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  • LardLover

    Still recovering from campylobacter food poisoning. 9 days now, but getting better. Just need to find out where I’ve been losing blood from now, wasn’t aware I was but my blood tests say otherwise! Getting them checked again tomorrow. Hopefully things heading in the right direction and I’ll be able to get back out on the bike this weekend.

    tops 5

    Nursing a pair of black post-snip knackers :/


    Yep – not touched a bike, but took advantage of the weather yesterday to take the family to Groombridge Place. Today was much needed gardening before it rained, then swimming with the kids.

    I’ve made fish pie for tea, then it’s Game of Thrones with a glass of Malbec 8)

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    Considerably better than last weekends horror show, which started with being interviewed by the police and finished with knocking myself out in an otb in the Lakes 2km into the ride.

    Didn’t touch the bikes but the little Un took his balance bike out, we went sailing in Millford Haven and played on the beach so all pretty good tbh.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Lovely, still not over yet. Silverstone gp circuit tomorrow.


    Well managed to change / replace chain ring before the rain on Saturday and tested the bike today at Delamere **** nightmare so busy it was a joke going to start Saturday, Sunday evenings there from now on as soon as the Sun is out it’s bloody mad.
    Lesson learn’t at least the repair / refit worked πŸ˜€

    Work all weekend therefore shite. Was an early shift today so I made it to The Yorkshire Game Fair at Newby Hall, so not all bad, & off tomorrow, in the rain. 😐


    Was ill on Saturday but got in a good sized ride yesterday ( and spent today sorting my life out!


    First time I did two consecutive days of riding not big rides but still got some miles in which is good, been a very nice weekend, finished bike build Saturday and then rides Sunday and Monday and some time to relax with family and friends.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Off Saturday went for a walk with my eldest then chips and ice-cream, yesterday I was working overtime so not so good but it’ll be worth it. Today, went for a walk along the Embleton Beach to Low Newton for beer and crab sandwiches at The Ship Inn. Cut the grass and washed the windows then down to work for a meeting, just in so tea soon and a beer as back to work tomorrow night.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Lots and lots of work on the new house we moved into a week back – including realising how far the jungle garden goes back from the house and how nice the garden views are.

    I also did a tip run, filled the car to the brim…and returned having rescued this from the jaws of recycling. It does have a crack in the stern, but relatively easy to fix, just not for falling off waterfalls anymore… πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I was due to be working but an 11th hour change of plans saw me and child no2 off to North Yorks in the tent while the lovely Mrs B took the youngest to visit family in that London.

    They scored some “industry only” seats to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal, while my daughter and I did our best to keep our heads above the rising water levels in a field outside Harrogate!

    Home now though and the tent is drying. And all in all…. It was a damn sight better than work!!


    Glad others have had a nice weekend. Bloody fires lit tho which pisses me off this late in May. C’mon summer lets have it!


    Great ride in the sun yesterday, followed up with a pretty heavy session at a local sausage and cider festival. Today has been all about recovery with Sci-fi films and copious spare ribs…


    Nursed a hangover Saturday, long ride Sunday on some surprisingly dry trails, walk today and watched a movie. I think I’ve found some peace with bank holidays, which used to bore me to death.


    Drove from Agrigento to Palermo on Saturday through the mountains and saw some orchids and some Bee-eaters, stayed in Palermo on Saturday night (Palermo’s a bit of a dump, to be honest), flew home on Sunday, retail therapy in the rain today.

    Back to work tomorrow, but at least it’s a short week and there’s a VW bash at Stonor Park next Sunday and a fantastic nature reserve nearby, so all good!

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    Really good. Quick road ride this morning, lots of worm wrangling this afternoon means the garden looks tidy, and a roast dinner cooked by my lovely wife this evening. Had a surprisingly nice English sparkling wine with the food, which was a bonus.

    Last couple of days also good. Running and circuits plus dinner out with friends. Rest of week off, which is a bonus.

    Premier Icon somouk

    Cracking weekend, spent in Dublin with the family for a christening.

