So which bike was better than you thought ?

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  • So which bike was better than you thought ?
  • olly2097

    Voodoo bizango – the yellow one.

    More fun than a £600 bike deserves to be. I ride it more than my full suss. Feels just right. More than enough bike for me and real cheap.

    Premier Icon jameso

    In hindsight, my Jones. I liked it on a test ride but I didn’t think I’d get quite so attached to it.

    Had it 7 years now and if I’d got bored of it and moved on after 5 years it would have been good vfm but it’s still my go-to bike for local singletrack and XC. It gets regular use and I just don’t get any urge to replace it, which is rare for me. It’s just fun to ride while doing many things well and the handling is addictive – almost more so in comparison to the L/L/S bikes around now. Might be different if I moved to the Peak Dist or Lakes but I’d probably hang on to it stubbornly even so. Maybe just with gears on.

    Premier Icon andybrad

    turbo levo and my stumpy 29er

    the levo was awesome. Probably should have bought that instead of the stumpy expert. I hate myself for liking it so much.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Sorry, Evil bikes.. right, the frames ALONE are nearly 3 grand! And you’re surprised it’s a decent bike? Blimey… I’m surprised you’re surprised, to be honest!

    In that case my Rocky Instinct which whole bike cost a grand less than just the Evil frame is a massive surprise! I love it and it does everything brilliantly.


    Salsa beargrease. Well below list price and more fun / versatile than I thought


    Clockwork 129. Thought it would be good for trundling around on the easier stuff but it’s a hoot to ride and well fast.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Another vote for the Pyga (mine was 29). Bought as it looked right, and it rode brilliantly. Completely sold me on 29s.. except original Solaris chubby and SolarisMax. The former for just being a total hooligan and the latter for riding in places I’d previously only take a FS.

    And my RipMo. But then I expected it to be good. Maybe just not as good as it actually is.


    On-one Pompetamine.

    Bought it to upgrade the steel fixed gear hack I had been riding for years as a student. The pomepetamine as a single speed turned out fairly dull. Hard to explain but lacked any zing and just felt dead compared to the old steel hack.

    It sat forlone for a year or so until I wanted to go on a cycle tour. Loaded it with front & rear panniers and a Spa leather saddle. Now it weighs a ton but fully loaded up it wafts along as a tourer, super comfy as an all day bike. Now done a number of tours on it and 1,000’s of km. Cant imagine I’ll ever sell it.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    I’ve had three that stood out. In all cases I expected them to be good (sometimes based on test rides) but these are the ones that just seemed to get better and better the more I rode them, rather than just being fun for a while.

    Most recently the new FlareMax, which still amazes me with its mixture of stability, fun and the huge amounts of confidence that it inspires.

    The other two have been mentioned aleady. A Surly Ice Cream Truck; just a big steel truck of fun and a 2013 Five, the only MTB that I still regret selling.


    The fatbike (Scott Big Jon) was way better than I thought

    It seemed pretty good in the car park test but the first push of the pedals on familiar trails had it surging forward and I knew it was gonna be good. That was 2015 and it smashed every PR. I rode an Olympic-spec FS 2017/18 in an effort to set some new PRs but if I put the same effort in on the fatty I always got them back. Charging round on the fatty had physical benefits as well I was in great shape after 3 years of no suspension

    I’ve kind of retired it now because it couldn’t be any better and I got to the point where every ride was like a WRC stage.

    My 27.5+ is slower but also a lot more chilled and easier to ride any distance.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I remember being blown away the first time I rode the original Cotic Flaremax. Mainly by the ride feel but also the longer than average chainstays and excellent pedaling manners.

    Had a go on the new one but it was set up a bit soft for me so didn’t feel as lively. Still got a PR on a track I’ve ridden loads though, on my second descent on the bike – which was better than I thought.

    Hob Nob

    My Reign Advanced was a great bike. I was really surprised by how good it was overall. Enjoyed riding that one & had some good race results with it.

    Current Fuel EX 9.9 – first proper go on a 29er, having dabbled before, but jumped in feet first. I’ve done everything on this bike. Yeah they arn’t cheap & it really should be good for the price, but I was surprised just how good it is. Still probably the best ‘overall’ bike I have ridden than can turn it’s hand to pretty much anything 🙂

    Focus Sam E-Bike. Never really ridden one before this, wasn’t sure how a longer travel one would be, but I had an absolute riot. Totally sold me on the concept of them. Can smash out runs & still be knackered after. I expect my next bike purchase will be an ebike.

