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  • so, it *might* be time to get a dog
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    Some short haired dogs shed more than some long haired. So, the “short is best” is sometimes, and in the case above certainly is, wrong.

    ๐Ÿ™ I’m wrong.


    You just didn’t like me saying it looks smelly. (It does)

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    [/quote]@stox – I think we should agree to disagree.

    Agree! I’m not trying to cause a ruckus ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m only speaking from my experience, I’m no expert – just a guy with a dog ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve a 14 mth old choc lab and a 4 mth old yellow lab.. They are like chalk and cheese.

    It would be no fun if all dogs were the same in temperament and behaviour.

    The key for me is in the time and the effort you put into them particularly in the early days.

    Having said that, there is a bit of the luck of the drawer in it when choosing a dog.

    all domestic dogs are essentially designer dogs somewhere down the line, none of these breeds naturally evolved from the wolf ๐Ÿ™‚ so the whole ‘designer dog’ thing is a bit silly, cockerpoo’s and ‘labradoodles’ in 20 years time will probably be as popular as any other dog and people will be moaning about ‘springerfordshiredoodledors’ or something.

    My sister has 3 labs, choc, black and yellow. The yellow is by far the thickest but seems the most happy creature on earth. I was walking with him in a wood when he ran into a tree, stopped looked at the tree, then ran into it again before deciding to walk round it. Lovely dogs though.

    You just didn’t like me saying it looks smelly. (It does)

    I couldn’t give a shit what you say about some random dog in a random pic DezzieBee. But “short is best” isn’t always the case is it?

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    now now children, dont make me get the hose out!

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    I stopped my dog from shedding fur

    dont make me get the hose out!


    lotion, skin, hose again ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

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    Client of mine has just got a spanking new guide dog, Alfie.

    Yellow Lab, ยฃ50,000’s worth (lifetime cost) of friendly, docile, slobbering intelligence.

    Don’t think they’d blow that amount of cash on a yellow Lab if they were THAT thick. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mrs Toast

    Iโ€™ve only met one labradoodle โ€“ heโ€™s absolutely huge, completely bonkers but in a silly, friendly, affectionate way.

    On the subject of long-haired dogs, we have a Tibetan Terrier (we think crossed with a spaniel). He doesnโ€™t smell, as he gets bathed every second week, and he doesnโ€™t shed (as he has hair, not fur). Well, I say he doesnโ€™t smell โ€“ sometimes he gets bathed more frequently because heโ€™s rolled in fox poo. -_-

    It is worth bearing in mind that longer coated dogs require regular grooming โ€“ I think wirey and curly coated ones require stripping every now and again, and long haired ones need regular conditioning/brushing to ensure they stay matt free.


    I don’t get the fascination with Labradoodles. I’ve met as many pretty ones as ugly, as many good-natured ones as ill-mannered. To me, the hit-and-miss nature of the looks and temperament is a reflection of the lack of breeding standards. This in itself isn’t a problem, but it’s the fact that you pay the same for a dog from good stock as you do for a shoddy one from irresponsible breeders. (Please note I am not saying all labradoodle breeders are irresponsible…there are crap breeders in all breeds.)

    Personally, I think the difference between getting an ยฃ800 labrador and an ยฃ800 labradoodle is that you have more certainty in the likely character of a labrador – you can be fairly certain that the pup will take on the characteristics shown by the parents. With a labradoodle, you don’t have that certainty as the breed lines haven’t established.

    I reckon it’s like Marzocchi forks: Would you buy a pair now, given that in their recent past they’ve produced some very poor forks? How do you know this years model is good? Or would you buy a pair from another company with a proven track record?

    PS. There is a fourth labrador colour: Red.

    On the long-haried/short-haired debate, we have a golden retriever (LH) and a flatcoat retriever (SH). The golden carries smells/dirt much more than the flattie for sure. Both lovable in their own (different) ways though!

    edit: for Mrs Toast’s post – golden’s have a more attuned fox poo radar than flatties as well!! ๐Ÿ˜•

    there’s an absolutely MASSIVE labradoodle that walks near us called ‘yogi’ it’s brown, awesome hair and a generally awesome looking dog. dumb as anything but very patient and gentle. apparently its only 11 months old but its the size of a bear

    alfie the ‘cockapoo’ however is quite simple, amazing. he’s Cookie’s new best friend and watching them play and chase each other last night made me feel all warm and fuzzy ๐Ÿ™‚ handsome dog too

    EDIT – i think we might have rehomed a gay dog… he prefers to play with the boys, doesn’t like getting his paws muddy or getting wet, pees like a girl 90% of the time, well he’s a delicate flower until he’s chasing the boys then he’s all ‘mmmmm let me sniff your anus’

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    I was walking with him in a wood when he ran into a tree, stopped looked at the tree, then ran into it again before deciding to walk round it

    This is not an unusual occurrence IME. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wouldn’t necessarily say it was the behaviour of a ‘thick’ dog, maybe he was just testing the laws of physics…..