    Even the Mrs enjoyed it seeing 1D and bumping in to Ronan on the plane on the way back. Will be some time till I manage to beat that one for her.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Bloody painting – still.

    Got some outdoors time in though today..

    Productive, rather than exhilarating.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Saturday I finally took the winter tyres off the Fabia – had to wait and save up as a couple of the summer tyres needed replacing.

    Yesterday was a bit of a blur, had to miss out on watching the Milk Race in Rottingham but managed to have a decent afternoon at a friends BBQ before the outlaws arrived. Even managed to cut the lawn.

    Lovely day out today with MrsMC while FiL took our lad fishing and MiL made lots of craft mess with the daughter. Walked from Hartington to the Royal Oak at Hurdlow along the Tissington Trail and really need to get back there one day when they are serving lunches having seen the menu! Then wandered around Cromford and Matlock Bath before finding there was no one in 800BC so we had an excellent cream tea and made it home before it rained.

    Back to work tomorrow πŸ™ but only for two days πŸ˜€ before a couple of days off to spend time with the kids and think about the sportive I rashly entered next Sunday


    Thanks for asking..

    Me and a mate did stage 1&2 of this years Tour, on Saturday we did stage 1 in torrential rain, I got cold and had the shits when we finished which was entertaining. I air punched as I crossed the line at the bottom of the hill in Harrogate at the lights near the Baths (couldn’t go up the hill cos it’s a one way)
    We recovered well, both headed for the Baths and settled into a night soft recovery with amazing fresh food and gallons of sweet Lady Grey tea.
    Sunday started overcast and rained but it cleared up nicely in the end, fancied a bit of “race me whippet mate” but the git was feeling much better than me and he set off a couple of hundred mtrs in front and stayed there for what seemed like ages but we kissed and made up and rode out the rest at pace. We ate well and headed for beer at the Square & Compass at Rigton (not far from the farm)
    Today was much better weather wise so we headed out across the moors again but did a smallish loop at recovery pace to settle the legs and tease out the sunshine, been crashed out for the last couple of hours before we head back south.

    It’s been Ace.


    Cracking, but knackering day yesterday. Rode my motorbike with HT on the back + gear to Afan (from Portsmouth). Rode W2+Blade. Grub and redbull in the cafe. Rode home. Wet and dirty, but isnt Wales always!?
    Spent most of today cleaning…


    Went to that London Friday afternoon, stayed with friends Friday night who then took dd for all of Saturday and night while mrs DD and I did the Natural History museum, lunch on the south bank, design museum, check into swanky hotel, cocktails at swanky cocktail bar and dinner at swanky restaurant at said swanky hotel. Lie-in, big breakfast on Sunday before meeting friends with dd at St James’ Park on Sunday. Had to work today though 😐 but all worth it.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Two day coast to coast route from Walney Island to Whitby – possibly not the greatest weekend to choose in retrospect.
    The first day was 104 miles of constant headwinds, followed by a horrendous ascent of Tan Hill into the teeth of a rainfilled headwind & thick fog. Stopped at the Tan Hill Inn for a hot drink & a spell by the fire before the final 25 miles to Ovington, we were soaked through and extremely cold but it had to be done so back out into the rain we went.
    That may have been the toughest day ive had on a bike – 104 miles, well over 9000ft of climbing in horrible weather, average speed was under 12mph it was that bad.
    Fortunately Sunday was a lot better, only 70 miles & 4400ft of climbing to get to Whitby. First 40 miles were fairly easy through rolling countryside to Great Ayton before the last 30 miles of the North York Moors. Some tough & steep climbs around there and having some 150+ miles in your legs already didn’t help much. Sun was warm by the time we got to Whitby and we actually beat our mrs to the hotel!

    so so, working round the house, but finished off with seeing Whisky Galore! at the Birks Cinema, and you can’t leave that without smiling


    No riding this weekend for the first time in ages. However substituted it with loads of family time. Pizza for dinner after a few cheeky beers at the local “fun day” finishing it all off nicely!

    Premier Icon Bregante

    mrs DD and I did the Natural History museum,

    What time were you there dd? Mini B was there before going to the matinee of Charlie on Saturday?


