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  • So Lance Armstrong is going to confess…
  • JCL

    I don’t see how he can confesss and avoid pision time.


    Lance on Oprah?
    Comedy Gold!


    “The meeting, which was tense, took place at a conference room near the Denver airport. Mr. Tygart told Mr. Armstrong that he had already had his chance to come clean, and that, at best, if he gave full cooperation, the ban would be eight years.

    Mr. Tygart told Mr. Armstrong he stood accused of offenses that stretched beyond doping to a coverup marked by nearly 15 years of denials, threats and actions against anyone who told the truth about doping on the team.

    When Mr. Armstrong told Mr. Tygart that he held the keys to his own redemption, said one person with knowledge of the meeting, Mr. Tygart responded: “That’s b—.” He told Mr. Armstrong that all he wanted to do was figure out a way to compete again.

    Mr. Armstrong shot back that he would compete in unsanctioned races, hurled a profanity, and walked out.”

    So lance is confessing purely for his own ego, so he can prove he’s still a winner.
    Should be banned for life, he still wants to manipulate the situation to suit himself, it’s obvious he cares little for the sport that gave him so much and that he stole from for 15 years.


    Only 15 years? I doubt the people he beat in the 93 worlds would agree or even those he beat to a million dollars in one of his early events or the triathletes that didn’t know the gifted kid was really just a doper (like them in some cases). So maybe Motoral didn’t have EPO for while what about all the cortisone… .


    Looks like he’s done it. Let’s hope we can learn from this. Let’s hope that he’s left with no financial gains from his cheating. Let’s hope that we can demonstrate that cheating doesn’t pay and it doesn’t matter how long it takes or who you are, you will be caught and you will ultimately lose.
    Let’s hope we can encourage others to admit what’s going on and start to clear up sport, all sport.
    Let’s show the kids that there is more to sport than financial gains.
    Let’s put the likes of Nicole Cooke on a pedastal and not the cheaters.
    Let’s move forward.


    Nicole Cooke? What team does she ride for.

Viewing 8 posts - 161 through 168 (of 168 total)

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