    Premier Icon snooze

    Evil The Following

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    My Mk1 Stooge. I’d had rigid bikes before (early Rockhopper, more modern Inbreds and a Swift) but that was and still is a completely different kettle of whelks. The combo of great geo and a 29+ front end makes it so much more capable than anything I’d tried before.


    2007 Cannondale Rush Carbon.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    I’ve come on this thread to say Kona Ute like Takisawa – then I realised I bought mine from him ! and just to pay it forward a little, our ute has now gone to live in the countryside of Dumfries and Galloway with Terrahawk (Jason Miles) 🙂

    they are brill, you find yourself making uses for them and great for commuting especially in the rubbish weather thanks to the big tyres and full guards. Only reason I sold mine was the awkward storage and the need for it to be used, kid trailer use was outgrown


    Arkose 3.

    I expected it to be a decent but conservative ride – I didn’t realise how much fun it would be. A review complained that it was ‘sluggish’, but I’ve found it to have quick acceleration out of corners and great handling.

    Premier Icon Paceman

    Surly Krampus …well ahead of it’s time, brilliant fun.


    Bought a 2nd hand genesis fortitude race a few years ago and still love it. Always wanted one when they first came out but dithered and they stopped making them, took ages to find a used one

    Premier Icon lightfighter762

    Supreme SX 180mm HPP, Thought it would be slow and diffcult to climb. Really surprised me on the climbs the last few weeks around Peebles and Innerleithen. Its basically a Supreme SX DH bike with some rear geo changes. Survived days of uplift too, freeride parks. No rocket on the climbs but It gets there. It has 1×11 GX on a E13 9-46 race cassette. Havoc Vortex wheels. Do it all bike. On the downs though, its something special.

    Bought a used Orange P7 (2008) in singlespeed flavour with 130mm up front.

    Thought it would be heavy and it sort of is, but somehow feels just right.

    Thought it would be a good bike, somewhere in the range of mkeh to sorted, but turns out to be the best-fitting, have a go balls to the floor steel hardtail I’ve ever had the privilege to ride.

    Somehow it manages to package XC finesse with near jump-bike big grins. A confident descender and goatlike clmber. A comfortable cruiser and fun flyer. A bike for all seasons. Just wish they hadny **** up the dropout design it would be near perfect other. Hope one day to bag some 140mm Revs for it and it could be even better.

    Premier Icon paulx

    Turbo Levo for me.

    I’m with Tracey on this.


    My newly built fearless vulture
    I knew it was going to be good. What’s not to like about a well thought through and well built steel frame, be it mtb, road or gravel but this one…… is awesome, I can’t stop riding it it. Ace on loooong rides and tonnes of fun when it gets tech,I’ve found myself searching out red+ mtb trails on my long rides and still haven’t found the point where it stops being fun…. it’s just one of those rare, sweet spot, bikes!


    Second hand spesh pitch. My first full suss. Just opened up so many new options for me. Only just letting it go now – but to a good friend, so I’ll still see it around 😳


    SC Blur XC Mk1.

    That bike was ridiculously capable for an XC bike…not to mention an absolute riot!


    I started the thread off mentioning the Evil but I should of mentioned the ibis mojo too the pick up speed is something else mine is 10 years old but sweet as just have to decide which one gets buried with me !!

    Premier Icon mudfish

    My Mojo Geometron, 3 years ago I thought I had a really ace [lifetime] bike, Nicolai AM in Large (425 reach), lovely urban camo’ job too. I loved my AM, it was proper fun. BOS suspension and all.
    But, one ride on the Geometron [Longest, I am 6’2.5″] which has a far longer reach (520mm) and a much slacker head angle convinced me how well a bike could work if it fitted right – better steering, it really carves – a feeling of calmness (you can look ahead more to plan the next move, so not think so much about what’s about to be under the wheels right now).
    Plus with that reach it’s easy to be over the front and hard (but not impossible) to go out the front door.
    Local rides in the tight woods took a while to get dialled in, but now I steer better, brake less and enjoy more.
    One bike for it all, yep.
    Geometron (Hybrid, 650 rear 29 front) 10/10

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