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  • So what've you been upto this weekend? (bikes leaning on signpost content)
  • Hello dust my old friend, good to see you on the trails again (in places, anything north facing in the open seemed covered in sheet ice!)

    “The Best” thanks to erosion and better bikes than when the track got it’s name it’s now more like “the fluffy kitten”

    Obligatory bike on sign post shot

    Almost sunset about to descend to cut throat bridge

    That was yesterday in the Peaks.

    Hope -> broken road -> decent to edale -> jaggers -> beast -> hagg farm -> screaming mile -> cuthroat -> road back to hope


    No pictures I’m afraid but we went to Lee/Cragg. your day looks better than mine though the weather was great, my riding ability wasn’t!


    Peaks photos look fabulous! I really miss having it on my doorstep.

    Just about manager to compile a half decent 18 mile or so loop from the doorstep in Harrogate. However I’d do bad things to be able to pay a visit to my old playground for a weekend!

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    No signpost, but a great big bloody tree for me

    1 hr blast on the Unit yesterday and 30 miles on the roadbike this morning

    P1050038 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    same bike smaller tree 🙄

    P1050036 by eastham_david, on Flickr


    Spin class on Friday.

    Booked Honeymoon on Saturday.

    Windy road ride this afternoon. Just settled back into it and did a crosswind route, rather than a headwind/tailwind route. Worked out OK.
    Then did some foam rollering on my IT bands as they are tight as buggery.

    Took camera, thinking I could get a pic for my photo a day. But it was grey, dull & uninspiring. Wasn’t worth stopping for….

    Peaks photos look fabulous! I really miss having it on my doorstep.

    Almost 4 hours door to door for me*, still worth it once in a while, there’s something unique about the riding.

    Cuthroat bridge decent was boggy and the climb was wet, although if you stayed on the rocky track down it was OK, the wide chicken lines were impassible.

    *before the environmentalists slay me it’s an hour:fifteen from my parents, and they’re 2hours:30 from home so it’s only an hour’s drive ontop of a weekend seeing them.

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    Nice photos. Conditions worsened today – I did the Kinder circuit (from Hayfield) this morning in the wind, ice, rain and mist – one of those rides that gets you thinking is Peak mountain biking really a big bag of shite, when you get right down to it?. 3 hrs on an uphill farm track with 15 yards visibility.

    I like the Peak really. Most of the time.

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    25 miles in the dales on the road yesterday.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    No signposts.
    Will a knackerd old trailer do?

    New Bike Transporter by singlespeedstu, on Flickr

    Premier Icon tmb467

    No photos but just back from a days skills session at Gisburn with Ed Oxley

    Didn’t realise how shit I was til I tried to do things properly

    Frustrating but good


    Taught my daughter to ride her bike Saturday afternoon, one of the best feelings in the world 🙂

    50 miles this morning on the road to Windsor with friends & then (& this was the highlight) out with the whole fam this afternoon for a ride round Hawley lake

    About as good as weekends get !

    Spent Saturday afternoon being the biggest kid at Crawley BMX track. Great fun!

    Nice photos.

    Taken with a £20 compact, getting the exposure/color right is a PITA, those last 2 were taken about 30seconds apart (just tricked the exposure in the 2nd to get something closer to how it looked).


    A top Saturday on Mastiles Lane


    Reliability ride, absolutely no chance of stopping to take pictures!


    Lake District Saturday, chill out sunday!

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Brechfa session on the Gryphon.


    Windy/muddy ride in the Lomond hills


    Just the 20 chilly, hilly miles on the road today. Rest of the weekend just hanging with my homies.

    Saturday: A good few hours brisk walking over the Mendip hills and catching up with a mate, including a beer and sandwich stop at The Crown.

    Sunday: long lie-in, big breakfast and a road ride over the levels and up over the Mendips including two coffee stops.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    43 miles in Warwickshire yesterday


    and back on knobblies in the NWAlps today for a quick 18 miles on the singlespeed, twas a tad damp



    Rode the kinder loop starting via hollins cross. Conditions were terrible, first time I’ve had to pedal down hill! I got some head cam footage but it probably looks like I put the camera in the washing machine. I will check when I recover.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Saturday build up my lovely new Salsa courtesy of Bobalong

    Sunday, family day so not been out on it yet!


    Bike leaning on a post, post out of shot, in Langholm in the Borders.


    Finished building + rode my new bike yesterday morning, working last night and today.

    Premier Icon ctznsmith

    Ahem lets try that again


    Cown Edge yesterday, bike just out of shot but it was definitely against a big sign post!


    Golspie on the Pug

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Local Sustrans cycle tracks for me today, but as locals know when the wind is against you down by the River Dee 5+ miles of exposed flat track becomes almost a mountain to climb. Taking pics made for an excuse to have a breather.

    Trying out my new forks 🙂
    Hanging from a sign!

    Kinesis FF29 by, on Flickr

    Premier Icon postierich

    7am start this morning and headed up Gisburn way lots of sheet ice driving rain but still a good bash around wish I had taken the SS!

    DSCF2634[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr


    Loch Ordie, Dunkeld

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    Will a pile of sand do instead of a signpost?
    3 months after getting a bike designed for riding on sand and snow, it had it’s first visit to a sand ‘dune’ today.
    It seemed to handle the 6 metre descent just fine 🙂
    Untitled by LOVATSTOVES, on Flickr[/img]


    a few miles snatched this evening on the Eastern edge of Dartmoor..

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Welcome to East Lothian…

    P1170208 by Andrea & Rick, on Flickr

    Swamp World..

    P1170210 by Andrea & Rick, on Flickr

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Yesterday me and the mrs went out for a local walk, today I went over to Cannock, which rode really well considering the snow and rain. No riding pics though I took this whilst walking yesterday’s:


    There is a sign on the other side of the lump of stone. Chilly but cracking ride around the Derwent Valley yesterday. Bit dryer than my last run out;

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