    COSTCO Merino hiking socks, about £10 for 4 pairs.
    They are lovely..

    Premier Icon vmgscot

    Another like for PlanetX merino thickies.


    +1 Planet X

    As good as the Raphas I have.


    Titus El Guapo merino thickies from on-one, £7 for 3 pairs 🙂

    Another vote for Smartwool here.

    Use them for walking, skiing and riding (Different socks, obviously!) and can’t fault them at all.

    FWIW, I use phd Cycle Lights on the bike, Ski Lights for skiing and phd Mediums for most walking trips.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Got some Endura ba ba – very impressed so far.
    Planet X ordered.
    Thanks all


    Point6 for me. The brand started by the same guys that started Smartwool after they saw the mess the new owner was making of things

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    For the price I don’t think of looking much further than the planet x merino ones. I’ve had a couple of failures where the stitching at the join of the heel section to the ankle tube, but only after several wears and washes and some heavy handed pulling on action, and for about £3 a pair not worth complaining. I have cold feet and toes in general so merino is a go to for me for 3/4 of the year.

    For proper summer – I sold a roof rack to a guy on here many years ago and met him on the way to one of the 24hr races to drop it off. He was something to do with WL gore and as a thanks for detouring to meet him gave me a bag with a few pairs of sample gore socks in of different types. The fact I’m still working my way through them is I guess a testament to their longevity.

    I also bought a pair of sock guy ones with 29er on – as a pisstake when all that stuff was going around about 29er specific bars and saddles and stuff. But every time I wear them I crash and hurt myself so they’ve become my unlucky socks and never get used. Maybe Saturday,try and kill the hoodoo of my 29er specific socks.


    Aldi socks are good?! May have to get my self down!

    I’m a sealskinz man my self. My mate works for them so I get to test out all the new socks and gloves. And tbh I wouldn’t go for anything else. I’ve tried a few other socks to compare and u can’t go wrong with them. The thin ankle sock is perfect for summer. Just incase you do end up running into a stream or puddle you feel will still stay dry


    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    +1 for the Titus El Guapo from On-one

    Bargain price and great quality. Had mine for a few months now, worn all the pairs many times and they are as good as new.


    DeFeet Woolie Boolie’s are great socks, they’re very comfy and hard wearing.


    I was going to recommend Endura Baa Baa but thought they might be a bit thin. they are foot heaven.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Sock Guy

    They’re absolutely indestructible in my experience.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    I’ve several pairs of Defeet Wooleators that have lasted years. Great in most conditions.


    I have been wearing woollie boolies for years and only ever holed one toe section of one sock, I’m talking ten year old socks worn daily!!!


    Type of socks all depends on what type of ridin you’re doin. right?
    Also, also colourway, right?

    Poncy below ankle in pink on an MTB and you ought to dress to the left SonnyJim
    Proper above ankle in black only, right? Yes of course I’m right.

    Get them cheap Endura thermal jobbies, I hate to admit it but I’ve three pairs that I bought waaaaay back in oooohhhh 2009 and damn it if only one pair has started to wear out, the others are fine. I do only wear them on the MTB and at night so no one can see me in them, but they are a comfy fit, warm, and add a little bit of padding.

    Other than that it’s Rapha all the way with the tops rolled over so everyone can see the logo, it’s upside down at this point but I can still see it, and thats all that matters innit. 😉

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