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  • So I've accepted a job in Cockermouth
  • This will involve moving to the area sell up house etc.
    So any of you guys out there who live in Cockermouth or around the area who could recommend any places to get local info?
    I will initially have to find a room share until the house is sold and the O/H can follow.
    Are there any forums for the area?
    Any recommendations of places to look at or things to do when I get over at the end of January?
    Any MTB groups in the area?
    Any other thoughts about the area in general will be gratefully received as I haven’t a great deal to do west of Keswick in general.
    Thanks in advance

    Premier Icon cdaimers

    Moved there in 1999 and still work there now….moved north to carlisle where property was cheaper. There is loads of biking around the town and whinlatter / butter mere is only 20 mins away. Suggest that you concentrate on housing as both rental and purchasing can be a bit hit or miss. Room shares are few and far between and generally locally advertised ( mills newsagents window in mainstreet) next to the new book shop. Email me direct if you need help.

    Premier Icon AD

    Great place to live. Excellent mountain and road biking right on doorstep.
    4play cycles in town. KMB up road in Keswick. Loads of other local clubs if that’s your thing.
    House prices in town and some of the local villages aren’t the cheapest – less expensive towards the coast.
    Out of curiosity – where are starting work? – anything connected to sealing/rubber by any chance?

    Not jealous, honest…..


    Welcome to Cumbria !

    In between Carlisle & Cockermouth is Wigton. May be an option as I’d imagine the house prices to be cheaper than Cockermouth.

    cdaimers I’ve seen a few websites with rentals for roomshare. Think this would be the cheapest option to start as we’ll be running two households until our house sells. Plan when the house sells would probably rent in the short term unless we find something and fall lucky.
    I was wondering if there were any local forums with classified that people advertise in.
    AD nothing to do with rubber.

    Premier Icon cdaimers

    Also suggest you swot up on the local language, it’s interesting….link to wiki

    cdaimers – Member
    Also suggest you swot up on the local language, it’s interesting….link to wiki

    That’s going to be fun 🙂

    Premier Icon tthew

    I used to go to Cockermouth for a couple of days every month for a contract job. It’s a lovely place, but the only bit of advice I can really give you, (having never lived or been a local/biker there) is The Bitter End is the best pub in town.


    Cumberland News website
    Evening News & Star website
    Gumtree ?

    You should find lettings in there

    Cumbrian crack website for the crack, obviously.

    tthew – Member
    I used to go to Cockermouth for a couple of days every month for a contract job. It’s a lovely place, but the only bit of advice I can really give you, (having never lived or been a local/biker there) is The Bitter End is the best pub in town.

    That’s already on the list;-)

    Premier Icon Daffy

    I was born in Cockermouth and lived there until 2005, it’s a great place to live and possibly the most villagey and affluent of the larger towns in the western Lakes. Property can be expensiveish, but not compared to the southwest.

    There’s great pubs and fantastic riding all around you.

    Renting and room shares are limited, as are 1 bed places. Workington and Maryport are 20mins (8miles) drive away, and are larger, historically industrial costal towns with less wealth than Cockermouth but have substantially cheaper property. Both have more amenities than Cockermouth.

    Whitehaven is a little further (maybe 13miles) and is (in my opinion) a reasonable compromise between in terms of amenities and nice property. The Coast to Coast often starts from here rather than st Bees.

    Carlisle and Wigton are substantially further north, but if you want a more substantial city sized environment … Carlisle is your only real option in Cumbria’s north. It’s about 30-40mins from Cockermouth by car (20miles) on A roads depending upon where you are in Carlise. Like all cities it has both nice and ROUGH areas.

    Get your ass to the Bitter End for Beer and Chilli. It’s the best!


    If you want anything else, my email is in my profile.

    Merry Christmas.


    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Nobagob 😀


    When looking at places to live, think about the commute time…

    It can take an hour and a half to cover 40 miles, and that’s when it’s quiet.

    Cheers Guys all interesting and helpful stuff.
    We’re more nice little village types nice pub quiet area would suit us down to the ground.
    The opportunity to explore a whole new region really excites us not just the Lakes but the further north up to the Solway for bird watching etc

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    I live just a few miles north of Cockermouth in Dearham. Its quiet a nice village, does have some less attractive areas. Well known for its pie shop.

    A few villages round here attract a premium for housing.

    Can I guess where you’ve got a job? Motorsport by any chance?

