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  • So those cheap Phaart rear lights
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    I’m happy with mine, they survived all of last winter ok. I’ve got the one second from the left and the right most one too.

    I really couldn’t ask for more from a rear light.


    I’ve got one on each bike. For £2 each (couple of years ago) it seemed a no brainer. Saves me having to swap lights around.

    I’ve got the right most one I think? 2x 0.5W LED?


    I always lose them before the battery’s go flat . I’ve now got the tube shape ones and for a couple of quid you can’t beat them .

    I couldnt find a comparison of how bright / broad they were but those prices I thought I’d get one of each.

    I have no idea how long they’ll last: but usually I’ll loose them before they die.

    Should be obvious which is which.

    I’m pretty sure the 5 LED one is as near as possible a clone of a cateye 610. Its certainly as bright and the modes are the same. Maybe it wont last as long though.


    The 60 lumen rechargeable ‘shield’ one looks identical to a moon light at double the price.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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