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  • So, what are your weekend plans?
  • Premier Icon Drac

    Nothing much I thought I’d pop over to Fuerteventura for a week first thing tomorrow, other than that nothing much.

    Edit: Mostly grumbling about air balloons. πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Working, going to a wedding and hopefully a ride if I shake off this rubbish virus I’ve picked up.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Cleaning and tidying the house tomorrow.

    100m Road ride (well maybe, after the last attempt didn’t go to well) planned for Sunday.

    Aston hill this afternoon. Long mynd tomorrow. Attempt 4X on Sunday.


    Was going to be going to a beer festival and getting hammered before my mates go off on holiday but I’ve had my work rota changed and I’m at work til Tuesday now πŸ™ Got the next 2 weekends off though so I can’t complain πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Taking my 4-year old son and heavily-pregnant wife up a mountain tomorrow.
    Swimming sunday morning.
    Taking same son for his first proper mtb ride in the local woods on sunday afternoon.


    Considering riding the new Red route at Glencoe mountain thingy tomorrow. I’ll be in the area anyway, but not sure whether it warrants a trip for one run (taking the HT, so unlikely to have a huge amount of fun on the DH track).


    Stag do Tetbury, I’m best man so have to try and control and large number of drunk gardens around there tonight 😯
    BBQ saturday and swimming with family sunday and other house stuff πŸ˜€

    Tinkering with the full sus tomorrow AM then taking it squaddy dodging up Ceasars Camp PM.
    Sunday, chilling out with the family.


    I think I’ll be sipping single malt in the drawing room listening to Requiems

    Premier Icon Pook

    Hyde park for the blur gig! woo!

    Premier Icon MartynS

    Ride on Saturday.. nice tea. Beers in Garden

    Photogimping on Sunday

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Getting up at 6am for a ride around Tai Mo Shan, hopefully finish with a few beers at the Gold Coast, maybe hang by the pool on Sunday.

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Working πŸ™

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Saturday: Road ride. BBQ on Sat night.

    Sunday: Hungover. Possible MTB ride.

    Mourning the loss of TJ.

    And returning to the hills after a fantastic Olympic odyssey in Big Town and Dorset.


    Ride on Saturday.. nice tea. Beers in Garden

    On your own? πŸ˜‰

    Big old garden party on Saturday
    Some MTB race in Essex on Sunday!



    Sat – Hawaii themed house warming

    Sun – Cursing my own stupidity?


    Working and sleeping. No riding this weekend due to shoulder injury.

    Am about to buy a puppy so may look to get one on Sunday.


    Ohh thanks for asking..

    Later I’ll be enjoying a few beers with mates and off for supper in That Canary Wharf.
    Tomorrow I’ll be mostly spending money on buying gadgets for my iPad, then off to Brick Lane Bikes to collect my spanking new fixie then mostly rolling my right leg jeans up, slicking back my hair, donning my sisters cardigan and wayfarer shades and heading off on a trip of a lifetime* around That London. Supper will be at a famous London landmark as the sun goes down.
    Sunday will be mostly populated with work clothes shopping and then picnic’ing whilst watching the closing ceremony of the Lympics.. supping a bottle of fizz.

    I suspect the weekend will go far too quickly and Monday will smack me on the forehead far too soon, then the world turns another page and it all happens over again.

    Oh, I need to put some washer fluid in my car and clean the bird shite off the roof.

    *this may not be your idea of a trip of a lifetime, other trips are available.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Friday, on idave diet today is my day off, so it’s been pizza, doughnuts, irnbru and yumyums for lunch! Watching BMX for dessert then leave work and off for a BBQ and swim at the beach at Langland on Gower

    Sat, big ride planned: Glyncorrwg, Skyline, Rhonnda, Skyline, Afan. Then camping down the Gower later

    Sun: chilling with my lady, possibly some cultural activities….

    Saturday – Club ride in the morning and back in time for the Olympic mountain bike race, then try and motivate myself to tidy the garden.

    Sunday – Very similar to Saturday.

    Oops again! 😳


    Sat – bezzing about on the new CX bikey

    Sunday – jogging about some munros somewhere, I’m thinking cider in the evening

    putting conservatory up
    investigating new found trail in the woods
    diving to get buoyancy in new drysuit sorted
    fannying about with an airgun to to get sights zero’ed to take out egg-stealing crows


    Steady there, anyone might think you were another incarnation of efinfred


    Tomorrow I’ll be
    – waiting for the delivery of a new leisure battery for the camper
    – finishing the installation of the electric hookup
    – getting my hair cut
    – dropping my bike off at the new LBS in town to get a headset fitted (Independent Bikeworks in Ciren, will report back on service but expecting good things)
    – going to a BBQ in the afternoon/evening/night

    Sunday I’ll be
    – hungover probably
    – possibly finishing the last bits ofthe hook-up
    – possibly riding

    What about you?

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    MTB ride this evening followed by beer.

    Long road ride tiomorrow followed by beer.

    Sunday, more packing in readiness for moving house followed by beer.


    Saturday morning bit of laundry, shopping with my mum, evening party at mates, where I will see ex for first time in fortnight, see how that goes decides on how Sunday goes LOLZ ( not really)

    Premier Icon Woody

    May head off to The lakes, or thereabouts, tomorrow for a few days, with tent, GF and dogs.

    Only walking though as she has her wrist in plaster after losing an argument with an ambulance door πŸ˜†

    Tiling, biking, wrestling with the kids.


    Quick cross ride tomorrow and then just basic around the house stuff. Some drawing and computer game playing.
    Sunday will hopefully be a century. Up nice and early. Then some beer.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Dunno but it will involve a bike and could be either road or mtb. πŸ™‚


    Quiet one after SITS last weekend:

    Fri- drinks in Manchester after work, then more drinks in Chorlton

    Sat- probably hungover at this rate, maybe meet mate from work for a beer, hopefully take in the Olympic mountain biking, thnik it’s the womens on Sat?

    Sun- meal/sunday roast with girlfriend and her parents

    No bike riding because it’s still fu**ed after SITS plus I can’t be arsed anyway, there I said it.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Saturday all day at the Olympic Park soaking up the atmosphere and watching events on big screen then evening session athletics.

    Sunday morning ride, prepping bike ahead of departure next Friday for Trail Addiction Destination X. Visit parents and watch some Olympics and closing ceremony.

    One of my better weekends.

    Premier Icon ton

    singletrack spin tonight, followed by beer.
    pretending to be a island tomorrow, in the paddling pool, while the grandkids try to drown me.
    and having a barbie, with a few golden glories to quench my thirst.
    long dog walk on sunday, with a river swim along the way.

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