So is it worth digging out with my wifes crap Apollo?.

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  • So is it worth digging out with my wifes crap Apollo?.
  • stanfree

    My bike has been of the road for coming on a couple of weeks as the forks are back at Windwave. Im really missing having a wee blast through the woods not to mention actual proper mtb rides. So is it worth getting out on the wifes apollo with the twist lock gears and really poor rst forks or will I just depress myself even more. ?

    Time to get a second hand entry level HT me thinks for back up.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    Not got a mate who can lend you something?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    it's all bikes 🙂

    Get the apollo out you might well be suprised and it is still a bike


    I think Ill get the Apollo out as suggested , It'll make me appreciate my own one more when it comes back.


    My first bike was an Apollo Equito and it did me really well until some scrote nicked it from my halls of residence.

    Give it a go – mine went all over the place, including 6 months in Germany exploring various off-road trails while on work placement.

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    When I'm abroad I ride whatever I can find (which has been some shockers tbh) and always enjoy it. Give it a whirl and post up to tell us how you got on.


    Do you

    a) Enjoy riding bikes
    b) Enjoy posing on a bike



    If a) then give it hell. Even better if it has a basket on the front.

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    I rode a mates 10 year old catalogue special on one night ride last summer. It was ok, the only thing that I thought wasn't up to the job were the brakes.
    Make a mental note if you do take it out that going from disc brakes to plastic v brakes will greatly increase your stopping distance.


    when i was in oz for 6 weeks with no bike i just hired out what ever hostels had – riding trails on trek navigator hybrids or old trek 3500 mtbs (which required fixing before i went anywhere – but cost nothing) we even hired a tandem one day

    as above – its all bikes !

    As an opposing view to the above I have a bike at work that if I had to use exclusively I would probably give up cycling (yes it is that bad). It has been badly converted to singlespeed and the bike just completely feels wrong.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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