So how did you get dodging the weather (or not) out riding today?

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  • So how did you get dodging the weather (or not) out riding today?
  • Premier Icon gonetothehills

    They’re my plans for the morning! Glad you had fun. I’ve been up there – the very top section of Cumberland – when it’s started to thunder. We sheltered in the barn for a bit, then thinking it had cleared, headed down the descent and up the valley to enjoy (!) the sight of a lightning bolt pinging the stream about 100m up the road. Squealed like a couple of schoolkids…!

    I snuck out today about 11am between “showers” – and binned the Tripster on a downhill cattle grid below White Nancy. So – 5 miles and a broken bike today… hardly what I’d planned / hoped for. Tomorrow *will* be better…

    Premier Icon Drac

    Never rode never dodged the weather there was no storm just a bit shower of rain for about 30 minutes as we headed out for tea tonight.

    Met up with he local roadie club this morning. It was biblical and only three of us out but we had a right laugh. The rain was warm and there was no wind.

    There is normally 25+ out on a Saturday morning. Bunch of tarts. 🙄

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    Never managed to get out today but the expected stormageddon that the news was predicting never materialised. Instead of torrential rain and hail stones the size of a car, we had clear blue skies and temperatures around 29-30 degrees.

    No doubt tomorrow will be a different story, I’m planning on getting out on the bikeearly tomorrow morning and wouldn’t be surprised if the dry day we’re expecting is replaced by storms 🙁


    Hoofed it down all morning and was no good dodging it so out we went anyway. Pretty wet and pretty muddy but fun nonetheless showing two new people my local spot.


    Chores today so no rain dodging here. Got in a lowers and damper service on the forks and fitted a new shock bush.

    Three of us off up to The Lakes tomorrow for a loop from Ppoley Bridge, so fingers crossed the weather is as forecast

    I guess Charity and Cumberland are no longer dry and dusty? I did make the most of The Goytt and Taxal on Thurs night which was running very dry and nippy


    I went out, it pissed down after 20 mins
    It was warm and wet, I stayed out for 3 hours in it

    I’d long since written today off, (it’s been awful here), managed to get some housework done, get a haircut and chill out…

    early night then out on the road bike very early tomorrow…nice and bright up until 12 ish by which time I will be finished anyway.


    Glad to say the forecast for single raindrop throughout the afternoon didn’t materialise for me. I went up Macclesfield Forest, 2 big climbs a
    & 2 great descents…. Charity lane & Cumberland Clough. Just a couple of spots of rain but then the sun came out on my climb up to the cat n fiddle. Then on the last descent, riding on the grass edge, the ground falling away down to the stream, the sun was out and way off in distance… dark skies then a flash of lightening then the thunder rumble,,, awesome! Starting pelting down as I loaded the bike into the car, great ride.


    Postman dropped off car parts i nipped out to buy some spanners watching storms in the distance. Got gome fitted parts put the kettle on and watched the hail and lightning 🙂

    Premier Icon benji

    Plenty of rain, some thunder and lightning as well, so productive day going to buy a frame to run as a sscx 🙂

    Premier Icon lunge

    50 miles on the roadie in the pouring rain for me. I really enjoyed it, it was warm and the roads were quiet. I’m hoping for a similar ride tomorrow morning.


    Cross Fell and little Dunn fell , 6 and a half hours of total pain , i loved it , only found out 10 mins ago these are the highest points out side of the Lake district, WOW i loved it – North pennines MTB marathon you pulled an epic out the bag glad i was part of it . Boy am i hurting now ha ha

    Was prepared for rain at Degla – misty start and then the rain came steadily. This was until the exact moment that I had to repair a bent link in my chain – and it absolutely hammered it down. Was fine once we were moving again though.

    Managed an hour after watching TDF before the deluge!


    90 mile road ride. There was some rain, some of it heavy, but only in the second half of the ride.

    Some apocalyptic sounding stuff overnight though!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Rained from 5am to 3pm. Went out in the sunshine & played in the puddles on the single speed

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Fitted wee ride back to fatty, put rack on car, got boy dressed, put fatty on car, got into car, God’s etchasketch end of world descended on South East northumberland. Drove to go outdoors to buy boy rain suit. Got soaked walking into store from car park. Drove home and made tea. Hurumpf!


