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    I’m glad to hear i’m not the only one to get the belt (scotland), schooled from 1977 to 1989 in 5 different rural primary schools (Argyllshire/Galloway) and 3 or 4 high schools (same as previous) due to moving about wi my folks for my dads work, being the new kid in each school usually involved the school bully chancing his luck within the first week which was a daft mistake on his part as i had a tendency to use whatever i had to hand or what was near enough to use effectively, whether that be a compass, chair, shinty stick, bin lid, fork (belt for all five 😀 ), or good old fashioned fists/feet and the tasmanian devil routine till someone dragged me off them. I’ve never started a fight in my life and would rather walk the other way so if someone came up to me and punched me or pushed me and continued to harass me then i considered them fair game for whatever happened afterwards and i knew i’d get the belt but the belt wasn’t as bad or painful as it’s made out to be, getting a kicking from the school bully was far worse as it would involve blood and a baying crowd crying for more so i always made sure to knock them down with whatever i had to hand and make sure they stayed down.

    My parents were often called into the school but as my dad worked on the fishing boats or in the forestry at the time and we always stayed in the middle of nowhere it was a non show and prob just as well for the headmaster involved. They’re was only one enforced rule from my parents and that was tell the truth, so if i said i didn’t start the fight i was believed and that was the end of it.

    edit : Just remembered i got 12 of the belt in front of the whole school at morning assembly for hitting an older P7 boy (i was 10/P6 at the time) in the face with the “school cricket bat” that hung up in the entrance hallway, i broke most of his front teeth but he had been waiting for me every day that week to steal my can of juice, crisps and biscuit in my lunchbox so i must have decided i’d had enough, also got suspended for a long time which was fantastic as i got to go out the fishing boat for a 10 day trip wi my dad – result!.


    Belt in Scotland. I forget the reason why but suspect it was trivial as i was about 4 at the time
    WhoTF could take a belt to a four year old?


    I was spanked by hand on my bare arse by a maths teacher.

    Yes, I know he probably acting without authority and probably with his own motives…


    Yeap … got them both at school and at home.

    Normal routine really so no big deal as I have thick hide. No psychological damage whatsoever and perfectly normal.

    However, if no cane was applied I would have been the king of the village and thanks to my mum the world is slightly peaceful. 😈

    Yup, Glasgow c early 70’s. The belt…… or Lash as it was known.

    First Secondary School I went too was moderately hard (pupils and Teachers ;-)and it was meated out with astonishing regularity. Usual tactic for Red Card type behaviour was to send the errant pupil to the Head of the Dept or Depute Heid – invariably all big bastards who put absolutely everything into it. Fighting, smoking etc etc would result in all the offenders being ‘publicly Lashed’ one by one. Always 6 with a swopping of hands at 3. Couple of these guys specialised in doing it @ 90 degrees – felt like you’d had your fingers chopped off. Best you could hope for was a clean strike i.e not up the inner forearms.

    Never, ever heard of 12 being dished out at one sitting but I have had 12 in one day. Black and blue for weeks.

    Funny thinking back about it now. Changed days…


    No but probably should have! woodwork teacher always had a yard of 1/2″ dowel in his hand and a rollup in his teeth never any bother in his lessons, got slippered dunlop green flash at junior for something i didnt do also hit with ruler by mr webb but the shatterproof ruler shattered which sort of broke the spell… bloody swots offerred him a wooden ruler to use 😯 It wont help now tho cos id get sacked and sued well some kids know the rules and ask ‘if i cut my finger off on that saw can i sue you?’ Ok then yawn.. can you get sued for kids being dumb enough to do that after being told to stop cutting if it hurts?


    Yes. Cane for anything, even throwing a bit of screwed up paper.
    Ruler on palms of hands or back of legs. Even not singing well enough in music lessons would earn a beating.
    Blackboard eraser often thrown at pupils heads.
    Worst was being beaten up by an English teacher for beating him at badminton in front of a girl we think he was ****ing.
    School was……I’d love to beat the living daylights out of some of those sadists.
    Edit. Was once smacked right in the face for cheating in school cross country trials and made to run it again. I’d actually beaten everyone hands down and went on to run for the county.


    No I didn’t get the cane but I did get someone else the cane. A bully who was trying to lift one of my girlfriend mates skirt up when she was just chillin with mates at the tennis courts, her mate shouted, she shouted, I saw what was happening and went over an hit him so hard I knocked him out. Later the Head called me in, told him what happened, he thanked me for standing up for the girl, bully got both cane and kicked out of school.
    I hated him, we all hated him, best thing for him I reckon,

    I spotted a profile on facebark about 6 years ago (linked by an old mate) geeeeze what a looser.


    Sheesh that detention malarky sounds like a right thrashing.

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