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  • So what’s your yearly clothing budget!?
  • matt_outandabout
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    I wouldn’t and couldn’t justify spending £100 or more on jeans or even much beyond high street brands for everyday or work clothes. I’m increasingly buying in second hand places even.

    But show me a nice new piece of outdoor or cycling kit, and I’ll invest in quality every time.

    But I’m also a huge bargain hunter.

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    Just ordered some new running shoes, I think that’s the first item of clothing this year.

    Although some Air Max 90s have taken my fancy and I have a casual wedding coming up soon too. I’ve bought some nice clobber from Vinted too, I could never bring myself to pay full price when it’s a few quid on there.

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    I appear to be the opposite of most on here. As in I’ll cycle in any old kit. It’s going to get absolutely filthy and ruined with all the mud, brambles, rocks and falling off. No way am I spending lots on kit for that. Whereas, it might be quite shallow but, I care about how I look in normal day to day circumstances. Everyone looks like an utter **** on a bike.

    For footwear I mainly wear Vivobarefoot stuff. Send it back to revivo when dead and I’m considering having a pair revived as I really like them and the uppers are in great condition. I keep thinking of returning to normal footwear but just find most stuf FB really heavy and cumbersome now (shakes fist at Vivo).

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    I spend good money on waterproofs, gloves, and boots for riding in, and running shoes, and threw a lot at the Wiggle sale stocking up on Merino base layers and socks. But that’s very infrequent, as evidenced by everything else I have falling apart.

    Day to day clothes pretty much nil, I get socks and jumpers and things for birthdays and Christmas usually and have plenty so no need to buy any.

    I do need some new boots though, been looking and they are £200ish😳 But also an infrequent purchase, my current ones must be five years old. They will be the only piece of non-sports clothing I will buy this year (and probably for a few more years until the rest of pants have fallen apart!)


    I work in the fashion industry…

    Based on the last 12 months or so

    Casual – around £1500

    Bike – around £600

    Workwear – around £1200

    Other years, the whole lot could total less than £500

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    Clothes are a separate budget to footwear surely?

    I hammer shoes as I walk lots with the hound and I’m 95kg again at the moment. So a pair will last me half a year at best usually. I destroyed some Merrell gtx boots in 8 months recently so replaced them with some innov8s which may last as long, or may not.

    I tend to wear shorts for 8 months of the year and settled on liking Volcom Chino style ones, surfdome was my supplier of choice and I stocked up over a few years but a bunch I have now will fall apart this year and with no more surfdome I’ll need to find a new supplier.

    Haven’t owned or worn jeans for years, but wear cheap next chinos, but the randomness in sizing is getting on my nerves as is the average at best quality. But trousers are a pain for tree trunk thighs.

    Had to buy a new multi-purpose suit last year for weddings and a funeral it turned out and my old suit was for a larger meter. So I have a lightly used m&s navy blue suit in a 42″ chest if anyone wants to get a bargain!

    I still enjoy being told I’d never get a good job if I didn’t dress smartly and being threatened by the deputy head about not wearing my blazer everyday. I’ve never had a job I need to dress up for, I wear a t-shirt and shorts to work all summer, as does my bosses boss.

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    I’m not sure, but I think that nice blue submariner jumper on the hebtroco website will probably use it all up.

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    Excluding cycling stuff… about £100

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    £600~ on running shoes (!)

    250-300 on normal clothes, 50%~ are second hand from Depop

    once you own a load of cycling/ other sports kit, you then don’t need to buy much more of it. Hate to think how much I’ve spent on it – but absolutely a worthwhile investment

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    Excluding cycling stuff… about £100

    Socks & undercrackers for a year plus 7 cheap-cheap t-shirts and a pair of jeans costs more than this – do you all think you’re in a 4 Yorkshireman sketch?

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    I’d have to go through all my Tesco receipts to find out.
    But yesterday I found why my feet were getting cold this last few weeks so I’ll need to invest in a new pair of wetsuit boots.

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    7 cheap-cheap t-shirts and a pair of jeans costs more than this

    Every year? Surely that is 5 years min of T shirtage.

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    Every year? Surely that is 5 years min of T shirtage.

    All my T-shirts are from Last Exit to Nowhere. They last at least 10 years, some 15 years old now. They then spend another few years in the workshop as bike rags.

