So I am at a complete loss as to what I should do. (CX wheel issues)

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  • So I am at a complete loss as to what I should do. (CX wheel issues)
  • crikey

    For the 3 Peaks?

    Stop fannying about with 24 and 28 hole wheels. Either buy some Mavic Ksyrium elites with steel spokes, or get some proper handbuilt 32 hole 3 cross wheels built.

    I’ve done it 3 times, once on 32 hole Mavic open pros, and twice on Mavic elites. The fancy radially spoked trendy stuff will die, quickly.

    Hey ST, much internet searching has lead me pulling my hair out. So here is my question, how should I proceed from here?

    I have had my rear free hub chewed up to **** and I can not get a replacement from kore either from my LBS, the UK importer or the company themselves!

    In kore’s infinite wisdom they made some OEM wheelsets of 24/28 instead of any kind of normal standard. In order to get a new wheel built up with a 28h rear hub it would cost ~£60 for the hub, ~£60 for the spokes/nipples/build. I could buy some Planet X A57 wheels for ~£150. It is also VERY difficult to find a 28h rear hub, even from novatec from ebay!

    Unfortunately I have read some bad things about these wheels going untrue and denting on touring rides (let alone the toughest CX race in the uk!). I could also potentially get some Fulcrum racing cx 7’s for ~£150 but can not find many opinions on them.

    What should I do, get a new hub and have it built into my bomb proof, highly praised light kore gradient CX rims with some dodgy tiwanese rear hub OR do I go for some dodgy CX wheelset?

    Thanks for your time,

    Premier Icon schmiken

    What’s your budget Max?


    Or get a 32 spoke hope hoop on crest 29ers. I have them on my CX bike, it’s what jebby rode for the three peaks last year


    Fulcrum cx racing 7s are fine for the money. Did 3pcx on them last year no probs (68kg rider).

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Think the A57’s and the Fulcrum 7’s are rim brake and probably 130mm dropout width? Assuming that’s what the bike needs then Crest 29ers prolly won’t work.

    Have Open Pro with Shimano 105 on mine, but will probably swap to Hope ProIII with Open Pro’s whenever they need replacing.

    I guess some CX bikes are 130mm road-type frames, and others are 135mm width with disc brake tabs. Mine is the former.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    105s on CXP22 for my 3 times, no issues, running cantis and mini-v, £130 from Ribble. Loan bike this year pending a new bike which will be disc specific and running Hope Hoops Crest 29ers…


    I got the alex / switch combo on superstar

    very happy indeed, so far, assuming you’re running disks?


    I’d always go for proper 32 hole spoked 105 or Ultegra wheels myself for CX. These lightweight, lightly spoked wheel can only go one way.


    Don’t worry too much. I’ve done the three peaks twice, on an old set of DT Mon Chasseral wheels. This was after they’d done a couple of seasons of ‘cross racing. I know rider weight and style are important so at this point I shall disclose I am 68 kg and am more enthusiastic than stylish. The wheels weigh 1450 g the pair (without QR), have DT rims on 240s hubs, laced 28 spoke radial at the front, 28 spoke 2 cross at the back. I dinged a rim on a rock and put the back wheel about 2 mm out of true but they didn’t break, shame about my collarbone on the descent of PyG 🙁


    OP, did you try ordering from Novatec direct?

    Just a thought

    Blond, I did not try that, I will factor it into considerations.

    Mike, budget is ~£200.

    I am an ~85kg rider (60cm frame) with cantis (no discs)

    Seriously considering getting some hand built wheels now with hubs of my choice.


    I have been tempted by Parker Internationals Black Shimano 105 hubs built onto Open Pros’s for just under £200 for a wheelset. Seems a good deal.

    But then again… For an extra £100 you can get Hope hubs at – The Spoked wheel

    I don’t know what do do either…

    So I take it that open pros are good rims for cross then? Or is it a coincidence and they are judt strong trainig road wheels? If so would my r500 road wheelset stand up to abuse?


    Touring can be harder on wheels than cx.

    I’d just get a decent 32 or 28 build meself.

    I ended up goimg for stans alpha 340 rims with stainless spokes, 32h and abrosianzennith hubs, 3 cross pattern. Should be alright and should arive this week.


    Maximus, how much fella and where from?

    £240 from here I decided the offer was too good to miss considering I want to run tubeless for less rocky races.


    £240 from here

    😯 fingers crossed for you bud…

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