    Just an hour out round the reservoirs. Dodged all the rain but it was like biking in a sauna. Met a new and interesting herd of cows.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Missed it completely by driving through flooded roads to meet my mate, sacking off the ride cos of the rain and retiring to the Royal Oak at Hurdlow for a late luncheon. The Venison Burger is sublime!

    Then drove home through stormageddon, to find water coming in under the kitchen door, the fire service pumping out nearby houses, apparently a couple of lightening strikes in Ilkeston have melted the road, and don’t get me started on the state of my poor lads Scout camp…..

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    No rain but insanely muggy. Went for a run hoping to be caught in a thunderstorm but no such luck. Cloudy but far more sensible temperature today.

    Climbed up through Outlane to Buckstones and at the furthest point from home the heavens opened. Thunder, lightning and warm rain – wet but bloody marvellous. Kept saying to myself “Rubber tyres are safe, lightning won’t ground out” ha ha.

    I’m a member of a low land search and rescue team and we had a call out yesterday afternoon. Several hours spent doing a foot search over a golf course. Hot, humid but dry to start. Epic thunderstorm just as we were clearing the last sector. Pretty wild when you’re out somewhere open like a golf course!

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Quite well. Rode with a mate and a new acquaintance so nice to have some company on the ride as I’m usually solo. Having some company meant I could push a bit harder. Downside is I’m a bit knackered today and am putting off today’s road ride as the day stretches on!

    Did Cut Gate yesterday and got pee peed on the entire time. Trails were still in good nick because of the recent dry weather and didn’t see another soul. Really enjoyed it, it felt almost tropical.


    Had my derriere handed to me at the Reading GP. Rode well in the Team Pursuit, but was over-geared for the scratch racing. Rained all morning but the track dried out and weather held.

    Premier Icon iainc

    65 glorious warm road miles Erskine to Rowardennan and back with downshep of this parish, lovely, clear, dry, crackin.


    Just got in from a ride, and the heavens and hell have opened up! 😮


    Several hours spent doing a foot search over a golf course

    Did you find the foot?


    No weather to dodge around Cannock this afternoon conditions were superb and never have there been so many sections that have to be ridden more than once. New Five Ways descent and Deerskull makeover absolutely oarsum many thanks to CT.

    Got in from work at around 12.45 & on the way home thought, ‘ride from home on the HT or bob over to Pateley Bridge with the FS’, sun was out & looking good.
    Got home, changed out of my fancy dress, unlocked the bike, looked up at the sky & thought, ‘hmmmm’. Minutes later the heavens opened & it stotted down (rained really really really hard) for the next hour.
    Tomorrows forecast looks good & I’m off.


    quick 10 mile wobble through local woods today. I’m scouting out spots for wet weather digging, and may have found a spot!


    Perfect conditions at the newly re opened Woburn bike park this evening 🙂 Didn’t stay long as I’m nackered but it was so good to be riding there again, although my bike handling skills left a lot to be desired today.


    I was over Cannock as well this morning, sun was out, trails were sticky from the mud, perfect conditions, just finished off a fantastic weekend of cycling.

    Saturday: 40km of off road riding in the Peaks. It rained all day but it didn’t matter because I am #soEnduro.

    Premier Icon Yak

    Had some mates down on sat for a catch up and morning road ride. Torrential rain at 8am had me hurriedly re-fitted mudguards. I then got soaked immediately in the 3miles or so to the station where they were waiting.

    Next 60miles were in lovely dry conditions 🙂

    Premier Icon SimonR

    Very damp start but had quite a steep start to keep warm …

    01-P7192848 by Simon_R, on Flickr

    02-IMG_2143 by Simon_R, on Flickr

    … but dried up pretty well for the descent ….

    09-P7192887 by Simon_R, on Flickr

    … however Sunday was stunning 🙂 ….

    22-P7202927 by Simon_R, on Flickr

    Premier Icon DPM

    Great photos SimonR. That’s a very orange Orange!

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