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  • So who went out for a lunchtime ride today?
  • ormondroyd

    Just been out for a few hours in the sunshine down in the Southern Chilterns. It’s utterly stupidly gorgeous out.

    Decided to climb Streatley Hill. As I was grinding up on about 39/25 with my breakfast trying to come out of my ears, a BMXer rolled down. When I rolled back down, he was sprinting up. Turned out he was doing hill reps. Of Streatley. On a BMX. Respect.


    So i’ve been off work all day and not got out at all.

    Alas, I was off work as I didnt finish working till 6am having worked through and have felt like utter pish all day long πŸ™

    Premier Icon binners

    Yip! It’d be bad form not too. Quick hour loop around the rather good trails around the office. Its actually really, really warm. looking forward to the extended off-road commute home πŸ˜€


    Rather than call out the scrappy to remove my old car I put the bike in the back, drove it in for a Β£100 I wasn’t expecting and rode the bike home off road, in the sunshine. Double win πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Am off today so I’ve just had two and a bit hours on the road bike. Rode out to anderton boat lift and out round Tatton Park. Very nice it was too – for a road ride….

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Nope, but had a stroll along the country lanes. Very pleasant


    Kind of. On lates this week so left at 10:30 for an hour long ride then got to work for normal start (12).

    Lovely weather for it πŸ™‚


    Got out for an hour

    ‘working from home’ today – like I am now!

    Strava’d it too. So all the evidence needed for instant dismissal available on line. Too bloomin nice not to though!


    Nope. Yesterday I got to walk to the Sainsbury’s on the retail park to buy some tissues for snot-streaming nose, does that count?


    Yup, made it out for a 2hr road ride around Pen-y-Pass (Llanberis). Stunning weather and nice and cool too.


    Yep, road bike blast out during lunch time. Beautiful day out there and nice to feel the warmth of the sun again!

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Not today, but managed to finish early yesterday and got in a couple of hours chasing the sunset on the road bike. Great to be riding outdoors after a long winter of the turbo trainer. Went up Streatley Hill too, never seems to get any easier that one!


    I’ve been out all afternoon.

    Actual Sunshine.

    And no wind!


    Cheeky hour on the road bike, just beautiful out!! Love the dry roads…MTB’d yesterday – trails not quite so dry yet but amazing what a few days of sun will do!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Went over to Rivington for a couple of hours’ riding/pushing with my singlespeed.

    Very pleasant weather.


    Oh yes!

    Bit of a looong lunchbreak πŸ˜‰

    Will be working a bit this evening to make up.

    Lovely, no Camelbak, no jacket, couple of bottles, hardtail, drying trails…
    …climbed like a demon.

    Descended like a wuss πŸ™‚



    What another stunning day! 8)

    A 3 hour ride out from QECP, Chalton, Compton, Harting Down, Buriton and back into the park to join the last bit of the red route.

    A 14 mile-ish ride that I haven’t done for a long long time and it’s an ace route. I must try to find a bike computer app type of thing to log it!

    All very slippy and slidey, great fun. Bike now washed and sat here with cuppa and hot cross bun feeling the mud splatters as they dry out on my legs!


    24 singlespeed pretty much empty road miles this afternoon in the Peak, culminating in a firey red sunset.

    Life is good


    Yup, 65km on the road sled

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Yes quick hour loop on the local cyclepaths.

    crispy bacon

    Bunked off work early to make the most of ‘Summer’ which has turned up early this year.

    A nice shortish local ride in glorious sunshine on mainly dry trails πŸ™‚ gotta be better than working…


    A nice 36 miles on the road. Lovely in the sun, rather chill in the shade.

    Great blast around Llandegla, despite time waiting for one of the boys to catch-up.


    Was out riding all day, so yeah, was out over lunch πŸ˜€ Cracking day at Whinlatter. Ice on the ground in a lot of places but blue skies and bright sunshine once out of the forest. Great day, looking forward to riding it without the ice one day!

    Went for a 12km run at lunch, zero degrees and blowing a gale in GΓΆteborg, however there is no snow or ice on the ground there, unlike where I live, so it makes interval training a lot safer.


    Took the day off when I saw how great the weather was πŸ™‚

    5 hour road ride through Snowdonia – blue sky, hot sun, crystal clear lakes, and snow capped mountains. Absolutely stunning day!

    Saxabar – Pen y Pass was part of my ride too – wasn’t it great up there! I saw a fair few roadies out today, so if a small lass wearing a pink jacket smiled / waved at you then that was me πŸ™‚


    Half term for me this week so a few hours in sun at the FoD this afternoon.


    Was out this morning for a couple of hours,all of yesterday afternoon & out tomorrow morning early doors again……
    I love working shifts when you get a full week off afterwards…… πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon darrell

    still bl00dy freezing here and ice everywhere. not rideable at all

    71 road miles with the retired lads from the club. Coffee in the sunshine in Warwick. Happy days.


    Sue – a white helmet too? I was out around 12 – 2. If you saw a guy in a black jacket on a Cube that was me (smiling and waving).


    Saxabar – yes πŸ™‚ And I was up around Pen y Pass about that time (well, I know I was back down in the Siabod cafe by 2.30 …)

    Not sure if I remember a Cube, but I did go past a very happy looking chap, so maybe that was you? (Although most people out on their bikes today had a ear-to-ear grin – it was like kids being let out of school to play in the sun!)

    Premier Icon jezketley

    It was gorgeous today. But, school holidays. I sacrificed my usual Tuesday lunchtime ride to Whiteleaf Hill and took my youngest to picnic at Penn Pond.

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    I’ve been out. Round Barcelona with the family. Navigated through the old bit to exactly the restaurant my wife had requested only to find it was shut and the owners on holiday. That always happens to us πŸ˜‰


    Quite possibly Sue – first full length ride after a cold and what seems like an eternity of greyness leaves one smiling like a loon. I was also, ahem, without a helmet.

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