So, who’s been in work this week and has it been a total waste of time?

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  • So, who’s been in work this week and has it been a total waste of time?
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    I have & it’s absolutely dead. It’s nice that I’ve been getting half a train carriage to myself, but god it’s dull. On Wednesday I had no support calls, no work phone calls and no work e-mails.

    Is it just as dull for everyone else?


    Yes, no one contacting me alowed me to get loads done.


    Yup, been in all this week apart from yesterday. Very quiet, but I could get a lot of the build-up from before Christmas squared away in those days.

    It would appear that my “stnad in” hasn’t done an especially good job of things…


    No it wasn’t a total waste of time, I saved 3 days holidays that I can now take in the summer (and did a bit of work)


    yes got loads done
    end of the month is my most hectic time as it is when all the bills are produced….

    and i have put some extra bits on my flexi market tracker calculator, which will make life a little easier next month

    so all in all a productive week (and i have the coffee machine to myself)

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    Fubar has a good point.

    I got loads done and will be doing so today as the office is empty apart from me. Though it has been dull to say the least.

    Though I have done nothing that I could not have done at home with my work laptop.


    As fubar – I worked [on-call telephone support] 25th,26th & 1st

    Accrued 9 days extra holiday for doing absolutely nothing, not a single call 😀

    So that’s an extra 2 weeks [ish] holiday for 2009

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    Yes and well to be honest most of them could have gone by car or at least transport ambulance but was told all transport ambulances were busy. Funny thing was because the clinics were shut they were sitting around saying how bored they were as they had no work. A nice word in the big bosses ear next week when he visits should stir the hornets nest.

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    Was in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – we had maybe 10% of people in. Managed to fill up Monday and Tuesday, but have very little to do on NYE – so had to visit the bike shop. Took today off as I imagine it will be even deader today.

    Main reason I didn’t take it off was to save the holiday too!


    Working from home as a load of train services have been canceled over the festive period, and I can’t be arsed commuting 2hrs each way to sit in an empty office 🙂


    I was in all this week with the exception of Thursday. I only had 11 days hols as started a new job in June and I blitzed those in the first month getting married. This week has been exceptionally dull as all my work is upto date so I am now in training mode (and hoping STW is running). Plus the roads in Sheffield are quieter than ever.


    Course its worthwhile; there are no bosses in, holidays saved for better times and the cycle commute in is fun when it dosent really matter if you are late.

    Oh, and you’d all be pissed if if there was no electric coming out of the sockets wouldn’t you. 😉

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    Yes, working from home as usual.

    Haven’t had a full day off all Xmas, had to do an hour or two every day to keep my contracts ticking over.

    Have got more done here too, without pesky clients on my back.

    Yup and i had nothing to do.


    I have been in all week to. I keep thinking of the 4 days holiday and where/where I will be using it.


    Drac – we were using all the transport ambulances over christmas to transport all the old grannies around town to wherever there was a bed as it was bonkers…

    However, I was in on NYE and it was strangely quiet, seems everyone had house parties and avoided coming to blows… which was nice!

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