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  • So I just got a phone call from Azure Microsoft helpdesk
  • ti_pin_man

    Literally got off the phone from a lovely chap from Azure Microsoft helpdesk, he was ever so nice and told me I’d been downloading files and some were Malware and harmful… I think his next steps would be for me to start up my pc and let him install some nice antivirus software, maybe at a small charge. Bless him but I had to stop him and explain I had a degree in computing and I wasnt born yesterday, I requested he kindly never phone me again and asked if he had legitimate parantage. I wished him a merry Xmas to him and his family and please call anytime.

    (Reverse all the nice things I said and I think you’ll get the gist of really what I said)

    Doubt it’ll make any difference except to make me feel better.

    But who the hell gave him my number? lol.

    I actually look forward to the day I get one of these calls…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My mum got one of those a while back, she said “Look, I’m a 60 year old woman who knows nothing about computers, I can barely work youtube. Anyway, you’re not fooling me, and if you’re not fooling me then you’re not going to fool anyone- you are going nowhere in the terrible career you’ve chosen.” Poor chap got very upset.


    Everytime I get one I’m too pooped to wind them up.


    davy – it did indeed cheer me up no end. Bless he did begin to get wound up when I asked if his manager could have a word, strangely he wasnt around, how odd is that. Miserably little cant.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I had a degree in computing

    I know several people with computing degrees who would have done exactly what he said 😉


    They still do this? I had one of these calls about 3 years ago I just kept laughing down the phone and saying squirrels every time the chap started speaking. He soon got the hump and hanged up on me which I thought was very rude 🙂

    let them do their stuff – just remember that they can install their software remotely and when they ask for your ip address it’s


    My Dad (age 86) got one of these calls.
    He very polity asked the man to fully explain what the issue was and how the software that needed to be installed would work. The cost and if there was the possibility of monthly payment plan.

    All in all he managed to string this call on for 20 mins before saying that he is very interested but as he hasn’t got a PC of any sort what will they download the antivirus onto ….
    (his longest call was is solar panel ccompany – he lives in a ground floor flat)

    Premier Icon Cougar

    when they ask for your ip address it’s

    Nice. (-:

    I used to attract a lot of script kiddie hackers back in the day (I had – have – a very low account number on ICQ which is apparently sought after as a status symbol by these clowns). I’d play along till they show their true colours, then would sometimes get “I bet I can hack you, what’s your IP address?” (which is hilarious in itself). To which I’d go, “it’s” or something similar. Then laugh my arse off as they disappeared offline.

    (For the non-geeks, the IP listed by BBSB is allocated to the CIA; the one I mentioned (and indeed, 127.anything) is a loopback address, ie your own machine.)


    great ip address <cut/paste/borrow for the future>


    I’ve only had one of those calls, and it was right when I was about to have my tea. Why do these assholes ALWAYS phone when you’re about to or are eating.
    Like ti_pin_man, I’ve c’n’p’d those IP addresses for future use. Cheers, chaps! 😀

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