So, anyone bought a bike on credit sight unseen before?

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  • So, anyone bought a bike on credit sight unseen before?
  • Excellent. I’ll reassure my wife then. haven’t quite got round to mentioning it yet as it’s her birthday. Don’t see why she should get all the presents.


    Your collecting anyway so if you don’t want/like it just don’t buy it.

    I’m after a stumpy frame and I’ll be buying unseen.


    Good luck with telling your wife! 😉


    I have done for my commuter, mtb, cx and track bike!

    No? Just me then?
    I tried to buy a stumpjumper 2014 version earlier this week from a local specialized dealer, only to be told they were sold out for a year and I couldn’t have one. That spurred me on and I’ve found one an hour away that I collect on Tuesday. I’ve not actually seen one mind, but…..
    I’ll be fine though, won’t I?


    I did for my current bike which is my first full-sus and it worked out fine (and I wasn’t collecting).

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    No bike that I’ve had a testride on has lasted very long, I have better luck with ones bought randomly off the internet.


    I have bought a few new bikes without testing or even seeing in real life.

    Giant Trance
    Orange 5
    Saracen Ariel

    The only bike I didn’t get on with was the Ariel, not the bikes fault. It was a really sorted bike, well built and a nice spec. Despite researching geometry and comparing the numbers it just didn’t feel right.

    The only reason I take a punt on an unseen bike is because I have been able to buy them super cheap. That way If I don’t get on with them I can sell and not loose much. I sold the Ariel a couple of months ago for £50 less than I bought it for.

    I recently bought a Zesty, went to see one in person though. Very happy. When it doesn’t work out it’s a pain to do the selling/buying thing.

    Hope your new bike is what you want 🙂

    Cheers everyone. Still yet to broach the subject with the wife!


    Just tell her it’s the same bike but you replaced quantum flange.

    If she finds out I’ll have to replace my quantum flange.

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    Cotic and Blur frames, several Ribble road bikes, in fact I’ve never tried the road bike I’ve actually bought. (Usually tried them for size and then bought cheaper elsewhere due to one LBS being staffed by idiots and one being honest enough to tell me he couldn’t match the price I’d seen)

    Bought my Meta 5 frame second hand from a guy at the other end of the country. Just made sure that we agreed that I could return it as his expense should it not be in the condition he described and photographed. That was three years ago, very happy with the frame, rides amazingly.


    Yep, took a chance on my Orbea Rallon…hardly any reviews ont internet and no one else seems to have one. Shop sold it well over the phone and I took the plunge.
    £1400 got me a 31lb rocket of a bike that pedals well up hill, singletrack and downhills like a bullet and looks ace. I love it, but it was a gamble…


    All my last four bikes have been bought mail order, on 0% finance, from Sunset Cycles in Swansea. I live in Burnley, Lancs. Never had a problem. Go for it.

    Oh my god, it seems I’m normal then! Better buy my next bike in person just to be different. Cheers guys.

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