So which bike was better than you thought ?

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  • So which bike was better than you thought ?
  • stennah

    I’ve been on here a while buying and selling looking for the perfect bike I’ve bought new,old,swapped and split all sorts convinced the next bike would change it all well I’ve finally found it.
    I’d been hanging my nose over an Evil Uprising for a bit read good and bad reviews but took a punt on one and woohooo it exceeded my expectations ten fold. I’m grinning like a prize tool every time I get on it the Mrs hates it when I take the Evil out she knows it’s gonna be a while before I’m back.
    Anyone else expect something from a new bike just to realise it’s actually better than you dreamed it would be ??

    Premier Icon colp

    My Trek Powerfly Ebike, it lets me elbow my way past people on climbs at trail centres.

    Giant Reign when I demoed one, after coming off a 2010 Nukeproof Mega – I remembered what traction felt like.

    My current bike is a Supreme SX – I bought it because it looked cool and I didn’t think I’d be capable of breaking a frame that’s basically a DH bike with the travel cut down and the seat tube steepened. I was unsure of just how awesome the suspension would be, kind of didn’t think it would make a difference – most of my bikes have been ok – Reign was great for grip and I didn’t think it could get any better than that really.

    However, the stability that the SX grants you – and lack of harsh feedback is really quite good. It was a pleasant surprise for me – and it pedals well for such a silly contraption.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    Surly Ice Cream Truck. Just so much fun to ride. Completely innapropriate for most situations but just nuts.

    Edit why aren’t my images showing now? I’m using direct link as previous

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    V1 5010 carbon, couldn’t believe how well it accelerated, climbed and, after a descent, that it had less than 140mm travel (its 125)


    I bought a Pinnacle Ramin 3+ last year, it was like going back to my 1986 Rockhopper but with all the improvements that have occured since (that would make a difference to my riding) built into a bike that is still as simple and easy to live with as the Rockhopper was. And it cost around £600 as they had loads of discounts on at the time so only £200 more than the Rockhopper did 32 years before it. I wasn’t entirely sure about it but it’s been a great buy, really pleased with it.


    Kona Paddy Wagon. I’ve always liked fixed wheel riding, but with proper road race bike geometry, and a lot of nice custom parts, it’s my most ridden bike.

    Premier Icon slackalice

    My PYGA 120 650B, bought it new in 2013 when 27.5 wheels were a relatively new thing in the world of off-road biking and Patrick Morewood had just left Morewood bikes to start up PYGA.

    On paper, cos that’s all I had, no real bike to throw a leg over, it just looked right for what I was looking for at the time, so took a not insignificant financial punt and have been delighted with it ever since.

    It pisses on the Passporte du Soleil, it goes up and down very well, it’s playful, hoppy yet also has a feeling of solidity and stability. It makes me smile each and every time I ride it and the flame orange colour is sparklingly fab too.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    My Calibre Dune.

    [url=]Calibre dune. Surrey hills[/url] by kayak23, on Flickr

    It’s just so much better than any £500 bike has any right to be. Particularly as I got mine second hand but mint for much less money.

    Amazing bike.


    A 2016 Cube Stereo 140. I bought a barely-used frame and built it up with nice bits and 26″ wheels and it was jolly nice, thanks. Sold on for exactly what I paid for it 😀

    eBikes 🙂 I was expecting to hate them and didn’t.

    27,5 plus hardtaiks, specifically the Orbea Loki, that’s still my favorite bike and the one I grab every time.

    Do plus tyres hold up OK over there, Doug?

    I had assumed you were all Double Downs and DH casings for those trails?

    (I get to ride them later this year, hence the interest)

    Premier Icon Fat-boy-fat

    My 2005 SC Blur. My first full suspension bike and it was a massive change from an alu hardtail. Climbed quicker than the hardtail it replaced, descended way better and made riding for hours on end a pleasure. Wow, it was amazing. So much so that I’ve been a brand tart ever since.

    Good question! I’m on the 3.0” High Rollers which seem pretty tough for a plus tyre. You need to ride nice and light and have a decent pressure but yes they hold up for me. I normally don’t recommend them to guests because if you find they don’t hold up for you on your trip… it’s a pain! If you’re a smooth rider and aren’t pushing 110% all the time then I think no issues.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Any kids first bike…

    Cool. Have a plus hardtail, but will be on a full susser for the trip – I have Maxxis DHF/DHR in the shed in both EXO and Double Down – was kind of assuming I’d need Double Down, although there’s plenty climbing scheduled, so lighter might be nice. ANy recommendations?

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Turbo Levo for me. When I was offered a go on one I thought I would hate it. I was so wrong.

