So who is off for a ride in the snow today / tonight

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  • So who is off for a ride in the snow today / tonight
  • Planning on going out for an hour or so’s blast on familiar trails tonight in the snow tonight. Drop me a line if you are in Sheffield and you fancy it!

    Anyone else planning on going out and about?

    Premier Icon Drac

    Not me, working tonight.


    i just got back from an hour ride at herts shore πŸ™‚

    Just got back from a quick blast around the sport centre with soma_(Freeride god on his new bike)_rich.

    Funny how the snow screws up perspective and hides the slopes and drops.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Was planning to get out tomorrow, but the snow’s so deep I could hardly stay upright riding round the garden for fun this evening.

    Hope it doesn’t all thaw too quickly.


    Nope been to Woburn. It was good getting their and being the first to ride in fresh snow.


    did a hour to work in it, and a very cold hour home in it.
    i am snowed out today.

    Nice idea
    Have you got a St Bernard?

    Big respect for solo night snow ride
    Solo night and solo snow both good
    Together !!!!!

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I was thinking about it. It’s not actually snowed down here yet but should be all frozen up, so good.


    did about 10 miles of heavy going canal and singletrack riding. Booked the day off last week.

    Just got back from a quick spin round the woods 1st time I ended up on my arse was quite funny but it got boring after the 4th time and I couldnt see a thing because the snow kept building up on my gogs.

    Riding through crisp snow sounds lovely riding through 4 inches of slippery slush is less attractive.

    so I have come home for a hot shower a curry and a beer.


    Yep, going with my club on a bike ride tonight at 8pm. That’s if I can get to the meeting point – haven’t left my house yet today and no vehicle had managed to get through so far 😯


    Rode home from work which is about 15 miles, mostly offroad, saw which way the weather was going this morning so put the fixed wheel into the grinbred and let some pressure out the tyres, it was mint but cold and it’s amazing how familiar trails grow new bumps and ruts which you never notice until they are covered in snow.

    managed an hour and a half – it was brilliant but hard going in the snow which was 6 – 12″ deep all the way up to Houndkirk! πŸ™‚

    Suprisingly not that cold but snow still coming down nice and steady!

    Managed to overtake 4 cars and a motorbike going up hill on the road out of Nether Edge! πŸ˜€

    Knee and elbow pads on incase of snow-sky-snow-sky incidents but none – it just wasnt possible to go fast enough to truely bin it!

    Loads of lovely virgin snow to pile down through, big wide carving – well worth it! :mrgreen:

    Now, wheres the Laphroig……. πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon postierich

    Me! first ride for a while


    Yep, just got back and was it ace, even though like a complete ****, I went out on a bike with Stan’s Crows.
    Semi-slicks are sh1te in snow 😯


    Just on the commute today for me, but it was ace. The morning was pretty pishy, but the return was fun especially because I was faster than every car, especially those that gave up on the steep hill on the way home.

    Proof, if ever any is needed, that the singlespeed is mightier than the car.


    Try and get to Stanage tomorrow morning, see whats it’s like, should be fun!


    5 mile commute…all down hill in the morning and uphill on the way home. The downhill was pretty sketchy and I nearly wiped out a pedestrian on the way!

    The steep uphill coming home was not so much fun but I cycled most of it. In parts the snow was too deep to turn the cogs!

    I live in kent BTW πŸ™‚

    Tomorrow I am trying the MTB as today I was on the SS cyclo cross.

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