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  • Nicknoxx

    What with electric gear shifts, gps and now this, soon it will be impossible to have a bike without a dynamo hub.

    Premier Icon jameso

    Can you geniuses invent me a Flux Capacitor to put in my DeLorean? I want to travel back in time 5 minutes and not start reading this drivel.

    proper lol’d )

    Premier Icon Bullet

    Does anyone posting here have actual knowledge of suspension design/development, electronic control systems and software writing? (apart from Maxtorque by the look of it) – I certainly don’t and yes, it’s natural to read the story and have concerns about how good it is if you were going to spend you’re hard-earned on it but that’s whata warranty is for surely? If I had the cash I’d be very tempted. Only a back to back test with a ‘conventional’ bike would show if it worked and a long term test for reliability. But to say you could knock one up with a quick trip to Maplins seems a bit short sighted!


    MIL spec connectors for environmental sealing

    mainlly though mil spec connectors are designed to shear off cables and snap cores.

    I reckon shocks and forks with linear greyscale encoders fed into an iphone would be an interesting project for starters.

    I don’t get why cadence is an issue – if you can make propedal work mechanically you can map it out on a proper electronic shock.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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