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  • Soccerball Goooaaaaal! 2019/20 season
  • That’s a competition that now has 2 sets of rules. Ridiculous

    No it doesn’t, all cup ties have the same rules, but lower league grounds have drawbacks, as they always have done, lack of undersoil heating, less cameras, shit pitches, more exposed etc.

    The magic of the cup. 😊

    That’s a competition that now has 2 sets of rules.

    Other than “we’ll use VAR if it’s available,” what other rules differ in these two “sets?”


    The use of VAR – it’s pot luck if you have it or not, that’s not a level playing field in my eyes.

    Premier Icon binners

    You wouldn’t be saying that if your strikers eyebrow had strayed offside?

    Or, as it turns out, if he’d walloped someone full-on in the cobblers with his studs up 😀

    it’s pot luck if you have it or not

    It most certainly isn’t. Premier league grounds have it. Others don’t.

    that’s not a level playing field in my eyes.

    In any game (in the cup), both teams are playing either with or without VAR. What’s not level about that? It’s not like the premier league team gets everything checked and the lower league team doesn’t.

    binners, a debate like this requires participants with a grasp on facts and not entering the early stages of dementia in their fifties. Could you just go away and rant about Rebecca-Long-Bailey or something?

    Premier Icon binners

    Its a fair cop Bravissimo

    *Wanders off to wind up the communists…..*

    Oh, before I go, did you notice that Roy Keane’s withering disdain for Jamie Carragher seemed to scale even further heights last night while they were punditting?

    Carragher: “Liverpool will get more points than the Man Utd Treble Team this season”

    Keane (utterly contemptuously): “When you win a Premier League medal Jamie you get one medal, you don’t turn it over and it says how many points you got”


    Living in the past binners, like yourself.


    Good win for City! Is there a finer sight than Real getting beat and Ramos getting sent off?

    Phenomenal result for Gerrards Rangers team tonight, the first team to get to the last 16 of the europa cup having been in it since qualifying round 1.

    Hopefully Celtic can get through tomorrow, and cement Scotland getting 2 champions league places in 2021. 👏🏻

    Good team Braga, IIRC they knocked wolves out?.

    Wolves are still in but Braga took 4 out of 6 points against them in the group stages. 9

    Was at Ibrox for the home game against Braga last week and the atmosphere was incredible. I’m almost hoping they get someone like Arsenal or Man Utd in the next round, just to see if they can step it up again.

    IIRC the SPL already has two Champions League places for next season now so I wouldn’t be too upset to see Copenhagen win tomorrow.. 😉

    Not this season nobeer, Wolves are going great guns in the Europa League. 4-0 up on Espanyol from the first leg. They’ll be a tougher opponent than Arsenal or Man U!

    Absolutely, I’d rather have Man United than Wolves!.

    Big George Edmundson, a lad we picked up from Oldham, was imperious last night, what a unit of a man he is!.

    Arsenal were very Arsenal like last night! And Celtic reverted back to their usual European performance after a couple of better results.

    Are United fans singing that bloody Oles at the wheel song again yet?

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    A few outlets speculating on a coronavirus-shortened season today. Probably on account of Switzerland cancelling all games this weekend.

    Would be quite a turnup if Liverpool didn’t win the league, but most reds I know are level-headed, fair minded sorts who would take things in their stride – the public health issue at large is clearly of a different magnitude, that puts everything in perspective.
    Relegation would be a thorny one to resolve.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Would be quite a turnup if Liverpool didn’t win the league

    I think they’d sneak it under the Duckworth Lewis Rule.

    They need to win 4 more games! I think they’ll want to get it done! Denied by a virus originating in a meat market in the middle of China might hurt even more than Stevie G’s slip.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Well, all good things must come to an end, I suppose…

    Looks like we can share that consecutive wins record for a bit.

    It’s been coming – some of the performances in the last few weeks didn’t really merit a win. I’m pleased it wasn’t any of the “big” sides (or ManU or Everton) – fair play to Watford. They’ll love this one. Don’t think it’s any coincidence that Henderson being out has resulted in a big dip in their level. To be honest, they must be mentally fatigued at this stage.

    Ooooof!! Well played Watford. The relegation battle is going to be brutal!

    Get what you’re saying DD and there’s been plenty of games Liverpool perhaps shouldn’t have won this season, maybe Sheff Utd away, Wolves home and away, Villa away. But you don’t end up 22 points clear via luck, repeatedly winning tight matches can’t be a fluke.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Norwich beat Leicester
    Watford beat Liverpool
    Might put a tenner on Villa winning the trophy tomorrow….🤔

    repeatedly winning tight matches can’t be a fluke.

    It absolutely isn’t. Unless you’re a Liverpool fan watching Utd do it through the 90/00s until they became the mediocre shite they’ve been for the last few years. Which is why you get clueless muppets like binners posting the same bollocks these days.

    Remember season 95/96 pretty well, when Kev Keegan so nearly loved it. United won loads of games in the run in 1-0, mainly Cantona scoring.


    VAR has to go. It’s just adding another level of inconsistency on top of inconsistency. Noise + Noise = more noise.


    Jose is not going to last the season at this rate.

    I couldn’t at the time, and still can’t believe, that Spurs appointed him.

    He’s yesterday’s man, Poch must still be shaking his head.

    Yep, agree. The implosion will be by November I think as he’s already started on the players in public. He should retire to the Sky studio.

    Premier Icon binners

    I’m getting that Deja Vu thing. He’s compressing the timescale quite considerably though.

    1. Dire unwatchable sideways/sideways/backwards anti-football.

    2. Slagging players off to the press to distract from your own shortcomings and other petulant nonsense

    3. Lose the dressing room.

    4. Gone

    5. Repeat to fade….

    I was amazed Spuds appointed him. Did they somehow miss the usual routine at Old Trafford

    All set for one of those famous Anfield European nights Binners?

    Have to say I think Atletico will squeeze through, away goals maybe. Although whether the competition will finish is another matter.

    Premier Icon binners

    You can’t beat a bit of ‘European night’ champions league self-mythologising 😉

    Should be a belter of a match though. I can see the same result as the first leg.

    Just had a look and the odds on an Athletico win are 6/1. That’s mental! That’s got to be worth a fiver on it?

    Yeah, that’s generous. Liverpool are off the boil for sure and Atletico have a few players back from injury.

    Premier Icon Caher

    I reckon Liverpool will be well up for it, it’s about time they returned to firm.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    I certainly hope they find that bit of a spark tonight that’s been missing in the last few weeks, it’s hard to sit and complain when 25 points clear but it’s not quite been ‘there’.

    Lets see what happens 🙂


    Erm.. That was an unexpected result

    Premier Icon Caher

    Could have gone either way and it did.

    Yep, difficult to see Atletico winning it until Adrian’s howler though. Liverpool should have got it done in normal time really with the possession and chances they had.


    Oh well, they can focus on the premiership now…

    Premier Icon binners

    That should have been as easy a win as you’ll ever see in Europe. If their keeper hadn’t been so absolutely bloody brilliant and Adrian so absolutely awful.

    We’ve seen some absolute goalkeeping howlers recently (De Gea against Everton? Ederson against United?), but am I right in thinking that they scored with every shot they had on target? And that Adrian got an assist for one of them?

    At the other end a goalkeeping (and defensive) masterclass was going on. How many shots did Oblak stop? I see Simeone has referred to him as ‘the Messi of goalkeepers’. On last nights display I’d say that was fair comment. That was some performance. Some of the reflex, point-blank saves were gobsmacking

    Great match though. Looks like the final stages of the Champions League could be shaping up to be as bonkers as last years


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