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  • So. Who got the cane at school?
  • Premier Icon BigDummy

    I did not. And yet I still pay a fortune to be tied up and beaten by women dressed as nazi officers. Pity.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    For us in Canada, it was ‘the strap’. Yes, I got it, but it didn’t affect me other than making me cruel to kittens and other small animals.

    Oh yes, and people.

    EDIT: D’oh! Beaten to it by BigDummy.

    no but i got the dap once in primary school from sister david lewis for running in the corridor 🙁 it was only once/didn’t hurt.


    In Scotland it was the belt, and got it once in Primary school for misbehaving, made you think twice.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    At junior school it was the pump across your backside (1960’s)
    High school it was yard ruler or cane from the deputy head or a relay batten across your open hand off the headmaster .
    Being made to wait in the corridor outside thier office was far worse than the actual canning. The only real worry was my parents finding out .

    I did and it taught me a very valuable lesson in life- don’t me one of the minority of council estate kids at a posh grammar school .

    I heard tell of the headteacher dishing out caning in the most severe of circumstance, but it wasn’t done without some degree of provocation.

    I can only really remember one kid who brought about sufficient mischief to justify it and he was a regular offender…

    When I was about 6, I once got in a scuffle with my pal after he said I fancied Debbie (I bloody didn’t!!) and ended up swinging him around by his parka hood and then bashing his head against the wall until it bled a bit; bear in mind I was young at the time and not really aware of my own strength and am not that way inclined~ I feared the cane but instead was sent home for the afternoon and was well embarrassed because generally speaking, I was a proper little swot~ I even got a school pencil in recognition of my poetry!!

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Once for running on the 1st XI cricket pitch after it had been rolled.
    Once for being caught in a group in a science lab self-administering ether as an experiment.
    As a lesser punishment, detention often involved crawling up and down rugby fields on hands and knees picking up stones.

    NZ, early to mid 70’s. I suspect the punishment structure has changed.

    Never, but must have got close!! Had a housemaster who used to wack people with the old-fashioned board compasses (bloody scary to watch) and administer corporal punishment (with hand not the compasses) if anyone scored <50% in weekly history test. He told stories of when he was High Commissioner (I think) in Ghana and how he checked the knot on the gallows. No one ever mucked about with him, but we all really liked him at the same time!! Despite all of the above, he was one of the most respected and highly regarded teachers!!

    Slipper, PE pumps and canes all used but sparingly. Housemaster once caned Captain of Rugby and so we (1XV) went on strike until he apologised in front of us all – perhaps they wrote “IF” with us in mind!!!

    CheesybeanZ – Member
    Being made to wait in the corridor outside thier office was far worse than the actual canning. The only real worry was my parents finding out .

    +1 and we had the dreaded “stand in the middle of the quad” at first break right in front of the common room windows. That was so embarassing that it became the most feared punishment.


    Never got the cane but did get the slipper once.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Late 80s/early 90s

    Smacked over the head with the nearest heavy book to hand, frequently by the world’s ugliest woman when I was second year at middle school.

    At high school, my English teacher had a cracking aim at throwing pieces of chalk across the classroom if you misbehaved in any way in his lessons, usually got you on the forehead. One of my favourite ever teachers, sadly had someone else for GCSE English the following year, which resulted in a 2-year battle as I out-smarted her tactics 🙂

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Do you think kids should be caned? 🙂



    Ruler or pens across knuckles in primary school aged 5, but not after that as that kind of punishment went out of favour oh and I’m very good a dodging thrown board rubbers

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    no, but was sat outside the HM office for a very minor misdemeanour one time with the properly naughty kids who got called in one by one, so heard a few of them get it. That was enough of a deterrent. When it was my turn i was terrified, and the verbal bollocking and lines that I did get was a huge relief.

    That scene in kes, where the kid’s just taking a message to the HM and ends up getting caned anyway still gives me the fear.

    Premier Icon DezB

    NZ, early to mid 70’s. I suspect the punishment structure has changed

    Not just in NZ mate.

