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  • So who is one half of a successful biking couple?
  • I ride loads with Mrs Stratobiker, no issues.

    We both have the bike we want.

    SB 🙂


    you’re making me feel like a failure 🙁 😉

    Premier Icon swavis

    When her shifts allow my lady comes with me. She was most upset she couldn’t make Laggan last weekend, and her bike cost more than mine (but mine’s better) IMO 😉

    We’ve been to Whistler twice together and are heading off to Spain in October. It works really well, although she doesn’t seem to “need” to upgrade as much as I do. But she does tolerate my addiction to all things shiney.

    We share a bike 🙂


    We have both loved biking over the years but had to give up riding together ‘cos we fought – I ride faster than she does and it became very frustrating for both of us.

    Our solution was to get the tandem. I knew she would enjoy the “wandering around the scenery” riding -its what we have always done along with touring. The surprise is that she has also got into some more technical stuff that she never did before and into getting fitter.

    Tandems don’t work for everyone but it certainly did for us – rekindled both of our intertest in solo riding as well and brought us closer together. The combination of teamwork and rivalry ( “I won’t be the first to cry enough on climbs”) has been great.

    S’pose I should mention that Mrs SP has absoloutely zero interest in cycling despite my best attempts to ‘soften’ rides out with picnics, pubs etc.

    Never, ever gives me hassle for going out on my own though, and always buys me shiney bikey presents at Xmas.

    Not foxyladee obviously.

    Who on here regularly rides with their partner, without issue?? AND……

    Which one of you has the ‘better’ bike.


    My dude rides and we even share a bike. My other bike is better than his but he is a better rider.

    we ride together nearly all the time. touring, road riding, xc, downhill and ‘freeride’

    have done for 10 years. we’ve had the odd issues but we each have our own strengths. as for bikes, hers are better to be honest but then she has more money. (we both have 2 road bikes, 2 xc bikes and a big bike, but i have an extra hardtail because i’m special)

    Mostly bike with my wife, I have three bikes, mine are better despite my attempts to upgrade hers (Joplin seatpost for Birthday, Tyres and Grips for Valentines). She never moans when I buy stuff and I only ever have to justify purchases to myself. She was the driving force behind a return to Whistler later in the year. We get a lot of enjoyment holidaying together on our bikes. I do however leave her repairs to the professionals as I get a mouthful when things go wrong.

    I do however leave her repairs to the professionals as I get a mouthful when things go wrong.


    I hear you

    we ride together ALL the time, I have 3 MTB’s he has 1! I have the better bikes! We met at a 24 hour MTB race 6 1/2 years ago, since then we have been to Morzine downhilling EVERY year, next weekend we are off MTBing to Morocco. We reguarly go riding in Wales at trail centres (as I’m from Cardiff). Love riding together and would not do anything else!


    I am one half but having ridden for 14 years and her 1, naturally we’re on different levels so we don’t always ride together.

    That said, I only have minimal issues but these are usually just frustrations and I’m the only target 😀 – We survived a twisted ankle and a 2 mile walk back at Afan in the p*ssing rain so we’re doing alright.

    My bike is better but only because she refused to spend any more than we did in case she didn’t enjoy it… Sort of wish we’d gone for the Safire (Stumpy) not the Myka (FSR) but it would have only been money well spent with hindsight… I’d have happily plonked her on a Five Diva but that really wouldn’t have been ‘over-biking’ at this stage…


    We both ride, we both have similar levels of bikes for the various riding that we both do.
    Biggest differences are that she will be on the turbo this afternoon and I’ll be on rollers.

    AP but the weather here is so gorgeous .. can’t you go riding outside??

    We have both been riding for 15 years so experience level similar, he’s into jumps a bit more … being a chick not so into jumps just downhilling very fast!


    Rugby today at Twickenham, can’t be arsed with all the morons.


    As a singleton, I resent this thread! 😉

    Me 🙂

    Her bike is worth more than mine but thats partly as mine was a secondhand frame built with bits that have been swapped from frame to frame for the past five years 🙂

    Her other steed has four legs and Im currently learning to ride it properly…to shouts of heels down! shoulders back! shorten reins! look up! straighten back! Try doing that all at once whilst the horse is trying its best to break into a canter and you are trying to steer round an overhanging tree 🙂

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Me and Iona ride together all the time. Equally good bikes! (Heckler and Stumpy FSR).

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Having just been dumped by my MTBing ex, I also resent this thread!

    We both had matching Blurs as well 🙁

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We ride together 99% of the time as do our girls


    Premier Icon momo

    I’ve just taken mrsmomo out for the first time today, fairly gentle outing of about 15 miles, mainly on cycle paths, with a little bit of offroad thrown in for good measure. I’m quite proud of her actually, she had a bit of a winge about the saddle, so I’ve said that I’ll get her something more comfortable, but other than that was a very succesful first outing.

