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  • So who else braved it today?!
  • Premier Icon roverpig

    Hard work, had to pedal downhill ! But got the forest to myself.

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    Jealous of the BBQ!


    BBQ is a great idea!,

    Even Essex managed a pathetic little sprinkling …


    Some great photos here.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    a lot icier today, but just as much fun, bacon and sausage sarnies made the ride too

    it was lucky the local council warned us…

    Premier Icon Kuco


    22 miles round the chase today. First time in deep snow but I loved it – hard work on the ups, fun on the downs and a few hilarious falls. Bostin 🙂

    Premier Icon dukeduvet

    20 odd miles in the Pentlands for me today, huge fun on my old Kona Kilauea. Tons of grip and no offs

    Lots of good banter from folks about too. No pics sadly as phone battery died as usual.

    Exhausted now but a toasty glow from a fun day

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Bloody enigmas are everywhere! Mine looked like Kuco’s ^^ after 20 miles with eyerideit this morning. Lots of fun!

    Really nice ride only one off not by me though…my mate on the retro FSR.


    Went for a ride around Devil’s Punch Bowl via Gibetts Hill and some cheeky single track on the way home. Great to be out, only 2nd proper ride in as many months.

    Stopped to make some yellow snow and take a photo.

    I enjoyed a few hours of pushing today round Sutton Bank/Lake Gormire/Kilburn Woods.

    Was tough going and didn’t get much riding in.

    Bushed after 2:30 ride around devils Punchbowl. Fun climbs and descents on Thursley Common and the higher bits on the Punchbowl – I avoided the main BW after Higfhfield Lane (?)/cattle grid and had a few adventures in the deep snow on some of the paths at the top. Nice of the quad bikes to have a few tracks in places!!! Not a single person passed except for the sledgers on Rodborough common. Great laugh in the snow but noticeably colder that yesterday morning. Only just got in before the light went, Feet de-thawing now…..Aaargh

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Only intended to go out for a little 15km spin this morning, but it was actually really nice and grippy so I stayed out and ended up getting nearly 40km in. Apart from a couple patches of sheet ice, my Rubber Queen and X King combo coped brilliantly with the conditions (as they did with all the wet and mud recently) – for the riding I do I might have found a decent all-year round tyre setup!


    Nice work Rocketdog, bacon and sausages cooked out on a ride taste so much better.

    Murr and I did a 40 mile epic over the Lomond and Cleish hills. the road sections joining the trails were equally challenging. Top ride, just made it back before darkness fell. Good endurance training for the Puffer for Murr.


    Cannock Chase today.


    23 miles on the road

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Managed to find some snow above Keswick on Saturday


    20 miles or so around the Surrey Hills. Didn’t see another MTB’er 😯


    Couple of people saying that they had the hills to themselves. Up Rivington and Winter Hill it was blowing a gale and pretty damned cold. The place is normally crawling with walkers and today there were very few but i reckon there were more Mountain Bikers and runners out than i’ve ever seen before!

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    Up Rivington and Winter Hill it was blowing a gale and pretty damned cold. The place is normally crawling with walkers and today there were very few but i reckon there were more Mountain Bikers and runners out than i’ve ever seen before!

    Yeah, there were loads!

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Same yesterday, but with loads of people sledging near the bottom of the ICR

    gee76 trying a 29er SS rigid for the first time. about 3 sizes too small for him 🙄

    P1040960 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    P1040962 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    and today on my ‘jack jones’

    P1040968 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Five hardy souls set out for some snowy bridleway bashing around Ilkeston and Strelley this morning – one on Ice Spikers, the other four on their backsides at regular intervals.

    I just love riding in snow, but the bridleways are still 6 inches of soggy churned up hoof prints under that snowy coating in places. Was a great ride, shame it took so long that the traditional tea and bacon cob stop only had time to be a tea stop


    Nice change from grinding out the road miles – lo-res mobile pic only unfortunately. Being the first through 15cm deep snow was hard going…

    Snowy Ride by richardkenny, on Flickr

    3 of plus 20k up to Kinver and back, enjoyed it, 3 hours normally takes about 2, it was better than last weekends ride, i enjoy the snow


    I went out too!

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Yesterday snow on the beach

    Today is had thawed a bit

    55 mile in total


    Got a little bit heavy going in the wind drift above Lowsonford Warwickshire yesterday morning! A bit of walking in knee deep snow required….but great getting “first tracks” down some of the local bridleway hills….


    Not sure if anyone can see these google+ uploads?

    Rogate was ace today. Some lovely fresh powder at the top and plenty of grip 🙂

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    Shorts & Tee?! Mental 🙂


    Out today and only saw a few mtbers and they were all locals, whom I knew.

    I was aksed by a group of about 13 walkers, ‘that it would be best if I stopped and let them get past’, on a particular stretch of trail. A please andor a thankyou off any of them would have been nice. Gosh I’m getting grumpy.

    Everyone else I past was in high spirits due to the snowy weather.


    Yep. Two of us did a 20mile Calderdale loop from Worsthorne. Brilliant day out! Surprisingly grippy virtually all the way round, apart when I went OTB on Dukes Cut…

    Premier Icon woody2000

    25 miles on the singlespeed snow bike, mostly canal & bits of offroad then up cragg vale for the masochist in me 🙂


    No riding but spent 5 hours walking in a whiteout on South Downs Way. Quite a few runners out (must’ve been hard going) and was passed by one guy rattling along at a hell of a pace on a 29er. Great day. Much more interesting than average winter day

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    After yesterday’s failed attempt, it was ace to get a good ride out today north of Leek. I feel like I’ve had a thoroughly good workout and frankly I’m ready for bed.


    Untitled by Kerv F, on Flickr
    43 miles around Brickhill woods and various trails (and a bit of tarmac!) in north Bucks and Bedfordshire. Cold but fantastic.


    @drac – awesome picture i love it! Cheeezy id of come with u if id of know mate

    I went out drifting round some local cheeky trails. I love riding in the snow!


    lovely ride up at Haldon today with the usual crew

    Premier Icon iainc

    cold crisp Cathkin

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