So finally taught my daughter to cycle. What dutch bike.?

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  • So finally taught my daughter to cycle. What dutch bike.?
  • walleater

    Every ‘Dutch’ Bike I’ve had the ummmm…..pleasure to work on has weighed about 50lb and if you ever need to fix a rear flat you pretty well have to take half the bike apart! They also seem to cost waaaaay too much money for what you get (steel cranks etc, hence weighing a hilarious amount). Personally I’d look at a more normal beach cruiser if you want a girly bike.


    I have 3 kids , the first learnt to ride a bike at 5 and my youngest at around 3. My middle daughter pretty much learned at about 8 but stopped immediately and lost her confidence , last week (she is now 12) I took her down the park on my hardtail and she has mastered the art.
    She wants a real girly bike , Pastel colours with a basket for (**** knows what?). So Im thinking a dutch bike , anyone bought a decent one ?, should I go second hand? or should I use my wife’s c2w scheme and stick with one of the big brands. ?

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    If you’re willing to spend for a Dutch bike, then look at the Islabikes. The light weight may do wonders for her wanting to ride it!


    My 7 year old has a Batavus Dutch style bike and it is pretty much as described by walleater. It’s fine as a utility bike for popping to the shops, or around to friends, but for ‘serious’ riding she uses a proper mountain bike. If you are aiming to go on bike rides, then I would strongly urge you to look at a decent mountain/hybrid.

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    Mrs Wookster just got one of These from the interweb. It weights a ton 37lbs! but seems ok for popping to the shops and to school with the kids general pottering where a Full Suss just won’t cut it!!. Might be worth a look?

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    I nearly bought Mrsosoxo one of these, when they were half price, but ended up buoying a singlespeed folding jobbie from Decathlon.


    Mrs Houndlegs has just bought a Dawes Duchess(on a recommendation from singlespeed shep thank you) its got pastel colours with flowers,and a basket. I have to admit it looks very pretty 😀

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    Observations on Dutch bikes from a bloke with a Dutch girlfriend:

    1- They are heavy
    2- It doesn’t matter ‘cos the Netherlands is shockingly flat
    3- They don’t get many punctures because they have an actual network of cycle/scooter roads and unlike the Brits etc don’t coat those roads in broken glass
    4- There are a couple of brands that are lighter, but they don’t tend to sell well here because…
    5- They spend loads on their bikes, 800 Euro is common – unlike UK commuter trends
    6- They have funny big wheels – maybe they conserve more momentum, we should really look into that…
    6- I can’t count. Many real Dutch bikes last 50 years due to heavyweight construction.
    8- These bikes have such high handlebars that you aren’t able to stand up and push harder [n/p for the Dutch – see point 2]
    9- The Dutch are mostly bloody tall – so real Dutch brands make bloody big bikes
    10- We have a lot to learn from the Dutch
    11- Cafe Cremers: Prinsestraat 84, 2513 CG Den Haag, Netherlands ?
    +31 70 346 2346
    12- Dizzy Duck: Trompstraat 210, 2518 BR Den Haag, Netherlands ?
    13- I seem to have lost my train of thought there
    14- Try Ridgeback’s stepthrough framed ladies bikes with Baskets, heavy duty racks and a good set of panniers to make a UK version…..


    Yep would second the Dawes duchess’s my local store does them nice looking bikes and he’s sold quit a few now for younger girls.


    Gazelle have some nice options:

    Velorbis (DANISH):

    or you could get something like Specialized Globe, not quite ‘dutch/euro’ as no dymano, wheel lock etc but they are lighter.

    example 3 speed :

    the daily’s look love in the flesh, though not pastel

    Ridgeback Metro is a good value range and well thought out, I bought my mum one + a rack and pannier bag

    of course you could always build something up from old mtb..

    these used to be muddy fox courier and a GT talera.. respectivily

    Basil do a nice range of saddle and panniers that you can match making for a girlie looking bike. Sau if you want to Girlie up a Islabikes Beinn..

    blue one has done less than 10 miles and yours for £195!

    could of course go for Pashley Poppy, expensive but they hold value so good resale..

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