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Villages nearby worth a look – Brigham, Broughton, Dearham, Eaglesfield.
    Terraced 3 beds in town from about 180k, scruffy ones cheaper.
    Rightmove site useful for property search and register some details with Grisdales agent and others.

    Premier Icon cdaimers

    I would suggest you register with estate agents as any new rentals coming onto market are snapped up quickly. I sold out in cockermouth and moved north as property prices were getting silly. Sold a 1 bed cottage in kirkgate ( 10 doors from Bitter End) for the same price as a 3 bed detached in the right area of carlisle.

    Remember you will be competing with people working at Sellafield so unless you are going to be working in consultancy/nuclear sectors, you will be competing with people on larger salaries moving into the area looking for good schools. Some of the guys I work with who are born and bred from cockermouth have all moved out to less desirable areas still within the school catchment.

    For biking see Adam at 4playcycles,



    Beat me to it.

    So any of you locals to Cockermouth recommend me the best place to find out about flat/room share. Most of the internet options are proving fruitless so wondered if there were any other avenues to explore.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    It’s an unusual first post; just saying 😉

    Premier Icon Drac

    Make sure you learn the language from a better resource than wikipedia.

    Yonder there (as in ‘ower yonder’)

    Yonder means the far one as does Yon.

    Premier Icon stevio

    he’s an old hand in disguise and will be missed when he escapes 🙁

    Premier Icon Cougar
    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I’m confused!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Phone these lot – they’ll all give you the low down – I know you’ve probably seen them on the internet, but leave them a number and they’ll call:
    Lillingtons Estate Agents Ltd
    01900 828600

    01900 825846

    01900 829977

    Tiffen & Co Ltd
    01900 822997

    Belvoir Cumbria
    01900 823659

    For £450/month, you could do a lot worse than this: this

    The big newsagent on the Main St is Mills – 01900 823086. They have a fairly big small ads board.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Well done, just be careful who you call a Jam eater….

    Former resident off and on over the last 10 years.
    Cockermouth is great as a place to live just be aware of the flood area or you won’t get insurance. If I was moving without a family then I’d still go for Cockermouth, it’s got plenty going on and can be very sociable.
    Property can look expensive in a local sense but not in a UK sense, I’d still pay the premium if I could and live in the town over some of the areas outside if I was new just to help meet people and get going.

    Riding is some of the best in the world if your up for some carrying, there is a group every Tuesday night out of Keswick (6:30 out of the Pedaler) that are worth hooking up with – they have a facebook that is very useful for locals.
    The west of Keswick thing is normal, for most people the road ends and drops off a cliff there (on a weekend driving in all the cars stop at Keswick 🙂 ) A bit further out and you get all the amazing scenery and mountains without the people so a double bonus.
    For Bikes Adam at 4play is great, Cyclewise in Whinlatter were great and KMB in Keswick were also great 🙂
    If I moved back to the UK it would be top of my list.
    Enjoy, sure a few others will be a long in a bit


    stevio – Member
    he’s an old hand in disguise and will be missed when he escapes

    Cheers Stevio I will miss the Island but not work.

    Cougar – Moderator

    Yes it’s me I hadn’t handed my notice in when I first post which was the reason for the 2nd login which has now been banished for the next couple of years. Didn’t actually realise this was a hanging offence 😉 so apologies again wouldn’t have done it if I had realised.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Ohh, right! Good luck with the move/future.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Yes it’s me I hadn’t handed my notice in when I first post which was the reason for the 2nd login

    It’s against the T&Cs. I tried to ban you (no offence) and the forum software told me to jog on, seems someone else had beaten me to it. (-:

    In “extenuating circumstances” it’s always worth pinging an email to moderator@ – it still might not be allowed but at least we’ll be able to make an informed decision rather than just pulling the trigger.


    Cheers Mike and boxelder

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    No worries linked it to the Keswick Tuesday Night Ride (carry up a MOFO hill) facebook lot they may say hello but they are very fussy and some of them smell 😉 Been a couple of years but 1761 was the better pub as the Bitter End was more of a bistro/restaurant – used to do most Friday nights in the there back in 05/6ish.

    Anyway are you in Rally cars, rubber seals or nuclear?

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Feel free to email when you get there – just up the road and know of few groups of riders and some select trails.
    Oh – Mills doesn’t have small ads anymore.

    Living nearer to Keswick myself but found Cockermouth options much cheaper. Just a longer commute for me to Penrith.

    Have you looked on a few on there for Cockermouth to get you started.

    Good luck

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