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  • So, how do you find routes?
  • I find an OS map far more useful than Google earth.
    It’s quite common for bridleway signs to go missing as well, so don’t rely on just going out in the real world looking for them.


    I don’t know about the best, but I find the most enjoyable is the way you’ve mentioned, just following a track and seeing where it goes. That and pouring over an OS map. There’s a few fun ones in the Barton hills area and east towards hitchin, but it does get a bit flat, and muddy to the north of there in winter.


    As above, an OS map. Find the contour lines especially useful.


    Use an OS Map and then go and ride there to see what its like.

    Some of my favorite trails looked rubish on the Map, but turned out to be ace in reality – and the other way round.

    Also asking people is not always reliable, everyone has different tastes / abilities / bikes.

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    OS map – follow the green. Also use this absolutely amazing appliation:

    OS maps and Google satellite images side by side – so you can see what’s real and what’s not.

    The other thing to do is find an FC forest or some other area where you can ride wherever, and follow your nose. Just dive into the bushes wherever you see a gap 🙂



    That is indeed a very good site!


    In the months leading up to my participation in the BHF London to Brighton my brother-in-law and I went out on several “training” rides to get some distance under our tyres and prep ourselves for the 54 mile journey.

    Towards the end of the “training” I started to venture more and more off-road, and on one particular ride found myself on the trails that I used to use back when I’d go out regularly because the fields and tracks were literally on my doorstep:,-0.39156&spn=0.058332,0.169086&t=h&z=13

    It took me back, and I realised how much I missed it – travelling down tracks without the worry and grief associated with riding on tarmac.

    I was spoilt back then as it was there for the riding without having to look very far at all. However, now where we live is more rural, but the tracks don’t seem as abundant.

    I’ve found a few, but purely by venturing down a bridle path and seeing where it takes me (sometimes to dead ends).

    What’s the best way of finding them, do you know any round near me (J12 of the M1), or is the best way to simply stumble upon them ad-hoc?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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