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  • So just what benefit is the olympics going to be for UK PLC
  • £81 million, but as it’s only taxpayers’ money, who’s counting?


    Exactly, It’s just an international dick waving exercise – because other countries have gone to town on the opening ceremony we feel we have to as well. We are constantly being told how broke the country is, but we can afford this?

    No, I’m not pessimistic or on a downer, thank you very much, in fact I’m known for being a very smiley upbeat person.

    My problem with the Olympics is that it’s gone massively over budget, at a time when the country is broke, and that we have been fed a load of shit about the “legacy” when in fact the “legacy” is crumbling before our eyes. Athletes village? That’s not housing in the sense of housing families, more offices you say? Oh good, because we really need more empty offices in London. More shops? That’s handy, especially for people who are on the dole and have no money to spend.

    £40m for the opening ceremony? What a total and utter waste of money. Absolutely agree with C_G, when people are waiting for operations, the government is going to spunk £40m on fireworks. FFS that’s obscene.

    The Government should man up and simply say to the rest of the world (as if the rest of the world cares) that we’re broke. No shame there. We’re broke. Admit it. Have a small parade for the opening. Return the Olympics to the SPORTING event it should be.

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    Money designated for the 2nd phase of Manchester’s tram system was re-routed to pay for the Olympics. This meant that for several years there have been weird sights like tram stations without tracks, and whole business estates without cutomers because they were built on the promise of the trams bringing in the workers.

    Yes, the 2nd phase is finally going ahead after a hiatus of several years but how many businesses have lost out, how many jobs have disappeared in the Manchester area so that London and the South East can have even more tax-payers money spunked on them?


    It’s true then – some of the benefits are flowing north. For instance, the Swedish MTB team are setting up their training camp in Innerleithen. I’m sure the local supermarkets are already stocking up with meatballs and pear cider.

    Now that will help Scottish tourism – I might venture down to Inners to catch a glimpse of the swedish womens team training.

    I won’t however be venturing down to London. How could that be feasible when you live up here – you could have ended up tikets for events 2 weeks apart (although none at all would have been more likley.


    why is it cringe – cos its a bit shit

    Succinct AND accurate!

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