    Premier Icon domino

    We ride together most of the time – apart from this weekend where he is supporting me in my first race 🙂

    3 bikes each and two of mine are better specced than his but thats because I got a good bargain on my MTB. We only argue when out on road bikes as I am slower. Cycling as a couple is expensive – new bike for him, new bike for me.


    I am. And its great 🙂


    I’m one biking half of a successful couple 😉 – does that count?

    Probably more relevant to the other thread but I started mtbing 17 years ago just after the birth of my third son, about the same time papadirt got back into playing football. With 3 young sons all under 5, mtbing together was not really an option although we did often go to FOD and hire cycle trailers. Papadirt played footie most Saturday afternoons and I’d ride on Sundays – lots of video footage in the dirt family archive of the kids cheering me on (‘why is Mum going so slow!’). As someone said in the other thread, no harm in having separate hobbies/interests but I can appreciate foxylaydee’s problem – when you meet someone new you don’t want to spend weekends apart with separate interests. Papadirt doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for mtbing that I do but is happy to come out now and again. Although I ride most days I don’t disappear for hours on end (all-day rides are pretty rare) so there’s still plenty of time to spend together and anyone who’s aware of my bike purchasing history will sympathise with papa’s bank balance 😉 and unending tolerance.

    I love you Dave . . . lend us a couple of grand for a Slopestyle 😉


    Used to have some great rides together until an accident on a really straightforward bit of track put MrsJulianA in hospital for a total of 11 days and left her with a head injury which took nearly 18 months to fix itself. (Helmet: check, shades: check). Also it understandably destroyed her biking confidence and I have no intention of pushing her to go riding again unless she wants to.

    So not any more but we used to have some great days out.

    MrsJA has no problem with me going riding by myself, but given that I don’t have a job I go riding in the week and we have weekends to do other stuff.


    Me. We have no problems whatsoever. We have the bikes we want. Hers is newer but lower spec’d, mines (a lot) older but spec’d out a bit better so probably fairly even, not that it matters – it’s not a competition in our house lol.


    we both have the trick bikes we want, and now her fitness has come up and mine down a bit,with age and injury we get along fine.mine did cost more but she loves her bike

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    I was riding before I met mr b.h.
    Getting him into it was the best thing. He’s now (after 9 years) a much better rider than me, faster, fitter and has more bikes.
    I do however have a better bike in my collection.

    Riding together is something we totally enjoy. He does go out with the boys too on the blast rides, we tend to ride at the weekends, maybe taking in a pub along the way.
    Rightly or wrongly he’s the garage fairy, doing all the bike maintainance and I’m the house fairy. This works well.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    My better half only really rides road but she’s plenty strong and fit enough, we’ve had some great rides – 70+ miles with the usual cafe stop no problem. In fact she’s just got a shiny new road bike although she did threaten to put pink bar tape on it. 😉
    I’ve taken her out MTBing a couple of times but she’s still very timid on the descents. Enjoys it but just prefers road…

    Yep, happy partnership here. I’d been riding for 10 years when Sandy & I got together. As there’s a 15 year gap between us, she started riding at the age of 40. As I had a 10 year headstart, and she’s got a fair list of medical issues to fight too, it soon became apparent that the best way to ride together was to get a tandem.
    10 years later we still love it, and still have lots to learn. And after many years on the Cannondale, we now have the bike Sandy wants – the Ventana ECdM, so she doesn’t get a thrashing from the back wheel any more.

    Captain Rob & Stoker Sandy


    without starting (another) its different when you’ve got kids thing – before kids we regularly rode together and a tandem made it more social and fun – now its a rare treat when both kids are off out somewhere and we can show each other our favourite routes – we also ride together as a family buts that feels more like a logistics problem than fun sometimes

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Me & my mad Australian woman hitched up at a bike race in Hamsterley nearly 8 years ago, have been happily driving each other nuts ever since. If we’re not riding the trails at Hamsterly, Kielder or Chopwell, we’ll be getting lost in the wilds of Northumberland.

    We both ride, surf and snowboard together. She’s well on the way to becoming a motorcyclist too.

    Antigee – this is what you need

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Me… then Mrs. The Spider broke her ankle in 3 places whilst walking and she never got back into it. 🙁


    Single here I can’t even find someone desperate enough to go out with me lets imagine someone in her right mind doing mtbing…


    Come back to the UK Juan, I’m sure you’ll find someone over here


    LOL at aleigh.
    I was single in the UK too you know 😀


    hehe 😉

    perhaps your stay away will give you a fresh outlook on the ladies here when you come back 😆


    thanks TJ – looks like ok on a straight line – good news is that youngest and smallest (due to a medical condition – all is well but small for age 7 ) is now – as of easter – riding a proper bike with gears – not sure if this reduces or increases options but seems like fun though i’ll be misssing my tagalong companion


    Yup. He has more bikes than me, but they are all on a par value wise. I suppose his slightly more expensive, but not a lot.

    It has been the cause of some of our biggest rows though!

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