    Once at secondary school for hanging a fellow pupil with a roller towel which pulled a couple of sq yards of plaster off the wall – was never told which of the two things resulted in the cane. It hurt a lot.

    Lesson learned – don’t get caught and, just to be sure, leave a trail of clues/evidence leading to the thick kids.

    we had the dreaded “stand in the middle of the quad” at first break right in front of the common room windows.

    just remembered that i was made to stand with my back facing a classroom (of kids in the year below me),when i was pratting about during re.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Just remembered this teacher in my first school. Made me stand next to him and slapped me across the bare legs if I moved (wore shorts to school back then). He was a bit odd. We called him Bouncy Boots cos he had that way of walking where the heels bounce off the ground with each step.
    Didn’t put me off wearing shorts.

    Junior school we got the strap, not that painful. It was quite frequent though. One in particular used to use a sandshoe, got that once, in front of the class and very painful. He also slapped my mate and me across the face just before he did it. That was the worst.
    At Secondary school, got caned a few times, one time the absolute physcho of a PE teacher left me with deep welts for weeks and broke my mates finger. We didn’t say anything as there would of been no real point and loads of hassle. Thats was back in the 80’s.
    Lots of angry teachers , looking back I think a few had issues!

    Flying board dusters anyone??

    Can you imagine that these days!!!

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    In primary, by a crazed nun, because I entered some poxy road safety quiz with the(Protestant) Scouts instead of the(Catholic) school. (NornIrn :roll:)

    In secondary for various practical jokes, usually involving stacks of books, furniture or equipment falling over when teachers walked into classrooms. First one bothered me, none did afterward.

    @THM – blimey had forgotten them, a wooden block with felt strips like a mini housebrick. Probably used to wipe off the marks left by the chalk thrown earlier.


    Detention x 2
    Once for getting poor results in a test (I kid you not).

    Once for fighting in the middle of class after an idiot decided to bring in the fight that I had just kicked his arse for out side into the class 🙄

    It was the early 80’s Greater Manchester area. Where teachers used to throw board rubbers, smashing meter rulers on your desk and in general take no shit off the kids. And TBH they needed too with 1 or 2 in the class!

    How things have changed, not for the better IMO because not matter how rough the teachers were they were respected. No doubt these days they would be sent down.

    Yes 😳 several times… I was a naughty little boy!


    Slipper, various times from various teachers. There was a well known ‘ranking’ of which teacher hurt the most. The big 6’+ PE teacher wasn’t too bad, I think a combination of him being a nice guy and holding back for fear of serious damage as he was a big fit guy. I’m sure some of the other teachers used to give it their all.

    Flying chalk and board rubbers was also a regular occurance in our classes.

    The previous head master had a reputation for making pupils kneel on dice in his office.

    Early/mid 80’s for reference.


    strap at school, from English teacher, so ineffective it was nearly funny, but she was a decent person/teacher so that maintained a behaviour level with most people, from the gym teachers – OOOOOOOOO – hand 2 inches above the desk, 6 wacks, you really thought about it for quite a while afterwards

    in primary school one teacher used the flying duster and if you really upset him you’d end up stood at the front of the class with a metal dustbin over your head, which they then might bang with the duster …..

    the worst punishment I ever had was after Mr X caught us drinking in the prefects room at a school disco, he made us all go Carol signing for two nights – ……………………..

    One of my primary school teachers had a length of 1″by1″ which he called the Board of Education. I saw a few shkelps from that.


    Slipper was used at secondary school in early 80s. I missed getting it in the first week there when my mates went to the choppy at lunchtime. I had been hauled out of assembly for talking and had to spend lunch break in head’s office or some such.
    Mates all got caught coming back from
    The chippy and hit the slipper.
    Nowadays at my sins school they use humiliation quite well.
    One punishment is “black lines” which they have to write on a desk on the stage in dinner hall at lunch time.
    Another is collecting and scraping all the other kids dinner plates.
    Threat seems to have worked so far.