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    This was timely.  BBC weather presenter has just stopped buying new clothes….last year she spent £700.

    Must admit, I’d have thought someone on TV would spend more on clothes than the average STWer

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    Since I’ve stopped needing to wear suits, which seem to never last, even when you buy two pairs of trews, a lot less.

    Something like £500, but I’ve never really counted.

    I won’t pay full price though, usually shop in the sales twice a year for anything that needs replacing – the brands I know fit me have horrific RRPs.

    Bike clothes don’t count, that’s sporting equipment 😉

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    That BBC woman, quote:

    She spent about £700 on clothes last year and estimates she currently owns about 200 items of clothing.

    Pretty much bet that the “200 items” won’t include underwear – if you’d 200 items of clothing when would YOU next need to buy something…

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    Are you including cycling clothes and shoes?

    If so then I’d say it’s about a grand in the last 12 months for me.

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    I don’t know but not much. The last couple of things I’ve bought have been a pair of Scarpa boots for £40 and a Carhaart parka for £30, both on eBay.

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    I’ll cycle in any old kit

    I’m like this for the weekly night rides and local mtb/gravel Autumn/Winter/Spring rides. Most of my kit has been repaired and is multiple years old.

    But it’s nice to have some better kit for the summer rides, especially for big days out.

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    Having lost around 9kg in the past 15 months, I’ve actually had to buy a bit more than usual – casual wear as well as sport gear. I’m not expecting that sort of splurge to be repeated any time soon.

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    Varies last year got a tailored suit.

    This year be a lot less.  Though it depends on how fast I kill shoes

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    Riding gear, afew hundred quid probably (Tend to only buy stuff in sales and only things I really need) Casual clothes probably about the same, tend to wear the same stuff till its dead which can be upto 10 years going off some of my t shirts.

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    I spend a fortune on shoes, taking a UK size 14/ eu 50, it isn’t easy to just go into town and browse a selection. I bought some lake mx201 and cx 201 in the past 12 months that alone was 500 just for 2 pairs of cycling shoes that aren’t actually that good but actually fit which has been a rare luxury throughout my adult life. Also spent a fortune on lems and vivobarefoot shoes over the past 12 months as I stocked up while they had my sizes in stock. Probably about 2k on footwear over the past year, but I have enough now to not have to worry about not being able to find anything that fits when I need it.

    For normal t-shirts I take a 3xl, but for cycle clothing that usually relates to 5xl which again means I tend to stock up when I find stuff available. And when fashions drifts to skinny shoulders and sleeves it gets even more difficult.

    The big problems with outsize clothing and shoes is availability we have to buy when we can not always when we need to, they rarely get discounted and we usually pay premium prices for bog standard quality or lower.

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    Yearly doesn’t make sense for me. I might spend a chunk on shoes from Northampton or tweed from Donegal then they last me for years and years. I also bring my averages down by buying stuff off Ebay.

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    Do running shoes count ? I seem to get through a pair every 3 months as they don’t last more than 750km

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    I have a one in-one out policy,

    That’s a horrible image of Peter Beardsley and Frank Rijkard you just gave me 😬

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    I have built a collection of trickers over the last few years but they could last a decades tbh.”

    Same here but i’m about to spend several hundred pounds on resoles for them along with a pair of redwings but looking at the cost of ownership over the years they are terrific value and make throwaway plastic trainers look like an extravagance. Have had them for over a decade and expect at least another out of them.

    I guess I spend anything between £400-£1000 a year including cycling but tend to buy a mix of very high quality bought in the sales and reasonable quality ‘cheap’ stuff like Uniqlo V-neck jumpers, I find stuff lasts for years if you look after it.

    I buy a good pair of selvage jeans every year or two and have about 6-7 pairs on the go in various stages of fade from smart to DIY use, when the DIY pair gets binned I’ll buy a new pair.

    A friend is a Saville row tailor and I had a shirt made (sourced but not made by him as shirtmakers make shirts) and i’m not buying any shirts from the high st now but will get one made a year as once you have a proper fitting shirt you realise how uncomfortable your other shirts are.

    Have loads of cycling kit for road/mtb and buy very little though had to get some new road shoes as the sole came off but they were about 8 years old.

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