So who’s doing well at the mo?

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  • So who’s doing well at the mo?
  • Peregrine

    Got made redundant twice in the last months – new jobs great tho, prety much left to get on with it, the works interesting and the pays better.

    Get out on the bike plenty, run three times a week.

    Even – is the best way i can describe life at the mo, which give me a positive outlook.

    Rudeboy – thats just our share the total bill will be over a million. Stonework renovations on a listed building under statutory notice along with roof repairs and so on.


    Wow. I thought you’d actually typed extra zeros. What a colossal amount of money. So, doesn’t insurance cover this, then? how on Earth do they expect ‘normal’ people to be able to afford this kind of money? Shocking.

    Hope things work out ok for you.


    I work in Mental health, we are taking on shed loads of clients and bus loads of staff, and having the building expanded to cope with the extra workload/client base, as many folk who have lost their jobs, have lost the plot as well.

    My partner works in tv and film vfx, and as long as people are off work, they’ll watch tv and stuff, so it’s all gangbusters here.

    sorry for anyone who’se just lost or about to lose jobs, it’s a p****r, happened to me a while back.


    well it maks my lot in life look practically rosey compared to some of the above. All i need to do is sell the bloody property in Nottm – anyone want a large shop/workspace with 5 bed flat above + next door with 2 SC flats?
    keep getting caught by the new sport of 30 secs before settlement pull out for pathetic reason unless i knock 1000’s off the price……

    Premier Icon maxray

    SO Daffy you live entirely off the interest from your savings?! crikey are you a lotto winner? 🙂

    Thinks are mixed for the family maxray. I am busy busy in work but the SO has lost pretty much all her freelance work due to the likes of adams and woolies going belly up. Hopefully though a trip up to see Mamas n Papas on Friday will set her up with some work from them. Times are hard but there are people worse off so can’t complain, we can still pay the mortgage etc and put food on the table for mini maxray 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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