    A bit lazy saturday and yesterday – the tourmaker event and shopping on sat then laziness and catching up with some work yesterday. 60 miles along wharfedale on the road bike got the best of the weekend’s weather πŸ™‚


    Not too bad this weekend. Nice steady hour ride on Saturday. Ten mile TT yesterday which even though it tipped it down I put to bed the nightmare of a ride I did on the course in February coming in three minutes quicker.

    Just an easy day today with the mrs where I apparently I am good for buying another bike.


    Prob around the same time I reckon Breggie – think we got there around 11ish, maybe left around 1ish. We went to see the mammoth exhibition which was pretty cool. πŸ™‚ The earthquake room was awesome too.

    Embarrassingly, it was my first visit – amazing building.


    Brilliant, no riding, but had time with my son, visited his grandparents at the seaside, watched monster trucks and rat rods with a bit of supercar action at Bournemouth, breakfast on the beach and time crabbing on the harbour before heading home to find that it looks me and my new partners house application should be going through ( fingers crossed) my parents love my new lady, my son thinks she’s ace…so really it couldn’t have been better


    Raining heavily on sat and sun so didn’t do much. Today looked like it was going to be cracking so headed out for a local ride. Came off quite badly on a very greasy section which was basically flowing clay due to the rain. 3 hours in A&E later, I have torn a muscle in my shoulder, the subscapularis. So, not the best long weekend I’ve had.


    No riding, but the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast instead. It lashed down all weekend except today which was sublime. Mattered little though!

    Premier Icon Bregante

    dd, yep they were there from 11 til about 12.30 πŸ™‚

    Great ride on Sunday for Ty Gobiath childens Hospice over 350 riders turned up for the Ffestiniog 360 and did a 62 mile loop that got a bit wet toward the end. Managed to get to the pub for a few beers after. also cut the lawn before the rain came today and cleaned the road bike. now watching spring watch.

    Premier Icon simmy

    I worked Saturday for a couple of hours then went my mates, came home, lit the Chimanea and got rained off.

    Debated all Sunday morning about going to the Lakes for a Ride and decided to just got for it and get Wet if it poured down, I did the short loop off the Route Guides on here from Staveley.

    Top ride out and avoided the Rain which came down big style on the M6 on the way back just went onto Lancaster services for a brew.

    Went to Settle today and did a loop out of a MBUK which was really good. What surprised me was the lack of people on these routes, I only met about 4 people on each of the rides both Today’s and yesterday’s. Probably spend too much time around Rivi dodging Families.

    Starving now despite going McDs on way home so gonna get a huge bag of Doritos and have another go at lighting the Chimanea.


    Drac –

    beer and crab sandwiches at The Ship Inn

    . On a sunny bank holiday?! Last time I went there on a weekend there was an hour wait for a seat. People were eating their food standing up, or sitting outside in the drizzle!


    Friday and Saturday nights at the Rose and Crown in Romaldkirk with crankygirl while crankbrat stayed at home with the mother in law . then today playing with crankbrat in the garden . others may have had different weekends but none better.


    Complete opposite of last weekend (HOTS and camping in Swanage) – decided not to do normal Saturday road ride due to the heavens depositing their contents, stayed in Saturday night, went for a short dog walk with a friend after a frustrating tour round a couple of camping shops with her trying to find something that clearly didn’t exist (she was in one of those moods where it was best to keep your gob shut rather than stating the obvious). Stayed in Sunday night.

    Today was just about to go out for a 40 mile road ride when the phone rang – a friend who is involved in a long and bitter dispute with her ex over custody/access to their daughter had bumped into him and he had assaulted her elderly father so the Police were involved. So instead of having a lovely ride I spent the afternoon with her and her daughter at a Police Station whilst she gave a statement. Then had to drive her home with a police escort following to make sure the bloke wasn’t at her house – its bloody hard keeping to the 20mph limit when there’s no traffic, and they very kindly pointed out that my brake light wasn’t working. So that was Monday’s riding up the spout.

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