So can we call Edwarden Snowden a hero yet ?

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  • So can we call Edwarden Snowden a hero yet ?
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    Its unforgivable for a citizen country to do it to his it’s own country citizens



    How would we feel?

    Proud …you?

    Its unforgivable for a citizen to do it to his own country

    How is telling the citizens of his country what the govt is really doing unforgivable?

    you seem to be thinking current regimes policies and country are exactly the same thing here.

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    hora – Member

    If there was a Snowden here. No I dont mean the sexed up/Iraq. That wasnt a massive leak of assorted files.

    How would we feel?

    I’d feel bloody outraged if it was revealed that our government have no respect for their own citizens, the rule of law, or for their international allies.

    I’d also be shocked to discover that having gathered a terrifying amount of information, they do damn nearly nothing at all to protect it, giving it to random contractors and then letting them wander off with it. If I handled confidential information like the US government does, I’d get the sack, and my employer would get booted up the arse, and the most sensitive thing I can get my hands on is exam results.

    And then, I’d be even more disgusted if instead of fixing the issues it unearthed, they put all their efforts (and my money) into demonising the person that exposed their guilty secret, and had the temerity to claim it was done in my name.

    Was that not what you expected?


    hora – Member

    Even a thick **** would know that country will then come after you.

    Er, yes, of course he knew they’d come after him. Yet he did it anyway. It’s not stupidity when you stand up for what you believe in, and find the strength to do what’s right.

    That’s turtle power.

    Don’t worry guys, I’ve just realized, the data protection act makes all of this totally harmless… nothing to see here, GET BACK TO WORK (and pay for stuff that WE manufacture for PROFIT)

    So, did anyone see that Russell Brand thing?


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