    Rescue dog ?


    nobby +1.

    standard behaviour for my lab.

    I know three labradoodles. They are all absolutely bonkers. Friendly enough but to my mind, really stupid.

    Get a golden retreiver. Mine’s are basically floorcoverings most of the time but are also more than happy to walk, run, swim for as long as you like. They do cast a lot mind.


    I looked long and hard into getting a doodle, you can get different sized ones depending on which variety of poodle is in the cross, Standard or Miniature presuming not Toy. But some doodles, those crossed with Standard poodles can be absolutely massive.

    Also what’s the fascination with “clever” dogs, wish my Lurcher was a bit more stupid, the sneaky bar steward.

    If I was going to get another dog I’d be looking at Cockerpoos, the ones that I’ve met in puppy training classes have been wonderful dogs, both to look at and temperamentally. (Small sample granted)

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    As if Labradoodle wasn’t bad enough, do you really want a dog called a Cockerpoo?

    It is getting really silly now!

    we have a miniature black labradoodle.
    doesn’t shed a single hair.
    1 year old yesterday and nice and compact (prob fully grown).
    fantastic temperament (sat on the sofa with kids having its hair “styled” at the moment….)


    none of these breeds naturally evolved from the wolf

    No they evolved from pyre/village dogs. I thought everyone knew that. Have you not read ‘the greatest show on earth’ ๐Ÿ™„

    As for what to get Slovakian wire haired pointers are the niche mongers dog of choice.

    have you seen GoldenDoodles?

    Black Labraddoodle with a hint of silver here. Brilliant dog, great temperament, very smart, easy to train, great with our young kids and people in general.

    In the home she’s super chilled. Out and about she’s energetic yet controllable. Loves to swim and retrieve.

    Stupid name. Nice dog but I’m sure everyone says that about their own. We got one because we wanted a scruffy looking mutt. Also liked the idea of ‘mongrel vitality’. Ours is clever and friendly, pretty timid. Very good with bikes and I ride with him all the time. With poodles being thin, under their fur they are much lighter than the respective retreiver or lab and so seem to cover ground faster for longer.
    Just my experience

    P1000814 by eddie.jenkinson, on
    Woody! by eddie.jenkinson, on Flickr

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    Nice dog.

    Seems like these Poodle crosses have daft names but are good pets.

    Golden Doodles? Lovely dogs, often mistaken for a man in a dog suit!
    A lot of you guys are talking right out of your arses though; mistaking a dog being responsive to your commands to being “intelligent”. The dog thinks you’re smart enough to give the orders; you think the dog is smart to follow them. There’s a slight problem with this rationale…
    Smart dogs are smart enough to think for themseleves and ignore their fikko “owners”!


    Labradoodles were bred to not shed hair! They are supposed to be for people that are allergic to or sensitive to dog hair. Ignore the bit about shedding blah blah blah. Never heard so much bollocks about hair colour and intelligence. Had a Choc lab for 11 glorious years. What a dog loyal superb with kids, super easy to train and the biggest thief where food is concerned. Got a 3yr old English golden retriever at the moment. Sheds less than the Lab. Can’t go wrong with a Lab.


    Black goldendoddle here! They do get big =-O

    I have a friend who got one, an Australian doodle, about spaniel sized and totally brilliant, though a little silly. Have spoken to a pro about it, she recommended a cockapoo as its a nice size and tends to be a little bit less bonkers. Looking for breeders in the south now for a spring time puppy all being well. All over it now, I’ve wanted a dog for so many years and I’m finally in a position to get one.

    Thanks for all the posts, looks like they are highly regarded in general.


    Bonkers is fun though, Spaniels are a barrel of laughs.

    Bonkers and well trained in the holy grail.

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