    High School from 1997 – 2002. We had flying blackboard dusters, white board pens and a bin! Remember being throttled with my own tie for calling my chemistry teacher a scouse bin dipper. He was sacked a month later for shagging a 6th former in a cupbard (rumours) and I was suspended from school from January till my gcse’s in may/June for launching a chair at someone.

    We thought we were bad ass at school, but we did respect adults and have manners between our psycho outbursts. Our teachers were very good, not too strict but not all pally. And if you didn’t want to work or listen you were told to piss off out.

    But every single one of us who were considered dicks at School all have decent jobs and nice houses. I left school with poor gcse’s two C’s a D and three F’s I did a Intermediate GNVQ in Travel at College, then BTEC national diploma in Health and Social care, joined the Army for 5 years then went to Uni and did my Pre Reg Nursing.
    Next aim is Charge Nurse of a ward and maybe some more education.

    So it really makes me wonder why kids these days are so bone idle.

    Got the cain once when I was in junior school. It didn’t actually hurt that much but was quite a humiliating experience. I didn’t tell my mum until after I’d left the school and she went absolutely mad because they’d done it.
    Looking back I think the headmaster took a great amount of pleasure in the experience which is creepy. He’ll be dead now though so the youth are safe.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    The Lochgelly / tawse.

    Oh yes – 3/4 times. Once for listening to a radio in the chemistry class 🙂


    In Scotland it was the belt, and I got it once in Primary Secondary school for misbehaving not telling on someone, made you think twice( and was abused by bad teachers ) .

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Me and some mates got caned a couple of times in break. I don’t advise it, advance trig was mind bending after…

    aye. trainer across the backside, old cricket bat, ruler on the knuckles, book across the side of the head, skoll wooden shoe from mum.

    bring it all back i say.


    Quite a few times. Not a cane but a strap, green flash trainer or the leather cover at the end of the climbing ropes in the gym. Can’t say it was a deterant. Hours of homework or a few seconds of pain 😈


    Yep- cane on the hand.

    SHOCKED me. One of the things that changed my behaviour at school.

    I remember in Geography once a kid was always playing up/being a tit and the brilliant/relaxed/popular Geography teacher picked him up and threw him across the desks knocking them all flying.

    No one said a word in the lads defence. It never happened.

    In secondary for various practical jokes, usually involving stacks of books, furniture or equipment falling over when teachers walked into classrooms. First one bothered me, none did afterward.

    We had a french teacher who used to come into the class and smash his books down on his desk as hard as he could to stop everyone talking. His desk was up on a raised platform at the front of the class, so one day we moved the desk forward until it was only on the platform by about 2mm of its front legs.
    He came into the class and did his usual and the desk fell off the platform. There was paper and stationary and stuff everywhere. He never did it again after that.


    We thought we were bad ass at school, but we did respect adults and have manners between our psycho outbursts.

    I went to a school that was populated by kids who where too problematic for main stream schools, or had simply been excluded from all schools in their area. These days most would be labeled with some sort of syndrome. There was a lot of ‘bad asses’, boarderline borstal cases. We got a supply teach who thought he was really bad ass, said he’d take no messing from us as he’d working in borstals etc. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet. He lasted one day. Had absolutely no control. Replaced by a really nice supply teacher who worked on mutual respect and fairness. She was great and became a regular.

    Fast, maybe I don’t understand it or maybe that’s a strange message you’re sending..
    Not everyone’s experience of the cane in Scotland was either minor or amusing, as some may have been to a certain Catholic establishment where harsh beatings were considered normal.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I didn’t. But I went into the headmaster’s office once in junior school. The cane was in a glass cabinet on the wall. (It had a name but I can’t remember it). I don’t think Mr Lawrence was one of those sadistic perves who enjoyed making red whelts on kid’s arses.

    Just that threat meant I made sure I never went into his office again (except to get a prize of a book about sporting heroes, which I won for a bit of artwork. Still got the book).

    Who did and did it effect you?

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