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  • So when do you break up for Christmas?
  • Premier Icon fathomer

    Finish on the 20th, back on the 2nd.

    Hoping to get plenty of bike time in!

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I’m self employed and it doesn’t look like Ive got any more work after about the 18th December.

    That will be perfect in my opinion, 18th it is.


    off 25th and the 1st ..the joys of retail 🙄

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Back in the UK on the 21st, working between Xmas and New Year, then off to Las Vegas for a conference on the 2nd. Trying to get a days biking booked in Bootleg Canyon on the 4th. That will be a good way to start the new year’s riding.


    Got Xmas day and Boxing Day off as long as people don’t need parts for their boilers 😉

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Break up a week on Friday, back on the 30th for the 2 busiest days of the year 🙁

    Can’t wait…

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Only got Xmas Day off.

    Doing double the work every other day for the fortnight.


    Finish up at 11 on 20th, back in for stocktake 30th & 31st (but get 4 days annual leave back for this which is a great deal) and back proper on the 2nd unfortunately…

    Premier Icon ricardo666

    About 4 ish on the 18th, couple of the last remaining hols to use 🙂

    Return on the 2nd 🙁


    Finished yesterday as we completed on a house today so lots of other work to do. Sat in our rented place waiting for the keys still as our vendor appears to have decided to move himself with a transit. Very frustrating but could be worse, we could be sat in a van outside the new house.

    Anyway, back in on 23rd/24th and then off til New Year!


    Lightweights 😉

    Working everyday from now to the 27th inc xmas eve, xmas day & boxing day

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    I have numerous deadlines piling up for 24th and i expect more to flood in, do I suspect 9pm on the 24th, if I’m lucky . The joy of no trains / drunks on the way home.

    This Friday finish work but then taking a group from work MTBing for a week in N Wales which I don’t really class as work.. Back on the 6th Jan


    Coopersport that’s a result! What is your actual job, i take it its not in IT


    shipped the last of the prototypes for this year today so can stop now really but it seems a bit early so may get a few things sorted ready for next year and maybe even get a bit of shopping in!!!

    Premier Icon RobinL

    Not sure when we will finish …. or if we will go back !

    The retail company I have worked 27 years in IT for is in administration for the third time in four years and it looks like this is the end of the road.

    All the Head Office and Warehouse staff are slowly being made redundant …… I’m still there at the moment ……. but for how long !?!?

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Last day is this Friday, back in on the 6th, one design document to finish off, get a pilot working on another project before it shuts down for Xmas, type up my handover doc and currently a grand total of one email in my Inbox.


    Christmas eve


    Off from the 18th to the 2nd, three days work then off to Vegas from 8th – 12th inclusive 8)

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I’m sorry could you re phrase the question?


    I broke up for Xmas 2013 on December 26th last year – early retirement at taxpayers’ expense. Thank you to all contributors 🙂

    Premier Icon Caher

    18th-2nd – its why i like Christmas.


    Supposed to be shutdown from Christmas Eve to Jan 2nd but the firm I contract to need me to monitor some work on Boxing Day and the 28th. As Mrs Pingu is working all day Boxing Day and I will get paid for doing not a lot and having my phone on as well as the venue being a football ground and my team playing I jumped at the chance.

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