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  • Premier Icon Drac

    I did the smashed nearly every night thing it was great got over it in about 24 hours and enjoyed going out every night on the drink.

    It’s a personal thing really but keep your mind occupied with other things and it’ll be easier.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    I find that Women who can chat to each other and open up to their friends tend to get over things better that way.
    Men however tend to bottle up stuff and don’t/won’t talk about their ex. which hinders the recovery.

    I have a male friend who, after 9 years still hasn’t got over his wife leaving.
    Yet my cousin who’s wife died ,he had an intense period of grieving and met someone else within the year.

    I hope the pain starts to heal soon.
    As the others have said, riding the bike is good.

    It does come with time hitman. My ex finished with me when I was 23 and its was teh end of my world – she was all I had. I honestly felt like I had a hole in my chest. It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I became a different person, more confident, developed a new group of great mates and my life just got better and better. Sometimes it takes a bit of a knock to improve things. Might not seem like it now mate but this could be good for you in the long run. Spend plenty of time on the bike and have plenty of lines for those hot chicks when you bump into them. Good luck mate.

    As stated above it really all depends on the individual.

    Sounds like you were pretty deep in.

    I have been going through a ‘similar’ episode since 6 months back and up until last week I should have been on suicide watch!

    Something just clicked though and I’ve turned walked away from the abyss.

    But how long until I’m ‘over’ god only knows.

    Things will get better though (can they get worse?)

    Try concentrate on the positives…

    Good luck.

    Hey good for you darkness


    Get on Direct Dating and start seeing a few women, you now have carte blanche to play the field. Enjoy yourself!

    Like falling off your bike mate, just get back on the saddle and ride on!


    At what point is acceptable to bash one out over an ex? Ad her the back catalogue of w*nks?

    Just thought I’d get this question out, you know.


    Do what you want to do. If you’ve ever fancied climbing Everest, swimming the amazon, travelling the world etc etc.. do it

    Drinking does not help

    Random shags don’t really help either, though if that’s what you’re after I find plenty of fish is far superior to dating direct on that front.

    On the point of acceptability for having wanks over an ex, always is the answer. One of them always does something another wouldn’t dream of

    Sorry mate but random shags are just the damn ticket 🙂

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    after 20 years together it took me about 6 months to start looking again, prolly 12 months to be over it, although you’ll always carry the scars (but we learn by our mistakes don’t we!)


    hitman, ever got back with an ex after a while? or anyone else?… Its crap. The sex seems ‘boring/distant’? Not the same. Almost as though its mechanical for you. You build them up slightly inbetween the termination and getting back together again. You go through the motions but in the back of your mind you think ‘ok, lets get this over with’. Rocketdog, 20yrs? ****. ****.


    Get tanked up, nail a couple of bewers, move on.

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