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    Calibre Astronut! Missus got me one for Christmas and it rides so well on the pump tracks! I honestly can’t see why you would spend more on a DJ bike.

    Both are good. I like the DDs though, I’m on the same combo.

    Edit: sorry don’t want to derail the thread. Drop me an email and I can talk all day about this sort of thing!

    My 2012 Orange 5. Especially after all the shite I’d read on here from the haterz.
    Still got it, still ride it, still love it.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Solaris max with 2.8in high rollers.
    Really surprised how well it could ride some pretty gnarly trails.
    And without getting a flat.

    Also orange stage 6, which I thought would be more compromised than it is. The best all round MTB I’ve ridden, I’d say.

    Premier Icon somouk

    I had an old Santa Cruz single pivot FS frame that was amazing considering how old it was.

    Modern bike is my current carbon YT Jeffsy, after coming from what I thought was a capable bike on a T129S the jeffsy is so much better in every way.

    Premier Icon colp

    My 2005 Capra CF, first ride was falling in love and realising I’d pretty much hit anything on it.

    I got my ebike in October and it was literally life changing, I’m biking so much more than at any other time of my life.


    **** me you had a Capra CF in 2005?
    That would have absolutely blown my mind 😉

    Premier Icon hardtailonly

    On One Pickenflick. Had really enjoyed my Saracen Hack, same kind of bike for the same kind of riding. It fits me much better, is lovely as a road bike, and very capable and lots of fun off road. I was hoping it to be good, but I really really enjoy riding it.

    Premier Icon tall_martin

    Cannondale synapse

    £350 off ebay after it had been in someone’s shed for 5 years totaly unused.

    It actually made me faster than the old dawes steel racer I had been on for 10+ years.

    My (significantly fitter) mate could no longer drop me at will!

    Premier Icon colp

    🙂 @geex

    The power of a missing digit!

    Actually did get a lovely Santa Cruz Bullit in 2005, built it as light as possible with 170mm travel each end.
    Yep, I invented the enduro bike.


    SC 5010..amazing bike.
    I don’t own one as the Whyte t130 is/ was almost identical in terms of geometry and I couldnt get a good enough deal at the time of buying ..( my Whyte )
    The Bike that really blew my socks off though was a Haibike fat six from a couple of years back ..that thing could climb a wall ..fantastic fun ..

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Singular Puffin. Such a portly behemoth has no right to be as fun as it is.

    Kona Ute. Game changer bike. Should never have sold it. Just brilliant. If you’ve never owned a cargo bike you should.

    Premier Icon johnny63

    Cannondale Super X – was good with 700c wheels but a revelation when I put a set of 650b’s on, with 42mm WTB Resolutes -love it !

    I haven’t ridden many bikes, but my Tranny Scout…..after the boardman FS (2016) it took a couple of rides to ‘get it’….but my god. 5mm less rear travel, but soooooo much more


    Evil The Wreckoning for fun. Did everything it promised and more when aimed downhill and into the air. Don’t own one though 🙁


    Surly karate monkey. Just a great bike and so much more than the cheap winter bike I expected.


    Also, early days but picked up an onza payoff recently and loving it. Not that long, not that slack. Thought it was worth a punt and it is simply great fun.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    a Merlin cycles Rock Lobster 853. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it already….. but it had got tatty and so i stripped it down and sent it for powdercoating. Then when i got it back and was looking at its naked frame and a box of parts, I had this dumb idea to get a spacer and tensioner from Brant and try it as a singlespeed.

    I expected to hate it – I thought they were only for riders with quads of steel and dustbin liner sized lungs – and I fully expected that within a couple of rides I’d be selling the kit on here and converting back to gears.

    That was about 12 years ago and while the RL is long gone, and I’ve had a Tinbred, an Inbred, a Swift, a Pace and now a cheap Voodoo (after the Pace cracked) in its place, that shit idea turns out to have been the best Trigger’s broom of a bike I’ve ever had.

    Capra CF. Bought 2nd hand and amazed at its ability and looks.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Remedy 29. I demoed it just because it was available, didn’t expect to like it… Bought one, haven’t ever looked for another bike since, it’s just really bloody good.

    Definitely my Carrera banshee x.


    I got a Kona shred for £40. It needed a few hours work. But it’s not a bad trail bike. Well impressed 😁

    Premier Icon lawman91

    Two surprises stand out, both bikes I rode on Demo days. First was a Trek Fuel EX in 2012ish? Just felt really fun and lively, only rode it because thats all Trek had left at the time but actually really enjoyed. Other is a Yeti SB4.5. Did not expect it to feel as fast as it did, eye-wateringly fast everywhere, up, down, along the lot. If it wasn’t so expensive and I had fewer concerns with durability of the Switch link I’d have bought one over my T130.

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