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  • So who’s been out for an end of the year ride
  • Iíve been out for a steady darkside run 50km πŸ™‚ would have been a pleasant ride apart from the ave temp of -2.6 πŸ˜• and a windchill of -11 😳 drink bottles went from liquid to slushpuppy to undrinkable ñ glove and soft shell were frozen solid (thank god for damart πŸ˜› ) and 3 hours post ride I still havenít warmed up fully ñ but it beat the hell out of another turbo session

    Up for an off road first of the year tommorow πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon mboy

    Went out yesterday for 4 hours, had a good time. Got home, got showered, face started hurting. Basically I’ve got quite bad windburn, where my face is all dry and sore!

    Was supposed to be out today too, one look outside this morning and seeing the temp was minus 3, and it wasn’t happening.

    Solo two and a half hour run across the edge of Salisbury Plain. Crisp, clear, frosty. Tracks indicated two other riders had gone ahead of me not that long before, but otherwise, not a sole in sight!


    There was also that wondrous silence that only a real winter day can make.


    Just leavin for the last ride (commute) of the year, looks pretty chilly for the south. Must be around -2C. I’m sure you northern types would have your shorts, tees and suntan cream out in that temp?

    Not a “soul” in sight. I could, had I wanted to, have seen the sole of either shoe…..

    *Hangs head in shame….*


    Rode Blairadam forest, frozen trails with just the right amount of give and grip. First time I’ve ridden in months without winter boots or overshoes. Bliss.

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    Went out for a nice ride yesterday. Trails were lovely and frozen solid and it was a nice chance to test out my new Endura Gridlock jacket.

    Long may this freezing weather continue!


    Went for a 1 hour blast and felt awful, first real ride post flu so I was coughing up some nasty lumps of goo.


    Me – 20 miles into work this morning and 20 miles home to take my total mileage for the year to 6224.


    Not me – I went for an end of year run πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    My first bike ride since cracking a couple of ribs on the 23rd. Took it very easy, rode through the freezing fog and climbed up Chinley Churn where it was crystal clear but still sub zero. Ground was rock solid, and the climb up New Allotments was sheet ice on the lower sections although all rideable. Down into Hayfield and back along the Sett Valley trail, it really was cold down there in the fog. Only a short ride but it was great to be out. My ribs ache a bit now.

    Definitely be out again on the MTB again tomorrow, just another short easy spin to work my way back into it. πŸ™‚

    by the descriptions I sort of wish I’d been out on the MTB to day – although I suspect the veiw whould have been the same gray mist


    Like Crazy-legs as I’m just down the valley, the terrain round here was frozen rock solid and it was great. I was hoping it would be an inversion and we’d top out, as I’d seen some sunshine earlier but no such luck. It’s not breached zero celsius all day

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Capn you weren’t passing a chippie which would have been grammatically correct. 8)


    Tossed the morning off on the downhill runs in Wharnecliffe woods, wonderful weather, cold crisp and firm underfoot (wheel).

    Roadie day tomorrow, my knees can only take so much pedalling when they are touching my chin.


    Surprisingly, 11 riders turned up for a local ride in the Aire Valley of West Yorkshire. Freezing fog all day so no views but the woods were good.


    Went for a local one yesterday. Spent today being lazy, and packing stuff for 5 days away in Wales with the bike :)Setting off tomorrow*

    *Potentially with a nice hangover

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Thought about it, but 1st ride of the year seems like a better idea (couldn’t get time to do both).


    Couple of hours round the locals today and even after 4 years i still found a new bit, tested out my new Shimano MT52’s from santa, warm feet at the end of the ride what a novelty. Crunchy mub due to sub zero temps also jazed things a bit.


    First ride in weeks after flu. Took a novice out for a spin on Dartmoor and it was brilliant. Frozen solid under the wheels with plenty of grip.

    Out again tomorrow, have a good night y’all…


    I did an end of year fell race today in -6 c, my eyelids had frost on them! My 1st fell race of next year is tomorrow hoping it will be a little warmer for that 1!
    All the best


    Went out day before yesterday for 40 miles.
    It was pleasant and all was warm except for my toes which I couldn`t move in my boots to keep them warm.


    Bike is sitting here just as clean as it was this morning . . . save for just a little mud on the tyres. Frozen trails are great ;>)

    Premier Icon Drac

    Would have been nice but had work yesterday and off back in a few minutes.

    Premier Icon Clink

    going out for first 09 ride in about 25 minutes πŸ™‚


    Last ride of 2008 was a brief but fun 10 mile night ride up on the North Downs. Blooming freezing but great to be riding something solid rather than thick energy sapping mud. First ride of 2009 likely to be a similar night excursion, love frosty night riding!


    Been out on an end of year ride with a few budduies yesterday from Castleton around Mamtor and Ladybower.
    Beautiful day, but cold. Very cold.

    Pic from the afternoon below, will try and remember proper linky thing!


    Premier Icon climbingcragrat

    Glentress yesterday. Cold and a little icy in places but very dry so great fun and fast. Popular so worth getting there early in the morning. Finished off with bacon butties and hot choc in the cafe, so no complaints. Good end to 2008.

    Premier Icon auricgoldfinger

    Didn’t go out yesterday, but off up into Swinley in a minute when I’ve had my lunch. Big slice of Christmas cake when I get back I think, and a cuppa in my new Singletrack tea mug!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Played host to my mates mates from up Derbyshire yesterday. Quite a big group, for me anyway, of about 15 or so. A couple of occasional bikers amongst the group but I think all had a good time.

    Did the Follow the Dog on Cannock Chase with a bit of an excursion towards Sherbrook Valley. By god it was cold. Bike was frozen solid from being on the back of the car. Spokes looked like them big aero spoke you get on road bikes. Forks had seized also as moisture had frozen on the stanchions.

    One chap was on cheap full suspension bike & his crank arm fell off. It took the thread off the axle so it couldn’t be put back on securely. He had to carry a rock around with him to bash the thing back on every time it came off. To be fair the chap didn’t let if spoil his fun & he finished the ride.

    And Happy New year.


    End of year ride on the Malverns yesterday, little chilly..


    Had a ’round midnight’ ride so combined last of ’08 with first of ’09, bl**dy cold but nice way to round things off and an opportunity to toast in the NY with my new stw hipflask πŸ˜€

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