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  • So this Trek sale on the right there….
  • Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    What adverts? 8)

    For the last few days, I’ve been getting a yellow advert re Trek 2013 sale supposedly starting today on the RHS


    …how does this work? Can’t see too many offers on the web.

    You won’t see web offers. Trek DO NOT sell via mail order.
    Go to a dealer!


    I looked at some dealer sites and couldn’t see any discounts, must need to ask in store?

    Cheers PP. I appreciate the no-web bit but it seems odd that they build this up via adverts on here (indirectly) here every day, but the sale seems very sporadic/non existent at the moment.

    Not much in dealer sites either?

    Trek DO NOT sell via mail order.

    Yep, a very brave, and I think good, stance.

    ….how does this work? Can’t see too many offers on the web.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Well given there isn’t a Trek dealer near me, the adverts are completely wasted (not that I’ve actually seen an online ad for about 5 years).

    Mister P

    Surely if Trek were to advertise a bike at a specific sale price which the public expect to be able to pay in any independant Trek dealer this would be price fixing? Advertising a non-specific sale gets around that.


    Yes, it’s an advert that’s weirdly lacking details


    Well technically you can buy a Trek bike over the internet or mail order, it just won’t get delivered to you. You have to collect in person. So basically any website selling them is really just advertising.

    Even the Trek store in MK send me e-mails telling me what bikes they have in their sale, how much they are and how to order them.

    But to me this constant Trek advert on the RHS =====> is misleading. It has been here for days making this build up to what sounds like an “official” Trek sale starting today. After being seduced by its colours and vibrancy, you click on it to be told’ “contact your dealer,” where lo and behold – de nad, rien, nowt etc

    All a bit off IMO

    So roughly half way through the heavily advertised TREK UK sale and I still have not seen any evidence of a sale among normal trek suppliers. Who is actually doing this?

    Premier Icon njee20

    Mmmm, so it’s 10% off some rubbish bikes.

    I’m out.

    Opps, I had missed the link above, That really is a crap sale….why all the heavy marketing?


    Trek do this every year- some models aren’t shifting, they announce a sale, send out the “sale” price to their dealers who can then order them at a reduced cost to sell at the sale price. Same price in every dealer- is that price fixing?

    Not really price fixing – just setting a consistent sale price. They are not colluding with other brands etc.IMO

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