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  • CountZero

    Children have a total belief and faith that parents are omnipotent and follow their instruction intially without question until such time that they have develped the mental capacity and experience of life to develop rational independent thought.

    About the time they sneak downstairs and find it’s not Santa who puts the pressies under the tree…

    I think you are referring to the disciples there when cougar is referring to the flock in generalou probably missed that as you were so keen to have a pop, get a rise, look the awezomes
    as for facts out of the twelve disciples Jesus chose, only seven of them are known to have had a profession. They are Matthew who was a tax collector, Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John who were fishermen, Simon the zealot who was a political activist and Judas Iscariot who was a treasurer.

    Why is it the only parts of your posts that I can understand are the bits where you scurry off to Google and just copy and paste the first answers you find?
    awezomes indeed.

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)

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